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Sql Developer,resume Profile


Experience developing monitoring tools via T-SQL Power shell Scripting C and MS-DOS commands.

Good Networking Knowledge and Troubleshooting like using NSLOOKUP reverse lookup Trace Routing NIC Card Settings on the server side SPN Checks/Constrained Delegation checks required for Kerberos Delegation.

Proficient in T-SQL creation of tables procedures functions and other Database Objects SSRS and SSIS.

Created multiple monitoring tools using PowerShell and C .

Maintenance of Production Databases.

Query tuning using inbuilt DMV s Profilers Analyzing Execution Plan Hints Database Tuning Advisor and Data collection and Management Data Warehouse.

Configuration of SQL 2012 Always ON Replication Database backups and Restore Log shipping DB Mirroring.

Implementation of high availability feature like Clustering Cloning and Geo Load Balancers.

SQL Server 2012 2008 Standalone and Cluster installation Creation and maintenance SSIS Packages SSRS Reports.

FxCorp nUnit testing.

Source Control usage PVCS VSS.

Build and Deployment of packages.

Highly driven and results oriented.

Good communication skill.

Professional Experience


Software Development Engineer

  • Fixing code related bug using Visual Studion 2010 C and SQL Server.
  • Testing the code using system test written in Powershell.
  • Deploying the code into Production
  • Maintainence of the Code using Source Depot CoreExt
  • Designing DB Schema and table procedure function triggers contraints and index.
  • Developing monitoring system DiskSpace TaskScheduler Replication DB Growth Database Backup and CPU and Memory consumption using Powershell and Excel Macro.
  • Configuring Replication for the consumers of the data we are collecting.
  • Troubleshooting data related issues to figure out if it s a source issue or bug in our code.


Service Engineer

  • Development of customized SSRS Reports based on the business requirement using BIDS 2008 maintenance of those reports and Databases hosted on MSIT Platform for ASM BI Space.
  • Creation of Databases and designing of the table structures based on the requirement
  • Performance tuning of the queries as required using Indexing BPA studying of Execution plans.
  • Building up customized application using SQL SERVER SMO.
  • Building of Event Viewer SSRS/IIS Log Monitoring Tool using Powershell scripting.
  • Installation of SQL Server SSIS SSAS and Reporting Service and Integration of reporting service with SharePoint.
  • Developing monitoring tools via Power shell and SQL Server inbuilt features
  • SharePoint 2010 /Performance Point Server/ProClarity Administration
  • Implementing High Availability solutions like Clustering Mirroring Log Shipping and Replication.
  • Experience on Windows 2008 R2 SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL 2012.


Database Engineer

  • Maintenance of critical production databases for Cashback.
  • Developing monitoring tools via Power shell C and T-SQL
  • Building up of Reports KPI/Performance and reporting framework using BIDS SSRS and Dundas Charting Framework.
  • Installation of SQL Server SSIS Reporting Service.
  • Implementing High Availability Solution like Transactional Replication Mirroring and Log Shipping
  • Implementation of High Availability clustering solutions.
  • In depth knowledge on Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2



  • Migration from legacy technologies 4GL UNIX Informix to Microsoft technologies.
  • .NET 2.0 C and SQL Server 2005 NUNIT FXCorp.
  • Involved in architecture development for the application.
  • Handling of critical module.
  • Migration of existing Reports to SSRS.
  • Unit testing and actively involved in System Integration Testing.



  • Web application used by Nokia business users and Nokia Distribution panel to maintain their stocks distribution across India and Indonesia.
  • .NET 1.5 VB.NET JavaScript SQL Server 2000 FXCorp NUNIT.
  • Involved in development testing and Support for the application.



  • This was a web application which dynamically generates queries and reports
  • .NET 1.5 C JavaScript and SQL Server 2000.
  • Involved in development unit testing and system integrated testing of the application

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