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Mssql Admin Support Resume

Irving, TX


  • Over 8+ years of experience in enterprise - wide management and administration on distributed platforms and database infrastructure.
  • Hands on Experience on multi-agent deployment, implementation, migration, support & management using Tools - IBM InfoSphere Guardium(SQLGuard), BMC Patrol, BPPM, and HP DMA
  • Using IBM InfoSphere Guardium (SQLGuard) we provide Real-time database activity monitoring (DAM) for identifying unauthorized or suspicious activities, preventing attacks and blocking unauthorized access by privileged users
  • Designed and Implemented Database auditing solution for Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase and DB2 on 10000+ servers.
  • Expertise in creating and providing security solutions for Monitor & Enforce, Audit & Reports and Compliance Workflow automation.
  • Guardium administration -End to End setup like Build, Patch update, Migration to new versions, Configuration, Centralize management of SQLGuard Appliances.
  • Provided Auditing solution and simplifying validation activities related to data integrity, data privacy
  • Implementation, Maintenance and troubleshooting of Agents (STAP,GIM) & Guardium appliances and provides root cause analysis with step by step documentation for complex problems
  • Integration with internal compliance process, ArcSight.
  • Identify the product bugs and liaise with support to fix the issue.
  • Predefine and custom tests to Assess and identify database vulnerabilities using FortiDB (IP Locks) and IBM Infosphere Guardium.
  • Assess environment, find threats, recommended and prioritize action plan.
  • VA Administration tasks like user management, Configuration of policy and different RDBMS to Portal and generate reports
  • Design and Implement Database Monitoring solutions using BMC Products
  • Rules and class development for better and custom event processing
  • BMC Patrol KM development and modification to meet custom requirement of the customers
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of monitoring products, root cause analysis for complex problems
  • BPPM/BEM event cell configuration & propagation
  • Design solution to monitor the monitors with shell & PSL scripts which helps to avoid monitoring outage.
  • Requirement gathering and proactive monitoring parameter baseline design (Patrol Event Management Rules, BPPM Thresholds)
  • Ticketing system and Event integration with cross platform tools (Service Now)
  • Minimize DBA support man hours by implementing tools
  • HP DMA Infrastructure Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Design DMA workflow to simplify Database Tools agent installation (Patrol, STAP)


Database Auditing: IBM InfoSphere Guardium (SQLGuard)

Vulnerability Assessment: FortiDB (IP Locks), IBM InfoSphere Guardium (SQLGuard)

ESM Monitoring Tools: BMC Performance Manager (Patrol),BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager (BPPM),BMC Patrol Configuration Manager, BMC Performance Manager Portal, BMC Patrol Console and RT Server

Automation Tool: HP Database and Middleware Automation

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux

RDBMS: Oracle, MSSQL Server, Sybase ASE, IBM DB2


Confidential, Irving, TX

MSSQL Admin Support


  • SQLGuard solution design, implementation, integration and Production
  • SQLGuard Appliance - Build, migrate from old version to new version, Configure, backup, restore, Apply latest patches
  • Follow up notification from Database ISA and DBA with configuration change required to add/remove audited database login and/or database instance.
  • Change control solutions for preventing unauthorized changes to database, privileges, and configurations.
  • Review exception in SQL Guard system to ensure successful of report generation and distribution and other internal SQL Guard job/process executions (export, import, archiving, aggregation, and backup).
  • Perform follow up action (investigation and troubleshooting) based on alert raised for SQL Guard system.
  • Facilitate and coordinate incident troubleshooting and investigation between supporting groups (e.g. network support, VMware support) with vendor’s technical support.
  • Raise incident ticket with vendor support as next-level escalation in case of outage and/or as necessary.
  • Maintain inventory SQL Guard system which consist (STAP hosts, Appliance (collectors and aggregators) names, versions and patch levels, Database instances within collectors, Inspection engine configuration details)
  • Monitor and maintain the Guardium agents from a centralized location through the Guardium UI. With GIM we use to install, uninstall, upgrade, and configure agents remotely for a single server or across multiple servers all at the same time.
  • Supervisor agent, a part of GIM, will supervise and monitor Guardium processes, starting, stopping, and making sure all Guardium processes are running at all times
  • Communicate list of audited database instance to DBA Audit Log Reviewer and ISA Audit Log Reviewer. Provide update to DBA Audit Log Reviewer and ISA Audit Log Reviewer on any new or removal of audited database instance.
  • Review current utilization level and capacity of appliances and perform capacity planning for incoming database server.
  • Designed and implement monitoring solutions for Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase and DB2 on 10000 +servers
  • Installation and configuration of BMC Patrol agent based monitoring for database servers
  • Maintenance and support of the BMC patrol monitoring infrastructure, the associated alerting system Alarm Point and the Reporting tools.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of Patrol agents, Console server and RT server
  • Deployment of BMC Agent less (BMC portal) monitoring solution.
  • Trouble shoot the Production management reports like Health check, Critical parameters based on Patrol.
  • User Management and Impersonation tables in Patrol Central Operator
  • Patrol Configuration for high availability Database setup like ORACLE RAC, UNIX Cluster aware agent, MSSQL cluster configuration.
  • Analyzing the past issues and bringing possible, implement able solutions, keeping in view the business security process.
  • Liaise with BMC Support for custom monitoring request, complex and unknown issues.
  • Configuring the monitors with required threshold values for various parameters.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of Patrol agents and Console server
  • Daily health check activities like Applying blackout for monitors during maintenance period and performance tuning
  • Documenting, tracking, & communicating test plans, test results, analysis, & unresolved problems.


System and DBA Administrator


  • Administrating the Database activities such as Creating Database, tables, indexes, triggers, store procedures, views and user groups.
  • Assigning Logins to the users, mapping permissions and monitoring Users Access to the Objects.
  • Maintain the databases such as monitoring Database size, usage and maintaining free space.
  • Spanning\Distributing the database files over different Storage Devices.
  • Database Back up and restoring using schedule devices with minimum down time.
  • Monitoring the Performance of the server and maintaining resources efficiently.
  • Created some basic reports by using SQL Server2005 Reporting Service
  • Transfer the logins over the different databases while database maintenance modes.
  • Installation, configuration and patch update of SQL server software and related products.
  • Done some System Administrator tasks like build new window servers, patch update of operating system MS windows 2003.
  • Creating users and giving permission like disking quota, security policy and profiling creation in Windows 2003 server.

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