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Senior Marketing Manager Resume

Thousand Oaks, CA


Senior Marketing Manager - Oracle Certified Marketing Automation/Implementation Specialist - Managing Marketing Automation and CRM systems and Processes


Programming: SQL, TSQL, PL/SQL, HTML, Java, Java script

Databases: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Access

Applications: MS office products, Salesforce.com, Saleslogix, Aprimo, Confidential, Visio

Analysis: Database Design, Reports, Targeted Database Marketing, Data Cleansing, Data Movement and Lead Flow. CAN-SPAM knowledge, eMail Best Practices.


Confidential, Thousand Oaks, CA

Senior Marketing Manager


  • Liaison with enterprise systems for project requirements
  • Email QA and campaign QA. Subject Matter expert on Confidential
  • Database mgmt. workflows, forms, landing pages, project management

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Marketing Automation Manager


  • Project Management and campaign management
  • Email creation and QA - Nurture campaign creation

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

Marketing Automation consultant


  • Global Requirements gathering for large European companies
  • Provide guidance and expertise for Confidential marketing automation projects
  • Database mgmt, workflows, forms, landing pages, project management

Confidential, Broomfield, CO

Marketing and Sales Operations technical lead


  • Advanced Confidential and Marketing Automation data processes.
  • Lead process optimization.
  • Project management. API, Cloudconnectors, CRM integration, Web site integration
  • Implemented Telemarketing API connector to feed to CRM. Implemented Datacards
  • Tech lead to bring post purchase email nurture process in house.
  • Nurture Campaign setup and design.
  • Email campaign launches. Segmentation. Forms/Landing Pages
  • Confidential E10, Backend process and Analysis, Advanced Canvas and Program Builder workflow,, Cloudconnectors, Email Campaigns, API, External calls, Forms creation and processes, Lead-CRM integration, eMarketing Project Mgmt, Javascript.
  • Lead to SFDC process and workflow optimization
  • Salesforce.com Lead/Campaign process improvement and mapping, Web forms back end processes, Automation Workflow, Email templates, end user training

Confidential, Reood Shores, CA

E-Marketing Manager-CRM Manager


  • Database segmentation, analysis, list recommendations/builds and email creative. Opt in/out process
  • HTML emails, Web forms for campaigns - Best Practices
  • Workflow - lead scoring - nurture - automation - custom fields - SFDC API Mapping
  • E10; Campaign execution, email sends, CRM integration
  • Salesforce.com CRM integration, Global Lead workflow, Data integration/standardization
  • Data Analysis/Mapping. HTML emails, Web forms, CAN-SPAM/Global compliance
  • Implemented global processes, training and support of regional teams
  • Program builder workflow - lead scoring - nurture - automation

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

E-Marketing Manager-CRM Manager


  • Implement/manage Salesforce.com/ Confidential applications.
  • Integration and business workflow of e-Marketing solution-integrated with Salesforce.com.
  • Manage the Confidential, Salesforce.com, and partner relationships.
  • Requirements gathering and customization of Salesforce.com and Confidential develop nurture programs for lead conversion, campaign development and analysis, complex nurture/scoring workflow.
  • Work with vendors/partners on projects.
  • CRM and e-marketing application management, Managed Global Marketing Database. Analysis, Reports, Queries, Customizations. Salesforce.com integration with e-Marketing applications
  • Outbound email campaign execution, SQL Queries. Work with Global Marketing Field Managers/Sales to focus campaign segments and requirements. Workflow for proper follow up to leads. Text/HTML email execution.

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