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Ms Sql Server Developer Ssis/ssrs Developer Resume

Mount Laurel, NJ


  • Almost 8 years of in - depth experience in database design, development, administration and maintenance of SQL Server / 2000 large scale databases for both OLTP and Data Warehousing Systems applications like SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS in Finance, Banking, and Health Insurance domains.
  • Hands on experience in developing and writing T-SQL queries, store procedures, triggers, creating clustered and non-clustered Index, working on DTS, Data Cleansing and Data Migration.
  • Experienced in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) between Homogenous and Heterogeneous Systems using DTS and SSIS of MS SQL Server 2000 and MS SQL Server 2005 respectively.
  • Expert in Creating, Configuring and Fine-tuning ETL workflows designed in DTS and MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Proficiency in Developing and Extending MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS) Cubes, Data Mining Models, Deploying and Processing SSAS objects, and writing MDX queries.
  • Good command in generating On-demand and Scheduled reports for Business Analysis or Management decisions using MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2008/2005 (SSRS).
  • Accomplished in writing Parameterized Queries for generating Tabular reports and Sub reports using Global variables, Expressions, and Functions, Sorting the data, Defining Data sources and Subtotals for the reports using SSRS 2008/2005.
  • Strong experience in configuring SSIS packages using package logging, Breakpoints, Checkpoints and Event handling to fix the errors.
  • Experienced in Designing and Building the Dimensions and cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Knowledge of migrating DTS packages, reports and analysis services projects from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Hands on experience in implementing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Objects in SSAS.
  • Highly experienced in database server performance tuning and optimization of Complex SQL queries.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, using various Control flow items (such as Execute package task, Execute Process Task, Script Task, FTP Task, Send Email Task, For Loop Container, For each Loop Container etc) and various Data Flow Transformations (such as Derived columns, Conditional split, Lookup, Merge Join, Data Conversion, Fuzzy Lookup, Fuzzy Grouping, Pivot etc).
  • Migrated data from various data sources using SSIS Transformations like Aggregate, Lookup, Conditional-split, Merge Join, WebServices task and Sort.
  • Experience of Logical and Physical Database design & development, Data Conversion, Normalization and Data modeling using ERwin and SQL Server Enterprise manager.
  • Excellent experience in Designing, Maintaining & Tuning various RDBMS like T-SQL & MS SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access databases and strong knowledge of SDLC principles.
  • Knowhow of developing and implementing Disaster Recovery Model, and Replication Models.
  • Expert in using tools like MS SQL Profiler, Database Engine Tuning Wizard, Windows Performance for monitoring and tuning SQL Server performance.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills with ability to develop creative solutions for challenging client needs using agile methodologies.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and responsibilities independently as well as a proactive team member


Operating Systems: Win 8/7/XP / 2000/NT/2003/ win 7, 2008 server, Red Hat Linux 8.0, Solaris, UNIX

RDBMS: MS SQL SERVER 2012/2008/2005/2003/2000/7.0/6.5 , MS Access, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, MySQL, Sybase, Dbase, DB2

Database & Tools: SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Enterprise Manager, Management Studio, SQL Server 2005 Query Editor, Solution Explorer, Analysis Manager, Reporting Server, Oracle BI suite, TFS, T-SQL, PL/SQL, MS Visio

ETL Tools: Data Transformation Services (DTS), MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Import Export Data, Bulk Copy Program (BCP), SOAP, Oracle

Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports XI/X, MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Qlikview, PanoramaDigitalFuel

Data Modeling: MS Visio, UML,ERWIN

WebServices: Rpc, Soap and Rest

Programming and Markup Languages: C#, VB.Net, C, C++, AJAX, JavaScript, ADO.Net, ASP.Net, HTML


Confidential, Mount Laurel, NJ

MS SQL Server Developer SSIS/SSRS Developer


  • Designed and developed SSIS (ETL) packages to validate, extract, transform and load data from OLTP system, DSR (Staging Database) to DW.
  • Applied various data transformations like Slowly Changing Dimension, Aggregate, Sort, Multicasting, Conditional Split, Derived column in SSIS.
  • Developed and deployed data transfers packages using SSIS, also maintained the jobs running on Servers.
  • Responsible for creating database objects like table, Views, Store Procedure, Triggers, Functions etc. using T-SQL to provide structure to store data and to maintain database efficiently.
  • Created SSIS Packages to perform filtering operations and to import the data on daily basis from the OLTP system, DSR to SQL server.
  • Responsible for implementation of data viewers, SSIS Logging, error configurations for error handling the packages.
  • Generated reports to retrieve data using database code objects, such as Stored Procedures, views, functions and multiple TSQL queries.
  • Used complex expressions to Calculate, Group, Filter, Parameterize, and Format the contents of the SSRS report.
  • Included Report Design and Coding for Standard Tabular type reports, including Drill down and Drill through functionality and Graphical presentations such as Charts and Dashboard type metrics using SSRS.
  • Designed and developed Cross-Tab and Sub-Report using RDL and promoted RDLs to Reporting Service Server.
  • Functional Testing of Webservices for load performance using SOAPUI and calling the Webservices.
  • Highly experienced in undertaking various tasks like Active-X Script task, Script Task, FTP Task, File System Task, Execute Process Task, Send Mail Task, Bulk Insert Task etc.
  • Responsible for Monitoring and Tuning Report performance by analyzing the execution plan of the T-SQL queries.
  • Created trace in SQL Profiler and used Data base engine tuning advisor for Performance tuning on stored procedures and T-SQL Scripts.
  • Configured the report viewing security for various users at various levels using SSRS Report Manager.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008R2, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 (SSRS), Visual Studio 2008, webservices, SSAS, FTP, T-SQL, SSIS, Win NT /2000/ 2003, MS Office 2003/2007, Microsoft Office Share Point - 2007.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

SQL Server/BI Developer (SSIS/SSRS)


  • Planned, Defined and Designed data based on business requirement and provided documentation.
  • Gathered data and documenting it for further .
  • Designed Database using Erwin data modeler.
  • Expert in using tools like MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard, Windows performance for monitoring and tuning SQL Server performance.
  • Highly proficient in using T-SQL for developing complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tables, Views, User Define Functions, User profiles, Relational Database Models and Data Integrity, webservices, SQL joins and Query Writing.
  • Used ETL (SSIS) to develop jobs for extracting, cleaning, transforming and loading data into data warehouse.
  • Develop Deploy and Monitor SSIS Packages using Autosys.
  • Using the windows Batch file to schedule a SSIS Jobs on Autosys.
  • Windows command file which execute .cmd commands through batch file.
  • Loading data directly from Oracle Environment to SQL Server Using Oracle connector Attunity.
  • Used C# and VBA scripting in Script Task.
  • Applied various data transformations like Slowly Changing Dimension, Aggregate, Sort, Multicasting, Conditional Split and Derived column etc.
  • Developed Unit Test Plans for SSIS packages for checking the functionality of each component.
  • Modified the existing SSIS packages to meet the changes specified by the users.
  • Scheduled Jobs for executing the stored SSIS packages which were developed to update the database on Daily basis.
  • Involved in upgrading from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Generated parameterized reports, sub reports, tabular reports using SSRS 2008.
  • Expert in Creating and Deploying SSRS Reports on the portal for user accessibility.
  • Extensive experience in writing Parameterized Queries for generating Tabular reports, Formatting report layout, Sub reports using Global Variables, Expressions, Functions, Sorting the data, defining data source and subtotals for the reports using SSRS 2008/2005.
  • Experience in creating different type of reports like ad-hoc reports, parameterized reports, dashboard reports, drill through report, and drilldown reports by using MS reporting services (SSRS).
  • I created subscription of reports which was generated Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
  • Experience in administrating the created reports and assigning permission to the valid users for executing the reports.
  • Scheduled report and exported in PDF format.
  • Fine-tuned SQL Queries for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Provided documentation for all kinds of reports, DTS and SSIS packages.
  • Designed and implemented Stored Procedures and Triggers for automating tasks.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/2008, MS Access, SQL, Transact-SQL (T-SQL), Toad For Oracle, MS SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS)2005/2008, webservices, MS SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Visual Studio, FTP

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr. SQL/BI Developer


  • Created an estimate of the project time based on specified business requirements as been followed up by JAD and JRD sessions.
  • Worked with key personnel for gathering detailed requirements and specifications.
  • Worked closely with Business users to understand corporate tax and servicing platform to build and enhance process.
  • Examined and evaluated the data structures in the source and destination databases.
  • Analyzed, documented, and tested SSIS packages, stored procedures, views, and job agent tasks for possible errors and optimization.
  • Optimized T-SQL code as well as the stored procedure used to feed reports for better latency performance.
  • Expert in writing complex T-SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers understanding application and business needs
  • Managed the entire ETL process involving the access, manipulation, analysis, interpretation and presentation of information from both internal and secondary data sources to customers in sales area.
  • Developed complex mappings using SSIS to transform and load the data from various source systems like Oracle into the SQL 2008 Server target staging database.
  • Created documentation for readability of code and understanding of packages with data dictionaries, data mappings, step by step data processing, and package annotations.
  • Designed and created ETL package to interact with multiple databases such as Oracle, SQL 7.0, SQL2000, SQL 2005 and a custom built database.
  • Designed and developed a master plan to handle errors and notification emails.
  • Developed test packages to simulate errors and notifications for implementation into final packages and a specific environment for testing and also for development of packages.
  • Created and implemented package configurations on the production, development, and test environments.
  • Created complex ETL packages using SSIS to populate data store and imports backup server logs to SQL Server 2005 for various types of analysis.
  • Helped application teams in query analyzing and its optimization. Coordinated with users for downtime and maintained the system running 24X7
  • Identified and tracked the slowly changing dimensions, heterogeneous Sources and determined the hierarchies in dimensions.
  • Automated the execution of packages by implementing a Master Child package, Restart table, and the SQL Server Job Agent according to the designated time frame.
  • Designed and implemented ETL processes to make data available for reporting purpose in the data warehouse.
  • Extracted data from various sources like SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle, Teradata, .CSV, Excel and Text file from Client servers and through FTP.
  • Helped to create the recovery model for package execution errors and also the backup and recovery of the database data within the sources and destinations.
  • Created MOLAP Warehouse on SQL 2008 Server Analysis Services and created cubes with dimensions and facts.
  • Created webservices, web methods and data structures for both posted and adhoc reports.
  • Involved in optimization of huge cubes by cube partitioning them, assigning proper storage modes like MOLAP, HOLAP, ROLAP and creating usage based aggregations.
  • Hands on experience in managing Reporting Server and creating ad-hoc reports from OLTP and OLAP including its delivery using push and pull delivery methods.
  • Managed very large reports that return a large volume of records and optimized their performance using techniques like cascading parameters and filters.
  • Deployed SSRS reports to the reporting server and assisted in troubleshooting deployment problems.
  • Optimized reports by optimizing the embedded queries, or optimized the stored procedures that generate them.
  • Designed, Documented, and implemented Event Handling for and hourly process log per DBA requirements.

Environment: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, C#, Oracle 10g/11g, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), TFS, FTP, webservices, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SSIS, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

MS SQL Server Developer


  • Responsible for Conceptual, logical and physical design with a significant effort towards application using ERWIN.
  • Created SSIS package to extract, transform and load data from Flat File to Flat File and Flat File into the Data warehouse and to Report-Data mart, using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation, and Slowly Changing Dimension.
  • Used VB.Net Script for Data Flow and Error Handling using Script component in SSIS.
  • Developed complex script to load operational data to Support Direct Mail and Email Campaigns.
  • Generated Tabular reports, Cross Tabs, Drill down, Charts, Functions and Maps using SSRS.
  • Customized reports by adding Filters, Calculations, Prompts, Summaries and Functions.
  • Created reports to retrieve data using Stored Procedures that accept parameters.
  • Developed Report Models using report builder and distributed reports in multiple formats using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in Business intelligence development studio (BIDS).
  • Managed Alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of Scheduled Jobs.
  • Created views to facilitate easy user interface implementation, and triggers on them to facilitate consistent data entry into the database.
  • Generated Sub-Reports, Drilldown-Reports, Summary Reports, and Parameterized Reports in SSRS.
  • Extracted data from various sources like SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle, Teradata, .CSV, Excel and Text file from Client servers and through FTP.
  • Performed T-SQL tuning and optimization of queries for reports that take longer execution time using MS SQL Profiler, Index Tuning Wizard and SQL Query Analyzer in MS SQL Server 2005
  • Used Query Optimization and SQL Server Profiler for tuning report queries and improves performance in SQL Server.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008, MS SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 (SSRS), SSIS, Visual Studio 2008, Win NT /2000/ 2003, Erwin, webservices, FTP, MS Office 2003/2007, MS Visio, Microsoft Office Share Point - 2007.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

SQL BI Developer (SSIS/SSRS)


  • Involved in Data analysis and Data Profiling to analyze Data quality and plan approaches for Data cleansing and transformations.
  • Developed Technical Design specifications and Source to Target Mapping (STTM) specifications for each legacy system interface with Enterprise system.
  • Designed and developed physical and logical Data Models using Erwin and developed SQL Server Database objects including Tables, Views and Indexes.
  • Designed, developed and deployed complex DTS packages to cleanse and transform data and load from legacy systems into the Enterprise system SQL Server database.
  • Used advance features of T-SQL to design and tune T-SQL to interface with the databases and other applications in the most efficient manner.
  • Developed complex Stored Procedures and Functions and incorporated them in Crystal Reports to enable report generation on the fly.
  • Designed and implemented Job scheduling, setting up alerts, User logins and access rights based on user roles, permissions and security requirements.
  • Analyzed and designed disaster recovery and replication strategies based on business requirements.
  • Responsible for developing processes, automation of maintenance jobs, tuning SQL Server, locks and indexes configurations, administering SQL Server security, SQL Server automatic e-mail notification and SQL Server backup strategy and automation.
  • Tested to optimize the procedures and triggers to be used in production.

Environment: Microsoft DTS, MS SQL Server 2008, T-SQL, ER-Win v4.0, MS Visual Studio, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, ASP .NET Framework, J2EE technology, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MS SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Basic 6, MS Access, Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Minnetonka, MN

MS SQL Server Developer/ SSIS/ SSAS Developer


  • Worked with application developers and production teams across functional units to identify business needs and discuss solution options.
  • Successfully Installed and configured MS SQL Server 2005 on the production server.
  • Automated the migration of data from Oracle DB to MS SQL Server 2005 DB using Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA).
  • Transformed data from various data sources using OLE DB connection by creating various SSIS packages.
  • Generated Assessment Reports to analyze the Scope and Complexity of the migration projects.
  • Converted the Oracle DB objects to MS SQL Server 2005 DB objects like Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures.
  • Designed a new schema for the Data warehouse using Dimensional Modeling and developed it using the ERwin tool.
  • Migrated the entire schema as well as data into MS SQL Server 2005 and also validated the migration process to ensure that it has been successfully migrated.
  • Created SSIS packages to load data from the OLTP system to a Datamart for analyzing data.
  • Performed transformations like Conditional Split, Sorting and included data about the environment using the Audit Transformation.
  • Developed measures and dimension members using multi dimensional expression (MDX) to meet additional needs that were calculated from existing measures.
  • Developed MDX expressions for cube calculations and KPIs using SSAS.
  • Created Calculated Measures and Dimension Members using MDX, Mathematical formulas and User Defined Functions in SSAS
  • Defined Referential Relationships with the Measure Groups and Fact tables.
  • Generated automatically grouping Attribute Members.
  • Implemented the calculations to aggregate Physical Measures.
  • Defined Granularity within a measure group and drill through actions in SSAS.
  • Created Cube reports that can be browsed at Summary level and can be drilled down to the detail level.
  • Documented the developed work and production release for future .

Environment: MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SSRS, MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2005, Visual Studio 2005, T-SQL, MS Access, Windows XP, Erwin v4.0.


MS SQL Server Developer


  • Developed physical data models and created DDL scripts to create database schema and database objects
  • Designed data models using Erwin.
  • Wrote user requirement documents based on functional specification.
  • Developed source to target specifications for Data Transformation Services.
  • Developed functions, views and triggers for automation
  • Developed stored procedures to transform the data from enterprise data warehouse to APT data mart to build dimensions and load data to fact tables.
  • Created DTS package to schedule the jobs for batch processing.
  • Performance tuning to optimize SQL queries using query analyzer.
  • Created indexes, Constraints and rules on database objects for optimization.

Environment: MS SQL Server, MS Access, DTS, Erwin, SQL Query Analyzer, SQL Developer, Oracle Hyperion EssBase.

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