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System Analyst / Independent Contractor Resume


  • Accomplished IT Professional with proven track record of success in Database Administration, PLSQL, Web application development and Management, excellent technical and project management skills, adept Confidential developing and integrating applications, significant expertise in Database Administration and e - Commerce application development.
  • Experienced in working healthcare, IT legacy modernization, airline and telecom industries.
  • Over 20 Years of experience supporting and developing enterprise-level databases and associated application development.
  • Extensive knowledge of Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x running on UNIX, Linux and Windows
  • Very good experience in Oracle Forms & Reports (9i and 6i) development
  • Working experience with Oracle ADF in Java/J2EE environment
  • Proficient in writing PL/SQL packages, stored procedures, functions, triggers, complex SQL queries and UNIX shell scripts
  • Proficient in Logical/Physical design of OLTP & OLAP databases
  • Extensive experience in Oracle ADF 11g Architecture, Oracle ADF Development and J2EE environment.
  • Highly proficient in object orient methodology (Types, Objects and Collections)
  • In-depth knowledge of handling XML data objects in ADF environment.
  • Trained in Agile software methodology and worked as Scrum Master
  • In-depth experience in database installation/configuration, Backup and Recovery
  • In-depth knowledge in Oracle 9iAS application Server setup
  • Experienced in using oracle tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Loader, import/export, RMAN, SQL*Plus, Explain Plan & Tkprof
  • Experienced in using management and development tools like DbArtisan, Toad, Front-page and Dream Weaver
  • In-depth experience in version control software like CVS and SVN
  • Good knowledge in Unix and Windows
  • Have worked independently and in team environments


Database: Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i/8i/7.x RDBMS, SQL Server, MS ACCESS

Application Server: Oracle 9iAS, Web Logic

Development tools: Developer 2000, Oracle Forms 9i/6i, Oracle Reports 9i/6i

Management tools: Oracle Enterprise Manager, DBArtisan, TOAD

Languages: SQL, PLSQL, Java, C/C++, HTML, JavaScript

Html Editors: Front-Page, Dream Weaver

Frameworks: Application Development Framework (ADF), PLSQL Server Pages (PSP), JSP, JSF

Operating Systems: UNIX Confidential /Solaris, Linux and Windows



System Analyst / Independent Contractor


  • Bank end development for various business units using ADF framework, Java/J2ee, HTML, CSS Java Script, JSON, AJAX, JQuery, Hibernate, Web logic (Application server) and Oracle JDeveloper (IDE)
  • Create PLSQL Packages with Procedures, Functions for On-Line Transactional processing Databases
  • Performed Data extractions, transform and loading
  • Involve in Product design (Visio diagrams, high level logic, source to target documents)
  • Implemented simple/complex package model (simple packages to handle dml and complex packages to handles business logic)
  • Designed multiple utilities to pass data between external and internal users
  • Developed a utility to support end to end integration between 4 big projects
  • Developed common utilities to use by other packages
  • Design and developed published views to share data between different systems
  • Developed Rules using rule engine and associated rules with Events
  • Created data models for Types( objects, collections) and tables
  • Analyzed and solved the problem by interfacing with oracle technical support, application support teams, and help desk personnel.
  • Mentoring Junior Developers
  • Lead/Facilitate Code reviews, Requirement reviews, Demos and providing estimations(Methodology: Agile)
  • Defect assessment, prioritization, assigning and fixing ( Confidential QC Explorer)
  • Performing risk impact assessment


Lead DBA / Senior Database Architect


  • Lead Oracle Developers team and provide database support to various projects
  • Manage Outsourcing database teams
  • Support British Airways Production system
  • Support Industry changes to all clients
  • Develop Customized applications / Feeds to British Airways and China Eastern
  • Perform database Physical/Logical Designs
  • Schedule and allocate work to database developers ( in-house and Remote)
  • Code review and functional knowledge support to Out sourcing teams
  • Create PLSQL Packages with Procedures, Functions for On-Line Transactional Processing Databases
  • Performed Data extractions, transform and loading
  • Source to Target, DB Design Documents
  • Involve in Product Development
  • Machine readable E-Loading and Rate( Fare) Sheets to Agents (Via Email and FTP)
  • Automatic Uploading Fares information to ATPCO (Air Tariff Publishing Company)
  • Analyzed and solved the problem by interfacing with oracle technical support, application support teams, and help desk personnel.

Confidential, Santa Rosa, California

Lead DBA / ProgrammerAnalyst/ R&D Engineer


  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of OLTP & OLAP Databases
  • Setup traditional and RMAN Backups and Standby DB Configuration
  • Performed database Physical/Logical designs
  • Involved in Oracle 9iAS server Setup
  • Performed database Upgrades from 7.x, 8i to 9i
  • Cloning Databases on Multiple servers
  • Created PLSQL Packages with Procedures, Functions for On-Line Transactional Processing Databases
  • Performed Application SQL code Tuning by using HINTS and Indexes
  • Developed Web based Oracle Forms(9i & 6i) which are used in Oracle 9iAS environment
  • Setup Oracle Report Servers with Load balancing feature (Master & Slaves)
  • Developed ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000 Calibration s in Oracle Reports (9i & 6i) Environment. These s printed in production lines with peel-of-labels and send it to the customers. Reports code will send one copy to printer and one copy to file server and one copy to view.
  • Designed Web bases Application Reports to view/edit/print/save. Multiple records can view and edit Confidential same time like Microsoft Access, But no Client software required, also you can force business rules in edit code.
  • Reports Automation with Auto Schedule feature, Users will get reports automatically in E-MAIL on their own schedules
  • Developed full web based Applications in PSP (Plsql Server Pages). To setup this environment, you don’t need Application Server (Middle-Tier), Only Database server is enough.
  • Performed Data extractions, transform and loading
  • Implemented Login Authentication through LDAP. In this method, Instead of Oracle account credentials, User validated against his NT-account credentials.
  • Provided JDBC connection pool to Java Developers to make connections to the Oracle Databases
  • Performed Data Migration from Ingress & SQL Server to Oracle Database
  • Analyzed and solved the problem by interfacing with oracle technical support, application support teams, and help desk personnel.
  • Involved in installation and configuration of oracle database on UNIX platform.
  • Setting up table spaces, configuring key oracle files init.ora, tnsnames.ora files
  • Proper naming convention and location for control files, datafiles
  • Creating database objects, users and maintain authorizations
  • Worked with developers in database design, tables and index sizing
  • Loading Data in Tables Through SQL loader
  • Export, Import of the Data from one database to another database
  • Handling oracle tuning
  • Managing rollback segments and space.
  • Monitor alert logs, trace files, provide client support.
  • Setup of backup schedules: hot backup and cold backup.
  • Analyzed and solved the problem by interfacing with oracle technical support, application support teams, and help desk personnel.
  • Monitoring statistics by running queries, which determine statistics.

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