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Software Engineer Resume



Over 10 years of experience in Application Development and Design. Excellent problem solving skills and ability to effectively communicate with both business and technical users. Comfortable with working in fast paced environment under tight deadlines. Excel at RDBMS on Oracle 10g/11g (both UNIX and Windows Environment), DB2, MySQL and SQL Server Databases. Highly expert in Data Modeling (Relational and Dimensional / Star - Schema), Database Design, Implementation, Performance Tuning and Administration. Highly experienced in Object Oriented Perl Programming.


  • Design and Implementation of various Database Applications Business Intelligence Applications
  • Object Oriented technology for Internet Applications Client/Server Computing
  • Data Warehousing OLAP/OLTP Applications


Languages: PL/SQL, JAVA, Perl, UNIX Shell Script, C++, C, Pro*C, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic

Databases: Oracle 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, MS Access

Database Design and Application Development Tools: Toad, SQL Navigator, ErWin, Oracle Designer/2000, PowerDesigner, SQL*Loader, SAP BW, SSIS, Oracle Developer/2000, Oracle Discover/2000, Oracle Application Server

Business Intelligence Application Development Tools/Technology: ETL Tools SQL*Loader (Oracle), External Tables (Oracle) (for Staging). Design/Modeling ER Modeling (for ODS - Operational Data Store), Dimensional Modeling (Star-Schema - for Reporting - Cube Design), Additional BITools Cognos Data Manager (to generate Dimensions and Facts), Hyperion, Extended Star Schema (SAP BW) - to prepare InfoCube

Packages: MS Office, FrameMaker, PSpice, vi, ve, emacs, xv

Operating Systems: UNIX (AIX, SUN, DIGITAL, HP), Windows 2000/NT/XP/ Windows 7, LINUX, DOS


Confidential, VT

Software Engineer


  • Confidential Mask Data Prep flows uses cluster computing resources to process all the technology node chip design for building their Masks.
  • Data Prep Infrastructure Group integrates all the Computational Lithography Processes (OPC, ORC, DRC, Design Services, etc.) using Object Oriented Perl / Korn Shell Script, manages all the Jobs running in the cluster, and provides efficient solution so that Mask build turn around time is minimized with a minimal failure rate.
  • Design and develop new modules and maintain existing code used for the CLASS modules (.pm) and Applications (.pl) using Perl / Unix Shell Script in Both AIX and Linux environment. CLASS System, developed and maintained by the Infrastructure Group provides facility to integrate, manage all the Computational Patterning Processes for the Data Prep for Mask Design.
  • Provide Bug / Defect Fix and Feature Request contribution to the existing Application QMAN (monitoring tool to manage Running and Queued Jobs) that is developed using Python and MySQL.
  • Develop new and maintain existing Unit Test modules (.t) and st (structural test) data using Perl for both Unit Test and Funtional Test.
  • Provide Customer Support, Bug and Defect Fix and Feature Request contribution to the existing CLASS modules. CSNext Bug Reporting and Status Management Tool is used to manage this Bug / Defect / Feature Request.
  • Scheduled Weekend Support to manage Running Jobs or Queued Jobs using QMAN - usual support goes from simple quota management, to complex tracing of the reason for failure of jobs and fix.
  • Provide on going infrastructure support to key user groups like OPC, ORC, Retarget, Design Services for both Brion and Calibre Keywords
  • Regularly monitor and tune database code as needed for best DB2 database performance.

Solution Development Team member



  • Development Fix using DB2 (procedures and Queries), Perl / Unix Shell script for Production Support for CPE (Central Planning Engine)
  • Preparing Software Requirement Specification for Confidential for their various Applications and Tools (CPE - Central Planning Engine, CDA Tool, Cognos Reporting Solution, Hyperion Reporting Solution)
  • Architect and Database Design various business enhancement for CPE.
  • Following Agile Methodology using RTC (Rational Team Concert) for the above mentioned Software Development and Maintenance Life Cycle.
  • Involved in preparation of the Test Spec. and Verification for the Fix for Production Support of CPE execution for different Quads.

Confidential, New York, NY

Consultant (Programmer Analyst)


  • Develop new content and maintain existing content to Oracle 10G database used in Business Intelligence (BI) project; contributed towards the delivery of 2008-2011 work plan set by Business information Governance Board.
  • Design and develop new module and maintain existing code used for the extract, transform and load (ETL) routines using PL/SQL Packages / Stored Procedures / Functions, SQL*Loader, External Tables, Cognos Data Manager.
  • Develop new and maintain existing Unix shell scripts used in automation of production jobs.
  • Contribute to Performance improvement of existing Full Refresh using Oracle Parallel Jobs technology (DBMS JOB, DBMS SCHEDULER, DBMS PIPE and DBMS ALERT) - to make Full Refresh Daily.
  • Contribute to Migrate Full Refresh to a Delta Refresh by using Oracle MERGE feature (to prepare delta data from sources, i.e. SAP - used Oracle Set Operations).
  • Provide input in all aspect of Business Intelligence (from staging to reporting) to SAP BW team to prepare Infoprovider (Infoobject, DSO, Infocube) during the migration to SAP.
  • Maintain documentation on development and production configuration and technical documentation including logical and physical database designs, metadata, and production procedures.
  • Regularly monitor and tune database code as needed for best database performance.

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Consultant (Software Engineer)


  • Developed Stored Procedures(and Functions), Triggers, Packages and Database Schema Upgrade for each release as needed for TechAccess (language used: PL/SQL, SQL and Pro*C).
  • Designed and maintained Oracle Database using Relational Data Modeling for each release as needed for TechAccess (designer tool: ERWin).
  • Performed Database Performance Tuning using Relational Data Modeling (Normalization, proper Indexing to appropriate field(s), storage optimization.
  • Provided DBA Support to TechAccess - Define/Assign User/ Role / Privilege, Develop and Maintain Schema update Installation script, ETL script and various data formatting script (Using Unix Shell Script).
  • Performed migration from Informix Database to Oracle Database (Using Unix Shell Script).
  • Designed, developed (using Java) and enhanced TechAccess Admin system used to manage/configure operational data, technician profiles, monitor various activities, gen erating reports etc.
  • Coordinated System Analysis of FSM Project, Designed the Oracle RDBMS Schema (using Power Designer 7, Sql Navigator), Spatial Data Modeling (Oracle 8i: Spatial Data Modeling) and building different C++ and PL/SQL modules to process Spatial data; integrate with VB Front-end.
  • Implemented Database Security with proper Roll Assignment and Policy enforcement using Oracle 8i.
  • Implemented Audit Trail functionality with the aid of Oracle 8i System Triggers and User-defined Triggers.
  • Implemented Database Backup and Recovery Strategy for FSM Project using Oracle Recovery Manager.
  • Generated different reports for FSM using Crystal Reports.
  • Converted existing C++ code to a Java module (different classes in package “dsl package”); implemented different java servlets to webify the server side modules. Java 1.3 was used to code server side classes; Tomcat 3.1 (Apache’s Web-Server ) Web Server was used; servlets were written in version 2.2.

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