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Database Administrator Resume

Mclean, VA


  • Over 7 years of total IT industry experience working as Database Administrator & Database developer.
  • Experience in leading the DB2 development and production support teams.
  • Experience with installing Confidential DB2, Confidential Net Search Extender, Confidential Websphere Federation Server and Confidential DB2 Fix packs on UNIX and Windows system.
  • Experience in implementing HADR (high availability and disaster recovery) for backend database
  • Good knowledge of Confidential Datastage (Infosphere ETL tool).
  • Designed and developed Shell scripts and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) scripts.
  • Strong in optimization and performance improvement of complex SQL and XML queries.
  • Experience in regular DB maintenance activities, such as, backup, restore, indexing, reog, runstats etc.
  • Possess strong database and system administration skills.
  • Worked exclusively with DB2 PMR team and learned good insight into problem management processes.
  • Expertise in Analysis, Estimation, Design, Development, Testing, Supporting and Implementing application backend system.
  • Handling multiple projects and environments, excellent in multitasking.
  • SPOC for maintaining 12 Development, 15 SIT, 5 UAT, 3 Performance Environments & 2 CTE (Customer Testing Environment) database environments.
  • Thorough knowledge of issue troubleshooting and application maintenance.
  • Strong production support experience, handled level 2 application support.
  • Proficient in analyzing and translating business requirements to technical requirements and architecture.
  • Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self - motivated, quick learner & team player.


Databases: IBM DB2 version 9 and above

Programming: Procedural SQL (PLSQL), Unix shell Scripting Core Java concepts, XML, HTML

Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Windows XP/7, zLinux

Tools: Rational Data Architect Developer, ER studio Data ArchitectDatastage (ETL tool), Rapid SQL Rational Performance Tester, Websphere Federation Server, Confidential Net Search Extender

Processes: Confidential On-Demand Process Asset Library (OPAL) Confidential QPACE - Quality Process Awareness and Competency Awareness, ASCA (Application Systems Control and Auditability), GenO.

Configuration & Change Management: Rational clear quest, Rational clear case, Manager Now.


  • Hard working, fast learner and enthusiastic learner.
  • Systematic and ready to accept challenges.
  • Team player, believe in walking hand in hand with the team.
  • Acquired sound Technical Knowledge through Hands-on experience
  • Punctual - Respect for people and their time


Database Administrator

Confidential, McLean, VA

Environment: Linux, Solaris, Confidential DB2, Oracle Weblogic Application Server, Webmethods, AIX


  • Work as single point of contact Database administrator/developer for all non-production backend environments i.e., 12 Development, 15 SIT (System Integration Testing environments), 5 UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Environments, 3 Performance Environments & 2 CTE (Customer Testing Environment); plus 30 environments currently being build.
  • Responsible for deploying new changes into databases (both structure and data related). Also responsible for maintaining databases at production baseline.
  • Handle performance related issues. Analyze & work towards solving query, system & application performance problems.
  • Backup & restore databases, schemas & tables.
  • Worked on improving performance of XML queries.
  • Responsible for providing, maintaining and monitoring adequate privileges on databases & data.
  • Worked on designing solution for a major ADS application change project. Designed process to create version ids through db2 utility, in addition to designing export, import scripts. This made front end developer’s task simpler.
  • Our team is working on development a centralized Tracking tool for different aspects related to work handled by the team - Issues (both environment & application), Environment allocation requests, Deployment requests, Enum Generation etc. I worked on designing the backend data model for this project based on the requirements gathered in discussion with the developers. Also implemented the same in db2 backend system.
  • On and off I help development teams design and develop database solutions for their project requirements.
  • Proactively took responsibility of two entirely new processes which were brought into the team - a) Enum generation process involving MS access macros and Db2 database, 2) Code generation involving maintenance, updating and versioning of all application attributes. Took responsibility of designing the versioning & maintenance process for both activities.
  • Responsible for solving application issues/bugs related data or database. Ability to easily check front end logs - Oracle Weblogic and debug the issue.
  • Have also worked hands-on on solving application issues related Weblogic configuration, Webservice calls, Null pointer exceptions, Java heap size, connectivity over firewall etc.
  • Maintain & deliver documents highlighting changes, level and usage of databases on all environments for easy access and decision making by project teams.

Database Administrator


Environment: AIX, DB2, Cognos, Websphere Application Server 6.1IBM Infosphere DataStage 8.1


  • Have been associated with the project since the very beginning and start of the application implementation.
  • Responsible for setting up application backend system from scratch.
  • Installed Confidential DB2, Confidential Net Search Extender, Confidential Websphere Federation Server and Confidential DB2 Fix packs on AIX and Windows system.
  • Responsible for designing and implementing application database objects using Confidential DB2 and Data modeling tool.
  • Responsible for backup, restore and maintenance of application/session databases using Confidential DB2 and associated tools on AIX, Linux and Windows environment.
  • Develop application data model using Confidential Rational Data Architect.
  • Worked on implementing HADR solution.
  • Maintain database scripts and DDLs (Data Definition Language) using Confidential Clear Case repository tool.
  • Responsible for analyzing, reviewing and designing requirements from backend perspective.
  • Create or optimize complex SQL queries for ETL (Extract Transform and Load) - Confidential Datastage.
  • Worked on migrating application from Confidential Research environment to Confidential Dev & Production Servers.
  • Prepared and delivered data migration plan for same using Confidential OPAL (On demand Process Asset Library).
  • Design and develop Confidential AIX shell scripts and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) scripts.
  • Prepared Preliminary and Detailed Design Document for various business requirements.
  • Co-ordinate with external Datasource application teams which feeds data into iBAT, understand, analyze and implemented various enhancements and changes for the same.
  • Move to Production Planning (MTP) which includes creating a deployment plan and instruction documents.
  • Coordinate with deployment team for application fixes to be deployed on production servers.
  • Work individually on minor enhancement and changes and deliver the same to customer.
  • Worked with application performance testing team. Documented various scenarios and load to perform stress testing using Confidential Rational Performance tester.
  • Work on solving performance related issues, determine the root cause and applied fix the same.
  • Analyzed and worked on implementing database archival method to address performance issues.
  • Work on PMR (Problem Management Report) tickets with the Confidential Software group for various technical and performance issues in the application to learn insights of performance improvement techniques.
  • Perform preliminary analysis and provide appropriate solutions for Problems/Issues; queue it to Level 3 for further analysis and implementation.
  • Also involved in L3 to identify solution to problems identified.
  • Worked on the BCP (Business Continuity Plan) for application from database perspective. Prepared and executed plan to enable business continuity in case of a disaster in current application environment.


Segmentation Modeling Tool Developer


  • Successfully completed 5 months internship at Confidential as Segmentation modelling tool developer.
  • Successfully completed 3 months internship at Confidential .

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