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Software Engineer Resume

Boston, MA


  • Over 20 + Years of extensive Programming/Analysis Experience
  • Successful application developer with strong development experience in various capacities.
  • Extensive Oracle development experience including PL/SQL development, implementation and maintenance
  • ETL design and development
  • Lead small teams through the development life cycle in addition to being key member (developer) on numerous goal oriented teams.
  • Proven results achieved by being prepared, organized and expressed willingness to be accountable.
  • Strong relational database experience including; logical data modeling, physical database design
  • Demonstrated effectiveness at developing, presenting and representing system architecture for business and vendor stakeholders for SOW initiatives
  • Strong advocate for programming standards and guidelines to promote better strategies and practices for developing and coding solutions
  • Exceptional leadership skills, teamwork skills and interpersonal skills


Primary Skills: Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, scripting (Perl, csh, Bourne)

Secondary Skills: SQLLoader, AutoSys, scripting (Windows CMD)

Operating System: Unix, Windows XP

Other Tools: SQLPlus, PL/SQL Developer, Rapid SQL, ClearCase

Familiar with: SQL Server, Ingres, DataStage, Weblogic

Broad Areas of Expertise: Agile Methodology, Database Design and Performance Tuning, Vendor Management, Off - Shore Team Management


Confidential, Boston, MA

Software Engineer


  • Designed, developed and implemented request components within the ECMEmail application. PL/SQL using Oracle user-defined datatypes were the fundation of the programming model.
  • Strict programming guidelines and naming conventions facilitated the ease of cross support teams and activities.
  • Assignment provided real exposure to Agile Methodology.
  • Designed, developed and implemented auto generated test case scripts to emulate UI data input to facilitate QA efforts.
  • Time consuming data entry was virtually eliminated and throughput of test results was dramatically improved.


Assistant Vice President


  • Support and integration system/analyst for enterprise risk vendor platfrom IBM OpenPages. IBM OpenPages is the leading provider of integrated risk management solutions for global companies.
  • Major initiative commencing in 2010 Q3 involved major software upgrade, procurement and migration to six (6) separate environments.
  • Successful collaboration with various teams within Confidential provided a challenge yet rewarding experience.
  • Parallel to these activities, coordination, planning and delivery culminated a successful disaster recovery (DR) exercise.
  • Designed, developed, tested and implemented (full SDLC) an internal internal support application using dynamic SQL.
  • The application provided the control to dynamically activate/deactivate data validations without code modifications.
  • Table meta data, view declarations and dynamic SQL were the cornerstones of the design. The design was such that business rules and validations could be activated (or deactivated) independently of another.
  • There was no application downtime when a data validation or business rule was not performing correctly. Only that validation or rule was taken out of service. Release management efficiencies were gained with this design approach.
  • Lead internal application/database developer for Treasury International Capital (TIC) system. System collects, scrubs and produces mandated filings for the Confidential
  • The application components being IBM WebSphere, Oracle DBMS, and Oracle PL/SQL packages/procedures/functions.
  • All delivery milestones were met causing a significant improvement in State Streets’ Federal Government’s rating.
  • Senior application/database developer for Corporate Marketing intranet website. Website manages all internal product information. The web components being Oracle DBMS, Oracle WebDB and Oracle PL/SQL packages/procedures/triggers.
  • Addressed data integrity concerns with the implementation database constraints, (primary key/foreign keys), versus existing programming methodology.
  • Maintained pre - existing Oracle PL/SQL package that housed application software. Additional packages were designed and implemented to modularize the software.
  • Partnered with third-party vendor, Interwoven, to interface their content management product, TeamSite with website. Designed and implemented Perl scripts to process content in and out of the Oracle database. Oracle triggers were used to insulate vendor software from production tables.
  • Designed and implemented a full cycle refresh process using Oracle PL/SQL package. Process provided the mechanism to push/pull data to/from the TeamSite data repository. XML was the data exchange format used.
  • Designed and implemented process using Oracle PL/SQL package to extract data into XML format used to prototype Lotus Notes Workflow capabilities.
  • Converted Oracle WebDB intranet website to MacroMedia ColdFusion.
  • Conversion was intermediary step in the migration path to IBM WebSphere.

Confidential, Braintree, MA

Sr. Systems Consultant


  • Designed and implemented the packages, procedures and functions of the intra - day accounting data refresh process for the highly visible Appraisal Management System (AMS).
  • Process controls and data integrity were vital. AMS submits to external EDP audits.
  • Re-engineered nightly security trade and position feed system that supports Client Service Workstation, (CSW) for institutional base client portfolios using Oracle PL/SQL programming language and stored procedures. Packages are being developed to standardize and modularize the software.
  • Actively participated and contributed to internal PL/SQL Programming Standards and Procedures to emphasize quality and assurance of all developed software. Promoted discussions about programming techniques to simulate new ideas and to reinforce the benefits of well-structured software.
  • Designed and implemented UNIX scripts (Bourne shell) to facilitate the development and testing of software.

Confidential, Wakefield, MA

Application Database Consultant


  • Upgraded their existing character based Global Portfolio System (GPS1.0) to the current client/server GPS3.x version. GPS is a trademark of the DST|Belvedere company.
  • Converted CA - INGRES data to a Sybase SQL Server database. UNIX shell scripts, (Bourne and C), using embedded SQL and database stored procedures were developed to facilitate the migration process.
  • Implemented several front-end menu applications and developed a series of system routines to support the conversion process.
  • Maintained vendor supplied application programming interface (API) Tcl scripts.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Senior Developer/Analyst


  • Participated in the conversion of their in-house HP/COBOL financial application to the DST|Belvedere Sun/SQL Global Portfolio System.
  • The GPS software is a client/server architecture.
  • Responsibilities involved design, development and implementation of the reporting component of the CA-OPENROAD based front-end user application.
  • UNIX shell scripts using embedded SQL, CA-INGRES/Windows4GL, CA-INGRES/ReportWriter and database stored procedures were used to implement the reporting process.
  • All new reports have been developed on MS-Access.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

CA-INGRES Software Consultant


  • Involved with software consulting group to develop mission - critical character-based business application for a CA-INGRES Home Infusion Therapy client.
  • Directly responsible for programming the Pharmacy formulation and dispensal software in a distributed Ultrix environment.
  • Contributed in the development and implementation of the application programming model.

Confidential, Boston, MA

Information Specialist


  • Responsible for the technical integrity of the development and maintenance of all DEC/VMS character - based application software.
  • Presented, developed and maintained AEW's programming guidelines. 
  • Appointed to panel to research and select a relational database model and 4GL to meet the company's dynamic business needs.
  • Instrumental in the early design of the CA-INGRES prototype application - Corporate database.
  • Acted as lead technical advisor to outside consultant firm.
  • Communicated and reviewed AEW development standards to emphasize the importance of data and screen presentation.
  • Created, populated and maintained all data points requested.
  • Upgraded firm's investment performance application software with record and file locking features. Greater batch processing throughout was achieved.
  • Restructured and documented existing/new logic to conform to the AEW programming standards.
  • Screen inconsistencies were addressed and corrected.
  • The Performance System was released into production before the scheduled target data.
  • Modular program construct was recognized as the standard to which new application design would adhere.

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