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Db2 Systems Support Resume

Chicago, IllinoiS


Seeking a contracting position as DB2 Systems Programmer to facilitate in performance improvement, cost reduction, resource optimization, strategic planning, software conversion, Datacenter relocation or project management for a future oriented company.


  • DB2 Connect
  • OnDemand
  • OAM/DFsms
  • RACF/Top Secret
  • BMC - Tools
  • Platinum Tools
  • DB2 HA Server
  • Data Sharing
  • MS Office Suite
  • MS Project
  • Lotus Suite
  • Confidential GDPS
  • Data Base Design
  • DB2 Performance and Tuning
  • Stored Procedures
  • Data Warehouse
  • DCF methods
  • Project Management
  • Cost Analysis
  • Advanced Financial Policies
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Economic Thinking
  • Money Markets
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Corporate Valuation
  • NPV and IRR Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Budgeting
  • Assembler
  • PL/1
  • CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • REXX
  • Shell scripting
  • SQL
  • DB2 V10
  • DB2 LUW
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Confidential CICS/TS
  • SMP/E
  • WLM
  • ISMF
  • VTAM
  • VSAM
  • ICF-Catalog
  • SDSF
  • USS
  • OmegaMon
  • RMF
  • Strobe z/OS,z/VM,z/LinuxLinux, Windows XP
  • Apache/Tomcat
  • WebSphere Suite


DB2 Systems Support

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois


  • Upgraded 2 DB2 Subsystems to DB2 V10. Set - up SMP/E environment for DB2.
  • Generated required stored procedures and implemented them.
  • Upgraded DB2-Admin Tools and Performance analyzer to version required for DB2 V10.


Confidential, Lakewood, California


  • Installed DB2 V10 via SMP/E to prepare for upgrade of 7 Data sharing and 4 standalone DB2 subsystems before end of 2012 to avoid extra charges for dual licensing.
  • The upgrade was from DB2 V8, which Confidential announced out of support, to DB2 V10 NFM. All the DB2 subsystem were on DB2 V10 CM by 12/15/2012 and 5 data sharing environments were on DB2 V10 NFM at that time. Systems were cleaned up and utilities, such as BMC, Platinum, and OmegaMon were upgraded.
  • A review of set-ups and recommendation to improve performance and availability was done and presented to the customer.
  • Recommendations for the upcoming upgrade of hardware and system software was created and submitted to customer for review.
  • All subsystems were successfully migrated to DB2 V10 NFM by 01/12/2013.
  • Investigated the use of FlashCopy™ for the SYSTEM BACKUP and SYSTEM RESTORE utilities, which at this time could not be utilized since other hardware and software products did not support it.

Assistant VP - Data Base Systems NA, DB2 Systems Support

Confidential, Weehawken, New Jersey


  • Create, upgrade, and maintain DB2 Subsystems in z/OS LPAR environments for high-availability and COB requirements.
  • Planned and managed the conversion of 6 AIX environments to one z/OS environment, using cost efficiency analysis, cost benefits analysis to determine the correct course of action and the project feasibility.
  • Upgraded 18 DB2 subsystems from V6 up to V10 and created scripts to automate upgrade and maintenance procedures at a local environment to be distributed to all other environments across the globe.
  • Designed and implemented a data base inventory application based on DB2, REXX, COBOL, ISPF, and Java to allow companywide management of each subsystem at any location.
  • This application was used to automate several maintenance processes in the global environment, which led to cost reductions and a more effective management of the 174 DB2 subsystems in North America.
  • Established standardization and naming conventions for new and existing DB2 subsystems to ensure uniqueness across all data centers worldwide and therefore reduce maintenance costs by about 30%.
  • Worked with the system development team on the implementation of GDPS in North America based on corporate and governmental requirements.
  • Created cost analysis for licensing to reduce unnecessary license overlapping and to reduce the number of identical products.
  • Created suggestion to implement or exclude products into or from the company’s strategy which will reduce cost and increase efficiency over the long run.
  • The savings here were significant considered the global environment.

Company Owner - IT Consultant

Confidential, FL


  • Created own WEB-Development and service company to provide services in WEB-Development and WEB-Hosting for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Designed, build, and implemented a 4-tier hardware approach with back-up strategy for the company and its customers.
  • Led several projects as a systems administrator for DB2, MVS, and CICS with focus on efficient development, higher quality of service, and a more future oriented approach.
  • Designed and implemented COBOL/CICS application with access to DB2, Oracle, and IDMS data base systems in consideration of structure, maintainability, and runtime costs.
  • Also worked with Java and developed stored procedures to reduce network traffic and costs.
  • As project leader I have supported the installation, and customization of MVS, and OS/390 environments, also numerous application development projects with the focus on planning, time management, resource acquisition and requirements, knowledge transfer, check point and milestone implementation, cost efficiency, cost control, functionality tests, monitoring the compliance with the SLA and contract agreements, team building and motivating, and project completion tasks such as final sign-offs from customer.
  • I incorporated the method of critical thinking for decision making to ensure that the outcome will be beneficial for the customer and the project.
  • I have taught developers in the use of new ways to write programs, specifically in COBOL, and to use the new implemented function of the compiler during the Confidential activities and code modifications.
  • Also, more recently, I have worked with other systems administrator groups to improve on performance and availability of their environment and application.
  • I have led teams in several conversion projects with the focus on being future oriented and implementing new ways of looking at development, testing, and implementation of their application programs.
  • Explained and introduced the philosophy of object orientation, structured programming, relational theory, and code efficiency.

IT Consultant/Contractor



  • I worked on several projects in regards to converting a part of a large European manufacturing company from Confidential to Confidential mainframe environments, a medium sized mail-order business from a /38 environment to MVS/ESA, and a pharmaceutical company from Oracle to SQL/DS and DB2.
  • I have worked as a DB2/CICS systems programmer and supported installation, upgrade, and maintenance of the related products and their newest version.
  • Also, I worked in design and development of COBOL/DB2 application for various business requirements with the in corporation of newest technologies to ensure business strategies and high quality of service.
  • I have worked as a developer on projects of large scale such as Amadeus, a reservation project in Europe at this time.
  • Using customer guidelines to accomplish high availability, low costs, and low rejection and failure ratio were some of the requirements I had to follow.

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