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Programmer/analyst Resume

Andover, MA


  • My main languages are Confidential and COBOL. I taught myself Confidential from a programmed instruction book, and then worked with some very good programmers and learned a great deal more.
  • I continued to learn new languages including SQL, Unix, Perl, DBase3, DBase4, DBase5, Visual Basic, Assembly Language, and Access.
  • I and currently learning .NET programming.
  • Programming and analysis are things that seem to have come to me easily.
  • Also, working as a development manager matching the staff to the tasks, delegating the workload, working alongside them to help them understand the requirements and methodology is very rewarding to me.
  • For ten years as a contract programmer and as a manager of a consulting company
  • I was moving between those two positions regularly and I enjoyed both.
  • My experience has been with a number of different industries and I believe IT isn’t much different, regardless of what the employer industry happens to be.
  • I have strong ISeries (AS/400) RPG IV, free, and SQL development skills and in designing, developing, and enhancing applications.


Application Design, Application Development, Process Improvement, People & Project Management, Application Development Management, System Analysis & Design, ConsultingProgramming, and help businesses to use their IT resources to their potential.


IBM ISeries (AS400), IBM 3090, RPG4, RPG400, COBOL (MVS, AS/400), Java, Visual Basic, Perl, Windows, SQL, FTP, HTML, MS Office



Confidential, Andover, MA


  • Modified numerous Confidential programs using Confidential Free and SQL (both embedded and stand alone).
  • Frequently was handling 4 to 7 different problems at a time, juggling the problems to fit into the schedules of the Project coordinators’ schedules.
  • Used release 7.1 on ISeries hardware.


Confidential, Burlington, MA


  • Prevented revocation of the company's state license by validating corporate E911 reporting accuracy, extracting the data using Confidential and SQL in a DB2 environment.
  • Generated $100,000 and up in monthly billing by partnering with a business analyst to revise early termination specifications.
  • The solution eliminated an on - going problem responsible for $6+ million in missed billing in prior years.


Confidential, Waltham, MA


  • Designed, developed, and tested a Billing Subsystem for a new group of products in a constantly changing environment, hammering out the details and specifications, then implementing and testing the outcome until it worked flawlessly.
  • Without this Subsystem, they could not have billed for these new products.
  • A major portion of their gross income.
  • Designed, developed, tested, and continued to maintain a system to report E911 lines.
  • Worked with other IT staff members to support all billing and customer care.
  • Worked with users, managers, teams to design, develop and test systems


Confidential, Beverly, MA


  • Designed, developed, and managed the synchronization of four customer and product master files between a mainframe and an AS400.
  • Managed constant data moves and frequent database changes.
  • Designed and implemented a system to transfer data to a Unix-based optical disk system using Perl to make the data selection
  • Successfully prepared master files for migration to a new SAP system. designed, staffed, and managed development & testing of a new check processing system and installed new system on Beta site .
  • Managed generalizing software to allow inclusion into IBM software catalog.
  • Managed less experienced programmers to help them grow and contribute more

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