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Software Developer Resume

Salt Lake City, UtaH


  • Exceptional developer with strong C/C++ programming skills and a quantitative/analytical background.
  • More than 8 years programming in C, C++, Python, SQL (Oracle/Sybase) in Unix/Linux environment.
  • Experienced in Multi - threaded and Distributed applications under Unix/Linux.
  • More than 10 years in Software development, Software design (OOD/Functional) and Software requirement analysis.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.


  • C/C++
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • C# (Visual Studio 2005)
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle SQL
  • Sybase SQL
  • Unix/Linux (POSIX)
  • MS Windows (.Net)
  • MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • STL/Rogue Waves
  • Makefiles (Imakefile) Solarix/Linux
  • Clearcase (CM)
  • Parasoft C++
  • Workshop (Unix GUI dbx)
  • Purify
  • Great Circle
  • Software Systems Analysis
  • Software System Design (OOD/Functional)
  • Software Requirements Specification
  • Software Testing Techniques


Confidential, Salt Lake City, Utah

Software Developer


  • Member of the infrastructure development team responsible for developing and maintaining custom libraries for the fluoroscopy system (Software to control the generation of X’rays for healthcare).
  • The libraries were mainly wrappers for Linux system calls such as Posix threads for threading the applications, Posix message queues for inter-process communication and Posix locks and conditions variables for synchronization.
  • These libraries provided a common interface for the fluoroscopy components to use.
  • I also developed the error handling infrastructure which defined the errors codes and the necessary actions that needs to be taken for the fluoroscopy components.

Confidential, Manhattan, New York

Lead Developer


  • Primary responsibility was to develop the MBS trading desk trace reporting system to comply with FINRAs requirement that mandates the reporting of all over the counter secondary market transactions in eligible fixed income securities.
  • The server side code was written in C/C++ and IBM MQ Series was used to communicate between servers across multiple platforms.
  • The server application was multithreaded since each MQ manager must reside in its own thread.
  • A few scripts were written in Perl under Linux.
  • The front end was written in C# (VS 2005) with Sybase as the database server with the help of a couple of team members.
  • Secondary responsibility (10%) to support the MBS pass-through trading desk, including
  • Fixing bugs and adding new features to the trading tool as requested by the traders or operations
  • Created scripts to provide reports to the traders.
  • This can be a simple SQL query or a complex reporting tool written in C/C++ or Perl that runs daily, weekly or monthly to provide trade data analysis to the traders.
  • Created filters that send data from the pass-through database to other departments or development groups.
  • This can be a stored procedure or a soap server which they subscribe to for the required information.

Confidential, Florham Park, New Jersey

Senior Application Developer


  • Created software to automatically generate Automatic Voice Recognition (ASR) models and refined/tuned them through adaptation to improve recognition accuracy and speed.
  • The software was created using C/C++ and Python in a Linux environment.
  • Used Parallel Python to enable parallel processing over remote clusters.
  • Developing an online option-pricing calculator, using JavaScript and DHTML/HTML.
  • Converted it also to a windows application using Visual C++.

Confidential, Lake Mary, Florida

Senior Systems Analyst/Developer


  • Worked as a feature lead/Usage subject matter expert in customizing Confidential billing software for a Confidential client using C/C++ in a Unix/Linux environment with an Oracle database.
  • The main billing part of the software was multi-threaded which was implemented using POSIX threads and the rating part was a distributed application, which was implemented using Tuxedo/CORBA as the middleware layer.
  • This also involved analyzing the requirements, creating design concepts documents, creating the functional design specification document and writing software code.
  • As usage development lead, I was mostly involved in optimizing the usage code to improve performance.
  • This involved using tools such as Purify and Great Circle to locate and fix memory leaks, updated SQL queries to make them more efficient and rewrote several functions to improve their performance by using more efficient algorithms.
  • Served as a mentor to new usage developers, by helping them understand Confidential software development process, coding standards and most importantly, the usage sub-system
  • Provided around the clock production development support of our billing software, to the client; this involved analyzing and resolving problems when they arise and providing code fixes to the software if needed.
  • Used Perl/SQL to create quick fix scripts and also to update the database if needed.

Confidential, Herndon, Virginia

Software Engineer


  • Served as a member of the team that designed and implemented the Thuraya Satellite Ground Commanding System, using C++ on a UNIX platform.
  • A member of the team that redesigned and implemented the manual commanding software for IMT-Hughes Satellite Control System using C++ and G2 (an object oriented real time programming language) and Sybase.

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