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Essbase Contractor Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • 8+ Years of Experience in Microsoft Database technologies includes Database designing and Development using MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012.
  • Migration of SSRS reports from SQL 2012 to SQL 2014.
  • Extensive experience with data modeling techniques, logical and physical database design.
  • Expert Knowledge of Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS) and Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Experience in Database Development, modeling, Data Warehousing, Design and Technical Management.
  • Very good experience in Creating, deploying SSIS Packages and migrating DTS Packages from 2000 to 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012/2014
  • Experience in creating indexed views, complex stored procedures, effective triggers and useful functions to facilitate efficient data manipulation and consistent data storage.
  • Used MDX to interact with the back end OLAP Services.
  • Experience in Dimensional Modeling, Designing of STAR, SNOW FLAKE Schemas.
  • Created Reports with complex formulas and to query the database for business Intelligence.
  • Excellent knowledge in creating Databases, Tables, Stored Procedure, DDL/DML Triggers, Views, User defined data types, Cursors and Indexes using T - SQL.
  • Experience in enhancing and deploying the SSIS Packages from development server to production server.
  • Created shared dimension tables, measures, hierarchies, levels, cubes and aggregations on MS OLAP/ Analysis Server (SSAS).
  • Expert ETL design.
  • Expertise in migrating data from MS-Access, MS-EXCEL and other external data sources.
  • Experience in Creation and deployment of cubes on SSAS.
  • Very Good Understanding and Experience in SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)
  • Experience in SQL Server DTS and SSIS (Integration Service) package design, constructing, and deployment.
  • Experience in Creating and Updating Clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to keep up the SQL Server Performance.
  • Experience in Analyzing Execution Plan and managing indexes and troubleshooting deadlocks.
  • Experience in Tuning SQL queries and T- SQL queries, MDX & improving the performance of the queries.
  • Worked Extensively on ETL process using SSIS package.
  • Experience in using variables, expressions and functions and also defining Query for generating drill down reports in SSRS.
  • Experience in writing complex SQL queries involving multiple tables inner and outer joins, stored procedures.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving skills and a motivated team player with excellent inter-personal skills and familiar with offshore and multi-site development.
  • Experience in developing Custom Report and different types of Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports, Ad hoc reports and distributed reports in multiple formats using SQLServerReporting Services (SSRS) in Business intelligence development studio (BIDS).


Languages: SQL, Transact SQL, PL/SQL, Embedded SQL, C, C++ Java, J2EE, ASP.NET,C#.NET,VB.NET,HTML 4.0, DHTML,XML

Databases: SQL Server 2012/2008 R 2/2008/2005/2000 , SharePoint, Oracle 9i/8.x, DB2, MS Access

Reporting Tools: SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2005 Reporting Service (SSRS), Crystal Reports XI/10/9

ETL Tools: SSIS (SQL Server 2005/2008/2008 R2, 2012 Integration Services),SQL Server 2000 DTS, Import Export Data, Bulk Copy Program (BCP)

MS Office: 2010/2007/2003/2000 , MS Project Adobe Professional.

Operating Systems: Windows (updated to 2012), MAC OSX Tiger/Leopard, Unix, Linux (Ubuntu updated to 12.04)

Database Tools: SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, SQL Server 2008 Query Editor, Solution Explorer, Analysis Manager, Reporting Server

Methodologies: Logical and Physical Database Design, UML, Database Design and Normalization, Data Modeling


Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Essbase Contractor


  • Worked independently with my client manager and offshore team for gathering requirements and implemented logical Design into Physical Design.
  • Developed and Deployed packages for Asia-Pacific, Europe and USA regions
  • Ran batchfiles to process project files, devloped and tested Masterdata Regions
  • Developed and tested packages with Configuration files
  • HANA to SQL integration, data migration, data transformation.
  • Customize data output according to end user requirements.
  • Testing, Optimization.
  • Optimize Projects for increasing processing speed.
  • Focused & Researched on future requirements and gave my through suggestions for the Cilent.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008, SAP HANA Client, Visual Studio 2008, UNIX, Hp quality Center, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprize(Build 7601), Adapters(ODBC, ADO.NET), Dev/QA/Prod Server instances, C#

Confidential, Vacaville, CA

MS SQL Server (SSIS/SSRS/SSAS) Developer


  • Extracting and Loading data into SQL Server Database using SSIS.
  • Extensively involved in designing the SSIS packages to export data from flat file source to SQL Server database.
  • Experience in working on Cube structure optimization for MDX query performance in Analysis Services 2012/2008/2005 (SSAS)
  • Created SSIS Packages to migrate slowly changing dimensions
  • Designed, Build the Dimensions, cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Experience in creating complex SSIS packages using proper control and data flow elements.
  • Generated matrix reports, drill down, drill through, sub reports, chart reports, multi parameterized reports.
  • Developed reports and deployed them on server using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Pulling data on a daily basis from OLTP database to OLAP or staging database using the SSIS packages.
  • Rendering the reports to PDF formats as per the requirement and printing all the reports in a batch process for Monthly Statements.
  • Performed the task of data transfer from files in remote server to folders in another server using FTP.
  • Created database maintenance plans and deleting of history data using SSIS packages.
  • Scheduling the SSIS packages and Jobs.
  • Designed SSRS 2008 reports with Cascaded Parameters, Gauges and Interactive Charts, etc.
  • Excellent report creation skills using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) with proficiency in using Report Designer as well as Report Builder.
  • Created SQL Server Reports based on the requirements using SSRS 2008.
  • Highly responsible for development and management of PPS, SSAS, SSRS and SSIS projects.
  • Building KPI reports for the cubes and optimizing the reports.
  • Involved in partitioning of cubes in order to increase the performance of cubes ( SSAS ).
  • Developed Complex Stored Procedures, Views and Temporary Tables as per the requirement.
  • Created complex reports which involve more number of groupings and multi-value parameters
  • Using Sql server reporting services (SSRS) delivering enterprise, Web-enabled reporting so creates reports that draw content from a variety of data sources.
  • Design and create report models based on users’ requirements, explain and train users to use report builder to generate their own personalized reports.
  • Worked very closely with Business Customers, End Users and resolved any business process related issues.

Environment: Windows server 2003, IIS 6.0, MS SQL Server-2012/2008 R2/2005 Enterprise Edition, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, T-SQL , DTS , SQL Profiler , OLAP, OLTP, Erwin, Performance Point Sever, Office-2007, MS Excel, C#.NET, ProClarity Analysis .

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Sr. SQL BI Developer


  • Designed relational data base in SQL server for Line Management section. Applied data integrity rules, defined relationships between foreign and primary keys in the tables.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Indexes, Tables, Views, SQL joins and other T-SQL code to implement business rules. Implemented different types of constraints on tables for consistency.
  • Generated Reports using Global Variables, report expressions (including simple VB codes) and Functions. Designed complex reports like dynamically driven parameterized reports, reports with sub reports, drill through reports using SQL reporting services 2008.
  • Analyzed reports and fixed bugs in stored procedures on the ongoing database operations, as needed, to resolve business problems.
  • Created different Parameterized Reports (SSRS 2008/2012) which consist of report Criteria in various reports to make minimize the report execution time and to limit the no of records required.
  • Created several SSIS packages for extracting data from data bases like SQL, DB2 and load those data into tables in SQL server
  • Used various transformations such as Lookups, Multicasts, Pivots, Derived Columns, Merge joins, Conditional splits etc. when data transformations process was done.
  • Responsible for ETL operation using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and worked with users in and support.
  • Look up transformation was used to check whether data is already in the source table before inserting. SQL task was used to truncate or delete tables before loading data.
  • Worked in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) OLAP Cubes, and Mining, Involved in Analyzing, Designing,
  • Building and testing of OLAP Cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Added SQL Server Providers for logging to capture information about a package at run time, making it easier to troubleshoot package performance and failure. Performed package, container, and task level logging.
  • Experience in working on Cube structure optimization for MDX query performance in Analysis Services 2012/2008 (SSAS)
  • Worked on deployment of ROLAP using binding as well as deployment of ETL objects to target schema.
  • Reports writing based on tickets submitted from front end people using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Crystal Reports 8.0.
  • Created Variables, Expressions for Connection String, Project Parameters, Package Configuration, Parent package variables. Worked on Project level deployment in TFS 2012.
  • Worked with vb.net developers to create reports which can be accessed by portals.
  • Created various SSIS configuration settings including SQL Server and XML configuration files. Implemented Check Points to restart execution of failed packages only from the point of failure instead of re-running the whole package from the start.
  • Developed reports like Claim Statements, Fee Bills Transactions and some end request user reports on periodic basis.
  • Generated SSRS report form SSAS OLAP Cube.
  • Querying and manipulating multidimensional cube data through MDX Scripting in SSAS.
  • Documented design and development works for report deployment, uploaded reports into SharePoint site, created new pages and folders and maintained reports in SharePoint site.
  • Improved the performance of queries by introducing clustered and non-clustered indexes on tables in the data base. Use SQL profiler to identify long running queries.
  • Created different SQL jobs and maintained those jobs in the production.
  • Used Ralph Kimball’s Data Modeling concept when designing an OLAP cube for Line Management section. Created dimension and fact tables. Created SSIS packages and stored procedures to load those dimension and facts tables.
  • Worked on star schema and snowflakes deployment process coordinating with the DBA’s
  • Partitioned the cube for current year and previous years in order to improve the performance.
  • Created MDX queries to create custom pivot reports and calculated members in the cube.

Environment: MS-SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2012, MS-SQL Server Reporting Services, MS-SQL Server Integration Services, Windows Server 2012, VB.NET,ASP.NET,MS-SQL Server Analysis Services, T- SQL, MDX, Source Safe, Team Foundation Server (2012)

Confidential , Hartford, CT

SQL BI Developer


  • Analyzed all the Database Structure and prepared a guide to understand the existing system better.
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, triggers, cursors, tables, views and other SQL joins and statements for applications.
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS-2005.
  • Created SSIS packages to Oracle and other SQL Server instances and used configuration files and variables for production deployment.
  • Involved in making mappings and transformations using DTS Transform Data Task, Data Driven Query Task.
  • Scheduled SSIS Packages for loading Facts and Dimensions.
  • Created packages in SSIS with error handling.
  • Worked with different methods of logging in SSIS.
  • Experience in creating complex SSIS packages using proper control and data flow elements
  • Involved in updating slowly changing dimensions’ strategies.
  • Designed cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Understanding the OLAP processing for changing and maintaining the Warehousing Optimizing Dimensions, Hierarchies and adding the Aggregations to the Cube.
  • Designed and built OLAP cubes to meet reporting needs.
  • Responsible for identifying and defining Data Source and Data Source views.
  • Created cubes and defined the dimensions.
  • Responsible for defining calculated members.
  • Developed Multi dimensional Objects (Cubes, Dimensions) using MS Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Build MDX queries and Data Mining Expression (DMX) queries for Analysis Services SSAS and Reporting services SSRS.
  • Defined attribute properties in a Parent Child Dimensions.
  • Develop and maintain EDI manual and system documentation.
  • Worked efficiently and effectively with EDI Administration to implement maps and ECGateway processes.
  • Analysis and manipulation of EDI data to conform to ANSI Standards (Examples: construct rules in Paperfree to calculate HCPCS and splitting diagnosis codes to the correct qualifiers).
  • Used Joins to write queries that retrieve data from more than one table.
  • Responsible for hiding and disabling attributes and attribute hierarchies.
  • Developed reports that deliver data from cubes.
  • Created and managed subscriptions for the reports.
  • Responsible for ongoing maintenance and change management to existing reports and optimize report performance.
  • Created stored procedures to calculate pension and annuity information, when called will give the details for an employee on the website.
  • Defined specific read/process permissions for the users in SSAS instance.

Environment: Windows 2003/XP, SQL Server 2005 BI Suite, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, ETL, OLAP, OLTP, ASP.NET, PROCLARITY, MDX, T-SQL, MS Visual Studio 2005.

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