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Software Engineer Resume


I am a sincere and dedicated individual having a great deal of ambition, always striving hard to avail acme of learning opportunities while giving my best to an employer. Possess excellent communication and presentation skills. Ability to sketch the plan, prioritize work and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines to lead and work in concert with different levels of organization. Adroit at learning new concepts quickly with belief in consistent improvement of my technical and interpersonal skills to benefit the organization, team and myself.


  • E2E testing for GPRS, UMTS, LTE, SRVCC (CSFB), Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) and Wi - Fi
  • Intelligent Networks, Telecom Billing (Online and Offline Charging System), BSS/OSS
  • Policy Charging and Enforcement Function (PCEF)
  • Policy Charging and Rule Function (PCRF) and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • 3GPP Mobility Standards and Interfaces & Network Function Virtualization (NFV) for vEPC
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for L4 to L7 layer
  • Radio Channel Concepts and Air Interface Protocols/Procedures for WCDMA and LTE
  • LTE Small Cell Solutions (Femtocell)
  • SS7, SIGTRAN, CAMEL, INAP, MAP, AAA, Diameter, GTP, GTPv2 based s2a, RRC, RLC
  • Routing Protocols TCP/IP, IPv6, DHCP, MPLS, BGP, OSPF and IPSec
  • GSM, LTE EPC Network Planning, Design, Implementation and Operations
  • Customer Escalation Focus for PS, CS and Video Call flows with excellent debugging skills.
  • Test Design, Test execution, Test Automation and Defect raising, Defect tracking


Tools: Wireshark, Tcpdump, Iperf, Ixia, Stargen, Lattice, SAE-SIM, minidiameterd, Snoop

Application Programming: Unix/Linux Shell Scripting, iTCL/TK Expect, Python

Languages : C (Basic),C++ (Basic),Verilog VHDL (Basic )

Database : Toad for Oracle 8i, PL/SQL (Basic), Sybase, Timesten

Core Telecom Nodes: Cisco ASR5K-GGSN,SGSN,PGW,SGW, HeNBGW(Femto) Cisco QPS (Broadhop PCRF), Ericsson CS3.0 & CS4.0 IN (Prepaid/Online Charging System), CCN, SDP, AIR, VS, MINSAT, EMM, EMA, HP/VXML-IVR, Ericsson AXE BTS, BSC, MSS, MGW (operations), NSN SMSC, Flexi ISN GGSN, SGSN (operations)

Operating System : StarOS, Solaris 9 & 10, Ubuntu Linux & Windows/Mac

Switches and Routers : Juniper Routers M5i, M7i,M10i and Extreme BD Switches

Interfaces: Gn, Gp, Gx, Gy, Gz, S5/S8, Rf, S6b, S2a, AAA, INAP, S1, Iuh

3gpp Specs : 29.212, 29.060, 29.274, 23.401, 24.008, RFC 3588, RFC 4006



Software Engineer


  • Worked on StarOS release 12.0, 14.0, 15.0, 16.0, 17.0, 18.0
  • Create test plans for various customer requested or 3gpp mobility spec compliant features.
  • Manual testing and validation of Software protocol at Functional and System test level.
  • Defect logging and defect tracking of issues found during Functional Testing ensuring quality.
  • Writing, reviewing and automation of Test Procedures for all manual cases using TCL.
  • Reproducing, Debugging customer reported bugs on functional setup and verification of same.
  • Designed and build mini system test setup for Gx testing having real PCRF integrated with SSI plaform of ASR5K and support to Redundancy and Failover-Schema.
  • Feature interaction testing w.r.t. GnGp 3G/4G/wifi handoff and Session Recovery Support.
  • Involved in Real Equipment Testing, Protocol Testing, System Testing, Feature Acceptance testing, Interoperability testing, Performance Testing and Compliance Review.
  • Testing Network management and 3GPP Rel 4,5,7 QoS Management Features viz. Enhanced Charging Services (ECSv2 - SPI & DPI),AAA.
  • GPRS/UMTS/LTE-A/Gx Feature Mentor for new joiners.
  • Automation Suite Run, Scrubbing, Regression & Sanity along with Fixing Script Issues.
  • Tested Regression plan for the feature implemented on 3GPP-29212 Rel 7 and Rel9 spec.
  • Created Enhancement Test plans having coverate to support on Inter Chassis Session Recovery (ICSR) .
  • GSU, USU, Monitoring Key AVP Checks at Gx and Automation of same using TCL.
  • Checked APN-MBR level data enforcement for UL-DL data using Iperf.
  • Checked ARP to EARP mapping at Gx interface .
  • Feature is about IPv6 P-CSCF address discovery based on IMSA service in ASR5k with Gx interface where same is requested in PCO of GTP message .
  • Feature is about applying and modifying Content Filtering dynamically from PCRF for ASR5K GGSN and PGW based on 3GPP 29212 Rel 9
  • Feature is about controlling charging related information for multiple PCC rules from PCRF and accelerate data packet processing to enhance performance based on 3GPP 29212 Rel 9.
  • Worked on DPI for L4 to L7 traffic like HTTP using pcap from customer.
  • Interacted with Dev and Customer ASE for use case understanding.
  • Extensive Feature Test plan creation with VoGx and TRoGx interactions .
  • Created test plans with coverage to conditional, negative and spec compliant scenarios to validate GGSN and PGW response.
  • Testing QoS management features viz. Enhanced charging services (ECS),Dynamic credit control applications (DCCA), Multiple PDN support dynamic PCC, etc.
  • Managed to complete IOT AIO QPS with ASR5K within record 3 weeks timeframe.
  • First in MITG QA to deploy it on cloud instead of Blade Server for testing VoLTE hence reducing cost.
  • Creating Policies in Policy Builder and Control Centre of QPS and checking operational issues.
  • Created and Tested the test plan on SGW, PGW, SGSN and GGSN for new IE called retloc going as part of extended common Flags in GTP messages.
  • Gx functionality is supported based on CLI for netloc support in IMSA service.
  • Testing for CDRs and Rf Records for PGW and GGSN.


Assistant Manager


  • CS4.0 migration of CCN/SDP/AIR/MINSAT for E/// circles involved AT of the node post migration .
  • CS4.0 DRs cutover for E/// circles involved ensuring the different types of DRs transferred to Mediation have been properly uploaded in the database and all the values are getting reflected in the same. This required coordinating with Mediation,BI & Downstream teams for the DRs Migration.
  • Involved in SS7 file configuration Changes for SIGTRAN Migration of old LSL/HSL based SDPs for CIP/IP readiness and AIR - STP connectivity for EOCN routing via Huawei STP for all the E/// IN Circles.
  • Involved in Diameter Link creation between CCN - SDP pairs for 8 E/// IN Circles & CIP/IP DRs Cutover which coordination with IT team & CIP/IP Tariff configurations for Acceptance Testing (AT).
  • Involved in Gy integration between NSN CMD (BLE-CME) & E/// CCN nodes for online data charging from SDP, Data Tariff configurations & associated testing Interface with FISN, SGSN, GGSN, PCRF and SPR
  • Preparation of all the Design Documents and Integration plans.
  • Implementation and commissioning of new Ericsson IN nodes SDP, AIR, CCN, MINSAT, IVR in network as part of expansion of present system.
  • Testing of IN system which has Java based Applications running on Sun Servers with Solaris 9i, 10i OS.
  • Software Upgrade followed by Acceptance Testing (AT) of all new IN Nodes.
  • Static & Dynamic Migration of the Subscribers from various to cater Load regulation. Conforming proper EoCN & USSD flow after Migration.
  • Technical Assistance and providing Network Solutions like SMS routings, prepaid call flow routings.
  • Defining Link set route in CCN, SS7 configuration changes in SDP to add new node/add new number series etc.
  • Knowledge of CS Protocols - Signaling System 7 (SS7) stack layers Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP) and Message Transfer Part - Layer 3 (MTP-L3).
  • SIGTRAN stack layers SCTP, M3UA - BSCM Call Model for IN/CAMEL call.
  • Integration of CCN with OSS for Alarm Population (SNMP restart).
  • Creation of Diameter Links between SDP-CCN for CIP/IP upgrade, defining CDR related configuration & troubleshooting (CDR-Type2-3) & Gy Integration between NSN CMD - Ericsson CCN for DCoIN Project
  • System Administrator of Centralised Ericsson CS4.0 IN system on 24x7 basis.
  • Network Alarm Monitoring on Citrix Window, SNMP restart for alarm population.
  • Fault Detection; call Load check, TCAP Monitoring and System Error Clearance.
  • Recharge Voucher, Subscriber Creation & Purging, New No. Series Provisioning in at all IN nodes as part of subscriber Lifecycle.
  • Call flow and failure analysis by Call Trace Debugging.
  • Successful CDR/DR Flow to Mediation, system backup, regular Health Check of IN.
  • Implementation & Testing of new products, features, services, Business Plans based on Service Class, Service Offering, and Dedicated Accounts.
  • Roaming launches with other National/International operators (IR21).
  • Tariff/Product Configuration & Simulation on SDP & AIR.

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