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Ibm Cognos Bi Consultant, Cognos/relational Sql Analyst Resume

Long Island, NY


  • More than 8 years of varied IT experience in Analysis, Design, Modeling, Development, Reporting, Testing, Implementation of client/server Technologies and Web Applications.
  • More than 6 years of experience with Business Intelligence tools like IBM Cognos 8.4, Cognos 8.3 and Cognos 8.1, Cognos ReportNet 1.0/1.1, Access Manager, Directory Server (LDAP), PowerPlay Transformer.
  • More than 5 years of experience in Data warehousing, specifically 4 years of IBM Cognos oriented Data warehouse design and modeling.
  • Multi server installation and configuration experience on Cognos 8.4/8.3/8.1
  • Recent experience with Cognos 10
  • Data Warehousing experience with MS SQL server 2005 - SSIS, Transact SQL
  • Hands on experience with Oracle 10G & Oracle 9i as Backend.
  • Proficient in writing direct SQL- ANSI and Vendor based.
  • High efficient multidimensional Power cube generation using Cognos Transformer.
  • Demonstrated capacity to implement innovative methods in solving high priority issues.
  • Very good Financial, Insurance background with great experience in Complex Reporting.
  • Excellent experience in Dimensional Data Warehouse analysis and design.
  • Highly successful experience of Reporting from a Non Reporting ( Neither normalized Nor denormalized/Dimensional) database environment.


BI Reporting Tools: Report Studio, Query Studio, IBM Cognos 8.4, IBM Cognos 8.3IBM Cognos 10

OLAP Tools: Analysis studio, PowerPlay Transformer.

Metadata Tools: IBM Cognos Framework Manager.

Administration: Cognos system administration, Cognos server administration, Cognos 8 security, PowerPlay series 7 security, Access manager security, Cognos web portal administration, BI Infrastructure.

Notification tool: Event Studio.

Data Modeling Tools: ERwin 7, ERwin 4.1, Cognos Framework Manager, MS SQL server 2005 database diagram pane.

Web Portals: Cognos Connection 8.1, 8.3, 8.4, 10

Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2000, Windows server 20032000 Server, Sun Solaris, UNIX, DOS.

RDBMS: Oracle 10g & 9i, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS SQL server 2005

ETL Tools: MS SQL Server 2005 Integration services.

WEB SERVERS: IIS 6.0/5.1, Apache, Sun One Web Server, Tomcat 4.01

SCM: Visual SourceSafe 6.0

OTHER: TOAD, MS Visio, MS Word, MS Excel, Oracle SQL Developer


Confidential, Long Island, NY

IBM Cognos BI Consultant, Cognos/Relational SQL Analyst


  • Developed over 25 complex reports for Financial department.
  • Developed 50 medium complex reports for Sales Department.
  • Framework Manager modeling which involves multi-vendor data sources.
  • Fixed more than 200 Existing Reports which had underlying SQL errors
  • Dealt simultaneously with 5 Cognos servers each having 4 Packages which have at least 10 different folder structure which represent various Departments and Functional areas of the Business.
  • Severe diagnostics and successful query rework for at least 40 most complicated reports which failed in Cognos 10 due to the strict Relational SQL rule implementation from the previous versions of Cognos.
  • Performance boost strategy work on Hundreds of Reports which had logic embedded from legacy systems point of view.
  • Performance intended work on every possible ways which involves but not limited to different database processing on each query levels, auto group and summary, Union preserve, package routing, filter combinations.
  • Accurate reporting for the Future Booked Business and Reservations.
  • Cognos SQL - Relational SQL to check the accuracy correction for the report logic due to the non availability of a reporting database.
  • MS Excel based manipulations from Application point of view and Cognos Query as well as Reports generation, for Testing purpose.
  • Security implementation.
  • Report performance boosting strategy development and implementation.
  • Different burst reports for ease of access, security and less development time
  • Work with Business users to gather requirement and take strategic steps.
  • Dealt successfully with a database structure which did not implement at least 3rd normalization or Dimensional standards for Reporting.
  • Reporting out of Database structures and Models logic that carry forward from the mainframe days.
  • Cognos Reporting from a database that possess many of the tables which does not even have a primary key or foreign key implemented or in other words exists without referential integrity.
  • Non Reporting database structures forces to develop a minimum of thirty reports with an average of fifteen queries each have its own filters which numbered at a range of 8 to 25 filters.
  • Due to the non - standard nature of Database structures and implementation, Report Queries had to be fortified with tons of filters which includes several combinations of OR and AND rules/Logic.
  • Several areas of Business is conducted with manual entries which leads to the report development with a heavy support from UNION logic implementation between base queries.
  • Forced OUTER JOINs between several queries due to the branched deviations in the total Business Process which leads to complex database schemas and duplicated data existence.
  • Volatile nature of the Business and Data.

Environment: Cognos 10, Framework Manager, Rental Results Application, Enterprise Linux, Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, MS SQL server 2008 R2, MS Excel 2010, Open Edge Progress Database.

Confidential, New York City

Cognos Developer, Data Warehouse Analyst


  • Design, Build and Author reports using Cognos 8.4 Report Studio.
  • Multidimensional analysis using Cognos 8.4 Analysis studio.
  • Cognos system, server and Framework administration.
  • Multi server installation and Configuration of Cognos 8.4
  • Server side configuration and performance tuning.
  • Cognos based metadata modeling & Publishing.
  • Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse System Analysis and design.
  • Dimensional database modeling.(100% Ralph Kimball methodology)
  • Dynamic Multidimensional analysis setup via Cognos DMR technology.
  • Aggregated data mart via Star design.
  • OLAP PowerPlay cube development against subject oriented data marts.
  • Predictable results by Star schema in database side as well as Cognos side.
  • Address and solve problems and complications associated with dimensional data structures such as Bridge table, Multi-Valued dimensions, Double counting, Recursive Hierarchies and Hierarchy bridge techniques.
  • Implementation of Factless fact table
  • Data Warehouse system evaluation for consistency, accuracy and integration.
  • Functional specifications and Technical specifications.
  • Security implementation on data level, portal level and object level.
  • Cognos 8.4 based Reporting, Analysis, Administration and Maintenance.
  • Cognos 10 work experience in windows virtualized environment.
  • Business Intelligence and cross functional dash boarding implementation using IBM Cognos 8.4/10 Report Studio, Business Insight advanced tools.

Environment: Cognos 8.4 Report Studio, Query studio, Analysis Studio, Framework Manager, Cognos 8.4 Transformer, Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Version , ATG Ecommerce Platform, Oracle SQL developer, Erwin 7 data modeling tool, Cognos 10 (First Customer Ship)

Confidential, NY

Cognos Consultant, Data Analyst/Modeler


  • Triple role as Cognos Consultant-Data Modeler- Data Analyst.
  • Property & casualty Insurance based Business Intelligence Reporting.
  • Extensively used Framework manager to enable Cognos’s DMR technology and dynamic security applications.
  • Used Cognos Framework manager to leverage maximum possibility of drag and drop mechanism in Query studio, Report studio and Analysis studio for the end users.
  • Data warehouse design and modeling.
  • Interconnected star schema styled data marts to create enterprise level Data warehouse which exactly suits IBM Cognos Framework and reporting.
  • Efficient drill across reports using Cognos Report studio query model technique.
  • Create analysis reports using Cognos Analysis studio.
  • Develop multidimensional cubes using Cognos Transformer.
  • Star schema implementation in Cognos models to achieve flexible business views.
  • Find every unique chance of blind spots, before doing the reports, from the relational third normal form model, based on the Reports requirement analysis and do the necessary modeling (ERwin based data modeling) changes accordingly.
  • Used Report studio very effectively to produce the loss ratio reports by drill across/multifact querying and bringing the results back to Cognos servers.
  • Cognos’s proprietary DMR models leveraging best use of conformed dimensions from subject oriented data marts.
  • Technical specification intended to serve mapping between reports and Data marts.
  • Work with Business Users and Business Analysts to understand and distinguish different elements of Business Requirement specification fine tuned for Cognos based reporting.
  • Data Mart modeling. Dimensional modeling targeting Star Schema Implementation.
  • Created ERwin reports in HTML,PDF format depending upon the requirement, published Data model in model mart, co-coordinated with DBAs to apply the data model changes.
  • Integrating individual data marts into Enterprise level Data Warehouse using conformed Dimensions and Conformed Facts.
  • Insurance Data Warehouse Bus Matrix formation.
  • Drill up, Drill down, Drill across and Drill through techniques are used wherever it is relevant in the reporting.
  • Cognos infrastructure setup and maintenance. Cognos 8.1,Cognos 8.3 installation, security setup and portal maintenance, Server tunings.
  • Existing Report Analysis - Data sourced from Legacy systems as well as modern relational sources.
  • Presentation of the logical models to the Business Users.
  • Extract-Transform-Load data using Microsoft SQL server Integration services(SSIS)
  • Very good exposure to the ACORD standards for Property and Casualty Insurance.
  • Attribute mapping between ACORD attributes and attributes from Client’s existing data bases to standardize new Data warehouse environment.
  • Cognos presentation to Business end users.
  • Set extensive security- Data level, Object level, package level and web portal level.
  • Develop Cognos OLAP cubes to meet customized analysis and reporting needs.
  • Single Signon setup using Cognos security infrastructure.
  • Cognos 8.1/8.3 installation, Server administration, System Administration, web portal maintenance and Framework administration.

Environment: Cognos 8.1, Cognos 8.3, PowerPlay series 7.3,&7.4, MS SQL server 2005, MS SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, Oracle 10g, Main Frame databases, ERWin 4.1, ACORD, Cognos OLAP cubes, MS Active directory, Sun one directory server, Access manager, NTLM.

Confidential, NY

Oracle SQL Developer, Cognos ReportNet Developer


  • Involved in installing and configuring Cognos ReportNet tools such as Report Studio, Query Studio, and Framework manager.
  • Worked with Business Analyst team, Operations Team (Oracle DBA) to gather most updated data and data related rules.
  • Configured LDAP third party authentication from Sun One Directory server with cognos configuration and used LDAP security extensively with Cognos ReportNet portal which is Cognos Connection.
  • Reached end users for each and every critical stages to make sure the Reports would run smooth as well as with end user expectation.
  • Successful Bursting of different Reports using Burst Tables to multi user groups.
  • Developed stored procedures and Triggers according to the Business Requirements.
  • Created Model and published packages using Framework Manager from various data sources such as XML which are migrated from Impromptu Catalog, saved Meta Data Models, relational Databases and Impromptu Catalog.
  • Migrated Reports and Catalogs from Impromptu.
  • Created IQDs using Framework Manager and used those IQDs as the data sources to build Cubes using PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Created summary reports, target detail reports, master/detail reports, burst reports, chart, list and cross tab reports.
  • Implemented security tweaking through Cognos series 7 authenticated namespace as well Cognos ReportNet built-in authentication permissions.
  • Created performance intended Data warehousing model and worked with ETL team to extract 6 year old data from Mainframe, DB2 database
  • Standard templates were made and multi template reports were generated using Report Studio.
  • Updated Impromptu Catalog by adding tables and creating new joins.
  • Created cubes using Cognos PowerPlay Transformer.
  • Responsible for design and development of the Cognos PowerPlay reports and Cognos PowerPlay for Excel reports with a drill through feature to Impromptu Reports.
  • Maintained user security and privileges through Access Manager.
  • Responsible for publishing cubes and Impromptu reports to Upfront

Environment: Cognos ReportNet 1.1,Cognos Connection,Framework Manager, Cognos Impromptu 7.2, Transformer 7.2, PowerPlay 7.2, Upfront, IWR, PowerPlay Enterprise Server, Access Manager,Oracle 9i, MS SQL Server 2000, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Sun One Directory Server.

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