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Database Administrator Resume

Richmond, VA


Develop applications to enhance competitiveness utilizing my database knowledge and application development skills.


Confidential, Richmond, VA

Database Administrator


  • Database Administration experience with Sybase ASE 15 (64 bit) on HP - UX 11 and Linux(Red hat), MS/SQL Server 2005 and 2008R2 on Windows 2003 MS/Analysis Service on Windows 2000.
  • Other software experience with Proactive DBA, MS/Word, MS/Excel, MS/Access, DBArtisan and ManageIT.
  • On-call experience in a 24x7 shop containing 200+ production database servers. I resolve database corruption, research & resolve high CPU and blocking, recovered master and non-system databases. Reinstall database software due to disk failures or OS failures.
  • Defragmented databases and produce analysis on all databases failures for presentation to management.
  • Performed a major state of the art Sybase upgrade on new hardware and Unix OS in a seven hour overnight window onsite. Going to Sybase ASE 11.5 from Sybase 4.9.2 in a seven hour overnight window. The system was available for the morning staff. This occurred at multiple stores. The CIO acknowledged this accomplishment.
  • Performed Sybase ASE database production servers for various versions over the years. Ranging from two to three servers per night within five or less hours.
  • Constructed Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 databases, with replicated tables, for the deployment of the company web site.
  • Created a dynamic schema change process to consistently roll out schema changes over the entire company enterprise utilizing Korn shell scripting. With error checking built into the process this significantly reduces the release time and discloses anomalies that would impact production. This has proven its worth over the years.
  • Developed jobs to report the results of all the MS SQL Server maintenance jobs, ensuring any database anomalies or job failures receive prompt attention.
  • Transitioned corporate databases to a new remote data center, by installing and restoring databases. This was performed with zero impact to the company.
  • Reinstalled and rebuilt production databases from backups after a major SAN outage.
  • Helped debug developers SQL scripts and stored procedures that were causing high CPU problems.

Confidential, Rocky Mount, NC

Database Administrator


  • Database Administration experiencewith Sybase SQL Server 10.0 on Windows NT 3.0, VAX/DBMS databases on VAX/VMS, RMS files and the CDD repository structures on VAX/VMS.
  • Other software experience with MS/Word, MS/Excel, MS/Access, COBOL for VAX and IBM, Easytrieve-Plus, CICS, COBOL, Gener/ol, RPG II, CA-SORT and JCL.
  • On-call experience in a 24x7 shop containing.
  • I resolved application and database problems occurring in a 24x7 shop and was solely responsible for database anomalies any time of day.
  • Reduced CICS response time from 20 minutes to 10 seconds by recoding CICS applications.
  • Produced cost saving through recoding CICS/DMS application in Gener/ol.
  • Constructed update jobs to interact between a Pension system on a DOS PC and the IBM mainframe Payroll/Benefits system.
  • Enhanced performance of a remote VAX/DBMS database, via a full database unload and reload, with only two months of experience with VAX/DBMS.
  • Enhanced company competitiveness from acquisitions and downsizing by merging data from multiple remote VAX/DBMS databases and other sources into one VAX/DBMS database.
  • Successfully planned and implemented the conversion to Sybase SQL Server 10.0 from MS/SQL Server 4.2

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