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Sr. Hyperion Administrator Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Fifteen years of IT experience with ten years in analysis, design, development, testing, implementation of applications using Client/Server technology; Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems, Multi - Dimensional Databases and its reporting tools using Hyperion Essbase OLAP Engine.
  • Extensive experience in Hyperion Planning, web forms, business rules, Hyperion reports/ Financial Reporting, Analyzer/ Web analysis, MDM with major interfaces.
  • Developed business value solutions using Hyperion Planning for customers.
  • Experience in both BSO and ASO technologies of Essbase
  • Create/Review project plans and provide timely feedback and direction.
  • Experience in whole System 9 Hyperion tool set and better understanding of the technical architecture and integration between the products.
  • Extensive experience in accounting (with 35 credits).
  • Strong experience with Essbase calculation and report scripting.
  • Extensive experience in Essbase load rules and overall system architecture.
  • Extensive experience with Essbase administrative activities such as database backups, recovery, optimization and performance tuning.
  • Good experience in all phases of development including defining user acceptance criteria, developing plans/scripts, documenting expected results, execution of scripts, validating actual results.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, written, analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Effective Team Player and an individual contributor with steep learning curve.
  • Experience in upgrade of Hyperion tools set from pre System 9 version to latest System 9 versions 9.3.1, System 11 (
  • Excellent Business knowledge in Finance, Accounting, Budgeting and worked on EPMA.
  • Expertise in Building Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications with Hyperion Planning/Essbase. MDM with several interfaces as per business requirement.


Languages: C, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, MaxL, ESSCMD

OLAP Tools: Hyperion System 9, BPMA, Hyperion Essbase 6.x/7.x, EIS 7.x, Hyperion Planning 3.x/9.x, HFM. FDM, DRM and ODI

Reporting Tools: BI+, Hyperion Reports 7.x, Hyperion Analyzer 7.x, Excel Add-In, SmartView, WebAnalysis, Financial Reporting

G U I: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 Developer 2000

Database: Oracle 9.x /10.x and M S Access

Testing Tools: SQA Suite, WinRunner, LoadRunner

Operating System: Unix, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT

Hardware: Intel486, Pentium, Pentium II, IV & all IBM compatibles


Confidential, Seattle, WA

Sr. Hyperion Administrator


  • Working on Hyperion Essbase and Planning Administrator, supporting Business users.
  • Addressing to the requirements of four Business Analyst Managers (BAMs) in meeting their reporting requirements, of their respective Category and Marketing products.
  • Attending to the monthly planning forecasting scenarios (Main app) besides supporting Weekly cube
  • Testing of Outline and MDX/Calculation Scripts as per the requirement from time to time.
  • Updating of Accounts/Products from time to time to match with OBIEE in the EPM (Workspace) and managing security of users in Shared Services.
  • From time to time - attending to the reporting requirement of Business users using Excel Spreadsheet Add-in.
  • Working with IT in respect of data loads using ODI on a monthly basis and providing matching of actuals to that of Analytics’ Center (OBIEE) for various products (Gross Sales) and fixing any issues and providing confirmation of results to Admins/Business Users.
  • Updating on a daily basis the PIM (Product information Management system) process to match the product hierarchy in Category and Marketing Finance System.

Confidential, Atlanta

Sr. Systems Analyst


  • To support and create MDX and Calculations Scripts for the NSO and BSO technologies of Hyperion Essbase.
  • Creation of Data load/dimensional member load rules and to support the business users
  • Testing of Outline and MDX/Calculation Scripts as per the requirement from time to time.
  • Essbase spreadsheet add-in and Smartview are being used for report creation/testing etc.
  • Working on Web form creation for Hypeerion Planning and to support Hyperion planning application.

Confidential, Aiken, SC

Principal Software Engineer


  • Gathered the requirements from the Business users and financial heads including PS maintenance group and documented.
  • As Hyperion Essbase and Planning Administrator created new ASO/BSO cubes with required number of dimensions.
  • User access profiles in Shared services and EAS maintained.
  • Data interface is through PeopleSoft application. Using TOAD (Quest Tool for SQL/PL/SQL) generating data files for the dimensions and data.
  • Using ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) ETL/E-LT toll for automating the data load process in due course replacing the current manual load.
  • Guiding the Corporate and business users in installing and configuring Smart view ( on their main system.
  • Providing production Support and tracking and resolving application level/user level issues from time to time.

Environment: - Hyperion, (Essbase and Planning), Lotus Notes 8.6, Oracle 11g, Windows XP, Quest Toad 10.6 and MS office tools and PeopleSoft.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Finance Project Consultant


  • As Hyperion Essbase Administration maintained user access profiles and production support from time to time.
  • Data interface is through PeopleSoft applications. Guiding users from all across the globe to access HLBFS (Hotel Level Budgeting and Forecasting systems) etc.
  • Involved in Actuals/Forecast data loading process for domestic and International Hotels on monthly basis.
  • Guided the Corporate and large Hotels in installing and configuring Essbase tool (9.3.1) on their main system.
  • Totally restructured the entire European Region Hotels in the Outline as per the revised classification and market segments.
  • Calculation Scripts of varied tasks in the financial sector; created/edited to meet the requirements of the users in Essbase.

Environment: - Hyperion 9.3.1, (Essbase and Planning), Oracle 10g, Windows 7, Hilton created Tool OnQ for helping the Business and Corporate users for rendering various tasks. MS Office tools etc.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Sr. Application Developer


  • Requirement gathering from Business Analysts users and PWC team (Designating team)
  • Designed, developed, and implemented reporting framework and applications using Hyperion Essbase. Confidential Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Project.
  • Development of Essbase components Load rules for actual and other data loads, setting up substitution variables
  • Involved in creating calc scripts, generating report scripts as per the format specified for exporting to EMIS system.
  • Generated reports using Excel add-in. Cube Optimization and performance tuning was done in QA environment.
  • Generated level zero data files from the Aetnaplan, Reporting and cubes for taking daily back-ups using Maxl statements.
  • Extensively worked with Hyperion Reports to produce the consolidation reports, financial planning and analysis reports for management.
  • Participated in Hyperion CRs resolution weekly meetings.
  • Conducted and Involved in the requirements and design documents review and updating meetings to meet the current requirements.
  • Executed test cases for manual testing and documentation of the whole process is done and test scripts stored in CC. Unit test for all the dimensions/members with and without data executed and test script created besides Stress test on server for retrieving more than 2.7 million records in less than 5 minutes of retrieval time.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3.1/7.1.5 , Hyperion Planning 9.x, Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, EIS 7.1.2, Excel Add-In, Unix, Windows NT 4.0, Perl, Oracle 10g, HAL,ODI.

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

Hyperion/Essbase Developer (Consultant)


  • Involved in Production & Design of Financial and Management Reporting Application. Involved in Consulting with users/Clients on database enhancements, maintenance, analytics and reporting.
  • Actively involved in migration and configuration of Hyperion 7.2 version to 9.3.1 for Planning and Essbase with other 2 team members.
  • Involved in development of Legal Reporting /Management Reporting cubes.
  • Extensively involved in troubleshooting and managing 24/7 Production support.
  • Performance tuning & optimization of cubes for satisfying the users reporting requirements.
  • Error Handling, Trouble shooting, handling restructuring and server problems.
  • Involved in Migrations of databases from development servers to QA/Production servers.
  • Guide and determine suitable technical development of database architecture for given functional requirements in collaboration with system architects, Business Analysts and Designers.
  • Security Maintenance: Maintaining users, user groups and access securities for all the developers & end users depending on their current privileges in Oracle GL.
  • Automated monthly/annual PDF/Snapshot book generation, developed Excel Templates for user interface in Essbase database.
  • Web forms for data input for income statement accounts, balance sheet accounts, drivers, stats accounts, and actual adjustments.
  • Development of planning security.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9x/ 7.1.5/7.1.2/7.1 , Hyperion Planning 9.x, Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Financial Reporting, Web Analysis, EIS 7.1.2, Excel Add-In, IBM AIX, Autosys, PVCS, Unix, Windows NT 4.0, Perl, Oracle 11i.

Confidential, NJ

Hyperion/Essbase Developer


  • Designed complex outline formulas to satisfy the requirements of conditional aggregations on some stat accounts, YTD and QTD calculations, Allocations, etc.
  • Involved in Migrations of databases from development servers to QA/Production servers.
  • Performed Essbase administration activities such as filter creation, creation of users, of groups and maintenance of Essbase Servers.
  • Extensively worked with Hyperion Reports to produce the consolidation reports, financial planning and analysis reports for management.
  • Supported/Involved in the maintenance and provisioning of security to the 27 Essbase applications used by the different internal departments like Marketing, Sales etc.
  • Regularly interacted with Analysts, Field Managers, Product Analysts, Marketing Analysts and Business Analysts from the various departments.
  • Involved in unit testing and the system testing for the Essbase and analyzer reports. As a part of the unit and system testing I was involved in interacting with the end user.
  • Modified the existing applications based on the user requirements.
  • Created and modified the dimension build rules files, data load rules files and calc scripts.

Environment: Essbase 6.5.1/7x, Hyperion Planning 3.5, Hyperion Reports 7, Excel Add-In, UNIX, Autosys, Windows NT, PVCS, Perl, and Oracle 9i

Confidential, CO

QA Engineer/Team Lead


  • Updated existing Test Cases.
  • Wrote New Test cases to cover the enhancements in the application from release to release. Attended TC review and finalization meeting.
  • Running Test cases for System test and Integration test
  • Checking to see the orders generated (New Connect, Change, T&F, Record and Disconnect) are properly routed to SOPs (Service order Processor) in the respective region, without any errors.
  • Attended weekly and short notice meetings with developers. Discussed with them before raising a CR or Failing an existing CR. Defects (bugs) were reported in rationale corporation tool, Clear DDTS (Document of Defect Tracking System).
  • Assigned CRs, did Sanity test, wrote meeting minutes etc on a weekly rotation basis.
  • Interacted with (SMEs) Subject Matter Experts about the correctness or otherwise of the generated service orders.

Environment: - Test Director, Win Runner, Hyperion Essbase, Java, C, Sql, Visual Basic, UNIX, Window NT

Confidential, Dayton, NJ

Software Test Engineer


  • As QA team member, I was responsible for testing the entire online application to meet the business requirements. I was actively involved in writing Test plans, creating test scripts; Team co-ordination, and interaction with development team were major responsibilities. I was responsible for carrying out manual testing like integration testing, Performance testing during the various phases covering all the seven modules of the application. Defects were resolved and application was deployed when it was error free. I was responsible for submission of data to the server through various modules of the application and verified for its accuracy.
  • WinRunner testing tool was used for automation of testing like, regression and performance testing.
  • LoadRunner was used for testing the application by generating virtual users interacting with the application at the same time.

Environment: HTML, DHTML, ASP, JavaScript, Oracle, Windows 95/NT and Unix.

Confidential, NJ

QA Engineer


  • Worked as a QA Engineer on an application Total Administrative Solutions (TAS2000). This application is system integrated, modular package for the management of insurance business functions.
  • TAS2000 offers an effective method of performing administrative and management tasks.
  • Responsible for writing detail test plans and test scripts and executing them.
  • Extensively used INTERSOLV PVCS Tracker, the system change request-tracking tool to efficiently manage system change.
  • Participated in team meetings for testing methodologies and discussed the problems in the application.
  • Created a cycle that tests the user interface of the application and the application’s performance under stress.
  • Automated test cases using WinRunner.
  • Created Batch Test using call statements and performed regression test.
  • Compared the current version of the application under test to its behavior with an earlier version using GUI checkpoints, Bitmap checkpoints, and Text checkpoints.
  • New defects in the application are reported using the Remote Bug Reporter form and imported the defect information into a TestDirector database until they were fixed.

Environment: Windows NT, Oracle, Developer/2000, WinRunner, TestDirector, PVCS Tracker.

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