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Database Developer Resume


To obtain a position as database developer using MS - SQL or similar product with the opportunity to participate in the creation of the front end of the application


Advanced: MS SQL - 2008R2 and MS - SQL 2000, T-SQL, ANSI-SQL, Visual FoxPro 9.0 and all previous versions, DBA work, Windows 7 and all previous version, OTLP, C, C++, FTP, XML, Access 2010 and all previous versions, MS-Excel 2010 and numerous versions older versions, MS Word 2010 and numerous versions older versions, MS-Source Safe, Query Analyzer, Visual Studio for 2008, OOP, Data Analysis, Data Transformation

Intermediate: SSIS, SSRS, ETL, Create and migrated templates between various version of Access, QlikView11, UNIX, VMS, Visual C++, VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, Pascal, RPG, COBOL, FTP, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, HTML 4.0 and 5.0, MS-Outlook, Agile/Scrum

Novice: WATCOM 4.0, Codebase V, Visual Studio for 2012, MS-SQL- 2005, MYSQL Version 5.0, PowerBuilder, Cold Fusion, Java, J2EE, JSP, JavaBeans, J2EE, J2SE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JAVA Applets, ASP.net, C#,LINK, PLINK, XMAL, TCP/IP, SOAP, REST,MYECLIPSE, Eclipse, SQLYOG, PowerPoint, West Wind, Adobe Photoshop Elements, WPF, Apache Open Office 3, Apache Tomcat Server, .Net Architecture, Windows Server various versions some with IIS, Delphi, DTS, JavaScript, SQLite Manager 0.8.0


Database Developer



  • I taught users how to use Excel and Word and how to create macros with VBA code and use VBA code independent of macros.
  • Created Access Programs with the aid of VBA tailored to the customer needs usually to aid in running a home based business which means it tracked customers, what products they wanted, did they pay for what they purchased and how.
  • Show Access users to upsize to MS-SQL
  • Wrote pieces of ASP.net, C#, and HTML code to aid the user in making connections to MS-SQL 2008R2 as the start of a new version of the company’s main application which ran the health care business by replacing VFP with .net and C# while using aspect of C# that allowed to easily connect into MS-SQL, but the project was cancel before completion due to cost cutting
  • Created VFP applications when the amount of data the customer had made for tables that were in the tens of thousands.
  • I upgraded a Visual FoxPro applications to make it more adaptable to the modern computer environment in several ways
  • I altered reports so that they had multiple detail bands.
  • I altered reports so that several versions of them could be run at the same time differentiated by the value of a parameter.
  • I alter the application to allow for a number of reports to be run as one unit.
  • HTML and XML data were put into new reports for the application that was being updated.
  • XML data was written and read so that it made it easier for the application to function with .net product they had or were going to get.
  • Made alterations to the product so as to allow for it to function more easily in the computing environment were the internet is so important.
  • The product could hand ADO.net sending and receiving information in this manner
  • There were added functionality that allow for roll backs in Visual FoxPro application
  • The application was given SQL pass thought capabilities
  • Some outputted data was change in type by the new cast function for easier data management.
  • Created and restored from back up, structured data bases and administer to different databases administrative needs.
  • Created Scripts in Qlickview11 to load data for various clients
  • Set up Qlikview11 to pull from data sources such as XML, ODBC, OLEDB, and the normal flat files to the QVD tables.
  • Set up Qlikview11 table in Star Schema
  • I have set up drill down groups for charting.in Qlikview11.
  • Heavy interaction between Microsoft Access and Qlikview11.
  • Created reports in Qlikview11, but usually using one table as it source of information.
  • I have written Qlikview11 subroutines.
  • I have used all of the major Qlikview11 data types.
  • I have used its debugger of Qlikview11
  • In Qlikview11 I have dealt with dirty data and its elimination.
  • In Qlikview11 I have used the total qualifier.
  • In Qlikview11 I have used the aggregate functions that come with it
  • I have sorted the Qlikview11 tables.
  • I have set up sheet level security for Qlikview11
  • I have often taken over Qlikview11 project after they were started and someone else could not be around to complete; this was quite normal.


Confidential, Patchogue, NY


  • Created Stored Procedures, User Define Functions, View, and Triggers in a combination of ANSI-SQL and T-SQL.
  • As these programming objects they were test for speed in a test environment. If the code was considered slow then a visual inspection of the code was under taken. If this did not turn up the problem the execution plan was checked to see what part of the operation was hogging up resources and tried to re-write the code so that it would not do that. I was also checked to see if asynchronous operation were taking place in at the start of the execution and if they were they were moved further down the line of execution as synchronous operations would be faster and the asynchronous operations would be given smaller data sets to handle and would speed things up in general.
  • The application was checked to see if indexes, non-cluster indexes, on certain field would speed up the queries and cause the application to run faster. This had to be balance out with the fact that if there were too many index bloat would take over and cause problems for the application.
  • The code was design in such a fashion as to be able to handle numerous transactions, OTLP, during the day while handing bulk processing overnight
  • When the new code was added to the entire application in the test environment it and the application were checked for speed with particular emphasis on whether the new code caused any deadlocks or blocking problems other.
  • There are three ways deadlocks are generally handled: one is to allow the data engine to sort it out and it eventually comes up with a solution, two, it can handle this problem by assign greater priorities to certain process allowing the high ranked process immediate access to what it needs, and the third way is to create some C# code that was embedded in MS-SQL that will allow another process to have what it want, but this is not recommended because it will not necessarily free up computational resources as the other methods would
  • Blocking can be found by looking as the SPIDS in of the application and see what one has a long lag time. This means that there is another SPID that is taking up the resources that it needs and needs to release them. One should attempt changing the code so that there is shorter data access allowing for access to data for other processes
  • Create a number of Visual FoxPro Classes to form our base classes above FoxPro’s base classes and created classes that would be the second tier of the three tiered application.
  • I also had to at times instantiate and dispose of the object created from these classes so the application would function without eaten up resources.
  • Create an application with a Visual FoxPro frontend and MS-SQL back end
  • Created packages that would uses SSIS and SSRS.
  • Used QlikView11 to create and interface for select managers to pull up information that they want which would have added greatly to main application, but was easily and quickly done in QlikView11.
  • I have used C# and ASP.net its associated tools such as WFP in .net to access MS-SQL data so that it may be displayed to the user and allow the user to choice what data he/she wants to look at.in data bases other than the main database for the medical billing that were in in MS-SQL.
  • There was taking of data into MS-SQL from a variety of sources such as other MS-SQL tables, table from other small data bases like Access and Visual FoxPro; tables from large databases like Oracle, DB2,Sybase, Teradata, Informix and MYSQL; flat files; FTP; and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Design code that allowed three spaces to uniquely identify any of our customers while only using capital letters and numbers. This was done using a base 36 numeric system. When I customer was terminated the code was put into a table of free codes that could be used by new customers
  • Create the code to allow drug rates to be properly matched with base rates so that rates that are sent to the consumer would be correct will keep in the system what drug rates went with what base rates since all base and drug rate combination did not exist as products.
  • I design the reconciliation for Confidential insurance company that controls the flow of money between the customers, us, and MDNY. I also converted their billing individual to ours system where we build the company.
  • Create all sorts of Excel spreadsheet add on using VBA from inside and outside of macros so that data would give information to management
  • Access application used VBA to track of office supplies, the organization of marketing data, and to and from move data from MS-WORD and MS-EXCEL as needs dictated.
  • An Access application was developed to track expenses on trips.
  • Visual Basic application for Confidential to find and organize basic information about their clients allow user to input some parameters
  • Some of Confidential data was stored on Codebase using C as access language was extracted into a flat file.
  • Programmed in RPG for Confidential so that the reporting system they had would produce the proper results
  • I had to remove data from a flat file system on Unix with the tools they had so that it would be easier to move to a Windows system
  • Code was developed to allow the user at renewal time to find alternative and cheaper insurance plan all within EMBLEM
  • Created code to send emails out to those clients who were late and that we had emails addresses for.
  • Code was created to send bills out using VFP report writer
  • Created based classes in VFP off of VFP base classes which became the template for all of the UI.
  • Created VFP interfaces that could just not call a report, but modify it though passing of parameters that could be inputted by the user.
  • The creation of report, which were numerous, involved a VPF front end which was a classes created base on our base classes and the created as objects. A second tier which was written in VFP. It called a SQL stored procedure which called whatever it needed to get whatever number of cursors back to the mediator. The mediator sends it to the UI. This way the application was three a tier application.
  • VFP handle all of the security to see which users got access to what information thought the menus.
  • VBA code inside and outside of macros in EXCEL transformed raw data into information using whatever calculations were needed.
  • I created an Access application that allowed information to flow easily from MS-WORD and MS-EXCEL and back again
  • Access application was create to see how long a task on the conversion should take, who it was assigned to, and the priority it was given.
  • Used Qlickview11 as BI Developer tool so that we could easily link data together and quickly come up with a report or charts as management desired.
  • Create a number of different sheet to place the objects that the management wanted
  • We moved data to and from Excel, MS-Access, MS-SQL, and text files for use in Qlickview11
  • Create some dashboards to organize our operations with Qlickview11

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