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Database Manager Resume Profile

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  • To obtain a position supporting customer in the areas of Operations Management / Computer Centers systems monitoring, Windows Administration, Application administration, Systems Integration and Configuration Management / QA. Career has allowed for advanced experience in multiple areas of support. Continued self sought out training provides the drive and desire to maintain industry standards to better support customers.
  • Relevant Qualifications and Specialties:Results-oriented IT Operations Manager monitoring system servers and networks seasoned Support Person with over 25 years experience in support, systems integration, engineering, database administration, documentation, and project management. Demonstrated track record of providing customer technical support, testing and QA for product tracking and Lotus Notes, configuration management and product design. Capable of bringing new applications online from conception to accreditation. Broad based experience in system backup and recovery at multiple system levels, supporting 24hr operations and providing O M support for small independent systems and networks. monitoring multiple hardware, software, server, and network platforms from MVS/JES3 to cable traffic monitoring. Program Management experience overseeing 35-40 personnel across 8 separate contracts.

Completed - Training

1 Introduction to UNIX

2 UNIX Administration I

3 Data Warehousing Concepts

4 Windows 7 Administration using PowerShell

5 CISSP Security Professional 2012 Access Control Attacks Monitoring

6 CISSP Security Professional 2012 Access Control

7 CISSP Security Professional 2012 PKI and Cryptographic Applications

8 UNIX Administration II - Upcoming

  • Looking Forward Confidential will be continuing working towards BS degree in Computing / Networking-Cyber Security at the University of ECPI, while completing industry certifications to maintain highest level of support.
  • Clearance: - TS/SCI Full Scope BI Update / Full Poly completed spring 2012

Technical Experience:

Database Admin

  • Working with small team to show proof of concept using analytical COTS application
  • Working with MS Access, MySQL
  • Time off - Active in Training course

Senior System Administrator/Configuration Management Lead

  • Lead responsible for building, maintaining MS server / client systems for Presidential libraries.
  • Created standalone systems supporting FOIA Freedom of Information Act request for libraries
  • Maintained approved data backups/ recovery
  • Provided O M for MS platform using Active Directory / SQL Server / Laser Fiche Imaging scanning DB.
  • Implementation of SQL Server 2007 / Laser Fiche product for data imaging
  • Provided Domestic offsite support for system and data upgrades, help desk and end-user training
  • Maintaining customer configuration management standards for system and desktop documentation.

Team Lead / Quality Control/Configuration Management

  • Team Lead Responsible for testing / QC of Notes Domino 7 and 8 version releases.
  • Support team for ND6/8 Sametime testing Client Server, etc .
  • Responsible for 1st line testing providing schedules, test matrix,
  • Utilized CM Configuration Management tools to move software releases through define process.
  • Management tools include SharePoint, MS VSS Visual SourceSafe , JIRA and experience with Subversion.

Systems Integrator/Configuration Management Lead

  • Provided Support across IC Agencies by maintaining Engineering Review Boards ERB and Technical Exchanged Meetings TEM .
  • Responsible for CM procedures and Change Control process.
  • Responsibilities included software deliveries, testing and documentation updates for 2EE/Weblogic/Oracle database.
  • Coordinated and Reported requirements for JIRA CM workflow.

Project Integrator / Requirements Manager

  • DNI support for SI/Requirements Manager on community network.
  • Project Manager Implemented new tracking application under J2EE architect using Weblogic/Oracle 9i DB and ic/pki certificates. Program received IC accreditation.
  • Worked with developers turning stakeholder requirements into application updates.
  • Provided support for software installs, testing, administration, documentation and training.
  • Responsible for bringing application online on secure network following DCID 6/3 guidelines
  • Program delivered on time, under budget with accreditation.

Project Management/SE Lead

  • R D Options for implementation of Citrix Terminal Server / Thin client for DI directorate.
  • Implementation of servers, control gates including testing and production use.
  • Created documentation and trained end users on workstations domestically and overseas.

Task Lead / Close Support Administrator

Responsible for close support team in DO office. Duties included Lotus Notes Administration, CWE support, hardware/software installs and training of end users domestically and overseas.

System Engineer

Responsible for server support Duties included server builds, upgrades and overall maintenance. Duties included implementation of print servers, new accounts and documentation.

Operations Support Tech

Provided Support in 24hr operations center. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining networks, servers, applications and cable traffic.

Professional Experience:


Database Manager

Assigned to position as Database Manager working with a small team to complete customer conceptual approval for a visual data analysis tool Visual Links . Position responsibilities included de-normalization of data from MS Access db's, etc. and integrating into Overall Visual Links database using My SQL.


SysAdmin / Ops / CM support

Initially hired for application testing position, was asked to take lead SysAdmin Lead overseeing multiple FOIA small standalone systems. Duties include maintaining existing MS Server / workstations. Identify replacement hardware and software. Implementation of program software that included SQL server, working knowledge using SQL Script, LASER FICHE and the use of DROBO backup / recovery system.


SI / Ops / CM support

Hired as Systems Integrator responsible for support of legacy applications running on Windows platform while migrating to new SharePoint environment. Duties include operations monitoring, application upgrade installs and development of CM processes and procedures within SharePoint 2007/2010.


Senior Lead / QC-Test-CM

Project Team Lead assigned to support multiple Notes Domino Version 7.0.2 and 8.5.x support areas Server, Client, and Sametime etc. Currently oversees a team of 4 providing 1st line testing support for software updates and deliveries. Team is responsible for quality control of documentation via MS VSS and MS Sharepoint. In addition, CM Configuration Management is handled by the QC/Test team providing support for office programs.


Senior Configuration Manager

Sr. CM Lead assigned to support multiple Engineering Review Boards. Responsibilities include board support, staging of software deliveries, tracking of open SRS and CR requirements. Creating and updating existing CM processes and managing data across multiple networks.


Sys Admin / Maximo Admin

DBA Admin assigned to support Maximo application / CM Lead to the Agency Facilities INEZ program. Support efforts included the implementation and documentation of CM processes and procedures. Mr. Rygiel was Chair for the Engineering and Requirements Review Boards, overseeing minutes and requirements tracking via use of the JIRA incident application. In addition, Mr. Rygiel provided daily Maximo administration support for user accounts, accesses and help desk. Mr. Rygiel looks to continue learning the Maximo, JIRA and other related support products such as SQL scripting.


CM Support

Responsible for creation of configuration management documentation while storing into MS Sharepoint environment. CM support Liaison with Engineer support personnel to create and maintain project documentation.


Senior Systems Analyst/Systems Integrator and Project Management/Senior Consultant under IC CIO/ODNI/Requirements Analysis Manager

Project manager/SI assigned to implement congressional mandated application in support of the Intel Community bandwidth tracking requirements. He worked as SI/PM working with J2EE developer s and Oracle Support personnel. Her responsibilities included installation and administration of BEA Weblogic, Oracle 9i on a Windows server platform. Security requirements introduced based on DCID 6/3 the use of PKI certificates, via full service directory and administration of end user access control lists. As a Requirements Manager for customer and technical support staff to identify requirements, document, implement changes, test, while maintaining configuration management standards. He was responsible for customer and end-user training efforts. He received one of the first 3 yr. accreditations by meeting all required control gate elements on IC networks. He provided administration support as Sr. Requirements Manager overseeing SRS Remedy application requirements throughout agency offices.


Field Tech/Senior Program Manager/Director of Operations

Responsible for research and implementation of new field connectivity options, providing the customer with optimal technologies and documentation for remote sites Project included the coordination and implementation of EMC/Data General servers into the government to provide a thin client solution to remote sites using limited bandwidth, allowing analysts necessary access without. He promoted from Systems Analyst position in June 1994 to Program Manager based on successful Citrix Thin Client installs meeting customer goals. He served as requirement manager / liaison between system users and technical support group. He promoted to Sr. Program Mgr/Dir. of Operations overseeing 8 contracts and approximately 35-40 personnel over multiple contracts.


Senior Systems Analyst/ Task Manager

Managed DO Division ad hoc requests for special projects small laptop networks, standalone applications and support of division. He provided next level support for Close Support / Help Desk / End user training. He was the Task lead overseeing 3 person team in support of division CWE platform and office applications. He was the Field Tech responsible for overseas CWE platform implementation. He installed the new h/w and s/w applications when required. He was also the Systems administrator for Windows and Lotus Notes.


Senior Systems Analyst

Responsible for the building, operation, maintenance, support and documentation of Windows NT servers and OS/2 network systems: File servers, application servers, domain controllers, print servers, and Lotus Notes servers. He was responsible for the establishment and implementation of systems backup storage and recovery capabilities and procedures. He was the Systems administrator for Windows and Lotus Notes. He managed all DO recap efforts of system and end user hardware.


Computer Telecommunications Systems Specialist

Entered as Tape Librarian and was promoted to Sr. MVS/JES3 Operator. He was the Database Management Specialist supporting CICS, IDMS/R and DB2 / SQL/DS- Systems integration and maintenance of daily job streams, backup / recovery, and customer support for database upgrades and documentation. He was the Project lead responsible for contractor oversight for multiple agency applications.

Computer Skills:

  • Hardware
  • Advanced Knowledge of Server Builds, including CITRIX and local workstations / PC setup and software installation, maintenance and monitoring, as well as system peripherals. Provided system and server support in backup / recovery
  • Software/Programming Languages
  • Working knowledge of SQL/DS Enterprise Manager
  • MS PowerShell class
  • Databases
  • Advanced knowledge working in CWE 2 environments, JIRA Incident tracking - Lotus Notes, including administration with minimal database development, CIRAS, Advanced knowledge using MS Office products. JIRA Administrator
  • Oracle 10g, BEA Weblogic, IBM Maximo, IDMS/R and CICS, DB2- IBM- Mainframe . SQL/DS, J2EE Architecture, DROBO Backup / Recovery - , Laser Fiche, MS Access, Visual Links

Operating Systems:


IBM O/S Warp

Windows 2003 / XP/ VISTA /2007

Workstation Client / MS Office 2007

UNIX Admin class

Technical and Specialty Training:

SharePoint Administrator

SharePoint Introduction

Oracle 10g dba bootcamp

ITIL Management

SCRUM Management

Program Mgt Institute / PMP 40hr course completed 03/2010

IBM Tivoli Maximo 6 Navigation Querying

IBM Tivoli Maximo 6 Functional agents, Registration, user profiles, Start Centers

IBM Tivoli Maximo 6 Prerequisites for Components Customization and MEA Courses.

Identity Manager Suite: Integrated Solutions

MS Office 2003, XP, VISTA, 2007

MS SharePoint User Administrator

MS Visual SourceSafe

DROBO Backup / Recovery

Laser Fiche OCR document review


Subversion Revision Control Source Control

JIRA 3.x

Lotus Notes 7 -8.5.x Administration / End User

IBM Maximo Intro Admin

Citrix Thin Client

Access Manager Overview


Lotus Notes Administration

Visual Basic Level 1

Data Warehousing Concepts

UNIX Systems Introduction to UNIX

UNIX Systems Systems Administration I

Windows 7 Administration PowerShell

CISSP Security Professional 2012 Access Control Attacks and Monitoring

CISSP Security Professional 2012 PKI and Cryptographic Applications

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