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Sr. Systems Developer / Analyst Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • A highly responsible and dedicated Information Systems Professional, +15 years mainframe and 5+ years distributed server platforms, delivering quality solutions and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Possesses excellent communication skills, positive attitude, and the ability to work with both IT and non - IT colleagues.
  • Agifted Systems Developer that is skilled in all stages of SDLC. Specializing in Cobol, DB2, SQL, SqlServer, DOS Bat, BAL, EDI, and FTP. Can debug problems in complex distributed architecture systems.
  • Leverages wide ranging talents in computer technology and staff leadership to effectively institute organizational change, mitigate risk, infuse new ideas, and provide project deliverables on-time and within budget.
  • Outstanding references are available upon request.


Languages: Cobol, SQL, DOS BAT, BAL, Centura, Natural, VersaComp

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, VM/CMS, VM/DOS-ESA, MVS VSE, CICS, AS/400

PC / Server tools: NetExpress, Visual Studio, SQLServer Management Studio, Tidal, NeoBatch, NeoKicks, Data Converter, Data Editor, PFE

PC Applications: Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, Visio, MS Project, Brio

File Structure: SQLServer, DB2, VSAM, Adabas, Total, Access

Mainframe tools: File-AID, Smartest, Intertest, Xterminate, Gentran, Version Merger

Mainframe Apps: Version 7, WINS


Confidential, Philadelphia, PA



  • Developer for International ACH project, which allows electronic claim payments in any currency to any bank worldwide.
  • Performed SqlServer database table maintenance and enhancement. Created, modified structures, keys, triggers, stored procedures and attributes using Management Studio.
  • Created new DOS.BAT utilities to manage and maintain file directories and scripts to deliver and receive data files via FTP and SFTP.
  • Used SqlServer Integrated Services to port data across databases and from external sources.

Confidential systems consultant


  • Support & development of server based Cobol enterprise environment under Visual Studio utilizing SQLServer databases in batch and online environments.
  • Key member of a two-year, mainframe-to-server architecture conversion project; quickly became recognized as a subject matter expert.
  • Developed SQLServer Integration Services solutions to populate and maintain SQLServer tables in a reporting warehouse database.
  • Converted enterprise database to server based SQLServer from mainframe DB2.
  • Analyzed and resolved existing software and system issues to mitigate problems. Provided constant 24-hour systems management support.
  • Worked closely with the client community to provide information and solutions on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Trained and supported co-workers transitioning from mainframe to server environment.

Confidential systems architect


  • Key team member in the creation of an AS/400-based policy rating system.
  • Developed, implemented and supported EDI processes for a medical bill review system and for DMV reporting requirements.
  • Enhanced and developed proprietary insurance application software, online and batch, to utilize and report additional information from a DB2 based data architecture.
  • Developed and supported on-line CICS based transactions and screens.
  • Provided ongoing 24 hour support for a Cobol based enterprise system utilizing VSAM file structures and DB2 tables in both batch and on-line environments.

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