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Ms Sql Developer/ssis/ Ssrs Developer Resume

Dallas, TexaS


  • Over 6+ years of IT experience as a MS SQL Server Developer 2012/2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 .
  • Experience in Database/ Data Warehouse design, development, administration using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2008/2005, T - SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Proficient with SQL Server Integration Services, extensively used ETL methodologies for supporting data extraction, transformations.
  • Experienced in developing the applications using T-SQL Programming (DDL, DML and DCL).
  • Skilled in automating process by creating jobs, and error reporting using Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, FTP andSMTP.
  • Experience in designing Database Models using MS Visio, ER STUDIO and ERWIN.
  • Hands on experience in creating ETL packages using SQL Server 2012 Integration Services (SSIS).
  • Expertise in defining Database Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery Procedures.
  • Expert in RDBMS concepts, Data warehousing concepts, OLTP & OLAP.
  • Expertise in building complex ETL packages using varied and complex data sources and merging them into a single data model.
  • Experience in providing Logging, Error handling by using Event Handler, and Performance Tuning in SSIS packages by using Row Transformations, Block and Unblock Transformations and involved in package configurations and deployment process.
  • Worked on creating Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and scheduling Packages.
  • Experience in Error and Event Handling: Precedence Constraints, Break Points, Check Points, and Logging using SSIS.
  • Actively involved in Processing Cubes, adding KPIs and Calculated Members.
  • Advanced extensible reporting skills using SQL Server reporting services (SSRS). Created & formatted Cross-Tab, Conditional, Drill-down, Top N, Summary, Form OLAP, Sub reports, ad-hoc reports, parameterized reports, interactive reports & custom reports.
  • Strong knowledge in deploying reports on SharePoint Server using SharePoint Integrated Mode.
  • Very well experienced in managing projects with both waterfall and agile environment.
  • Domain expertise in Finance Applications, Health care applications, Global advertising and Retail applications.
  • Proficient in gathering Business Requirements from business stakeholders, analyzing documenting System Requirement specification, Functional Requirement specifications and maintaining.
  • Skillful in using global variables, expressions and functions for the SSRS reports.
  • Proficient in design and development of various dashboards, reports utilizing Tableau.
  • Excellent communication skills, analytical skills, understand business requirements in various domains.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills with ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Excellent knowledge in fine tuning stored procedure for super performance.
  • Excellent knowledge in fine tuning queries taking a long time.


Languages: T-SQL, SQL, MDX, C, C++, XML, JavaScript, Html

Databases: MS SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2005,2000, MS Access

DWH / BI Tools: SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Visual Studio, Crystal Reports.

Database Design Tools and Data Modelling: ERWIN 4.5/4.0, Star Schema/Snowflake Schema modeling, FACT& Dimensions tables, Kimball &Inmon Methodologies, MS Visio.

Packages: MS Office, Microsoft Office Suit, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, Microsoft Performance Point Server 2007

Tools: and Client Utilities: SQL Server Management Studio, SSDT, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Profiler, Import & Export Wizard, Visual Studio .Net, Microsoft Management Console, Visual Source Safe 6.0, DTS, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), Crystal Reports, Power Pivot, Microsoft Office (MS), Lotus Notes, Excel Power Pivot

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000, MS-DOS and UNIX.


Confidential, Dallas, Texas

MS SQL Developer/SSIS/ SSRS Developer


  • Worked on T-SQL skills in creating stored procedure, functions, views, triggers.
  • Creating tables with cluster and non-clustered indexes on columns and created various database objects such as tables, indexes and views based on the requirement.
  • Performed security updates for all user types and responsible for Clustering.
  • Expertise in Performance Tuning, Index Tuning wizard, maintenance, troubleshooting and Query optimization skills.
  • Modified the existing stored procedures to get the new functionality depending on the client requirement.
  • Created ETL packages with different data sources (SQL Server, Flat Files, Excel source files, XML files) and then loaded the data into destination tables by performing different kinds of transformations using SSIS/DTS packages.
  • Developed the packages with monitoring features and logging so that audit information of the packages and their execution results are loaded into the audit table.
  • Hands on experience in using different transformations like Script task, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived column, Conditional split, Multicast transformation, Pivot etc., using SSIS.
  • Expert in Creating Complex SSIS packages using proper Control and Data Flow elements with the error handling.
  • Involved in the creation and deployment of the reports using SSRS and configuring the SQL Server Reporting Server.
  • Generated database monitoring and data validation reports in SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS).
  • Generated various reports with drilldowns, drill through, parameterized reports from the cubes by connecting to Analysis server from SSRS.
  • Deployed the SSRS reports in Microsoft office share point portal server.
  • Used various report items like tables, sub report and charts, Graphs to develop the reports in SSRS.
  • Created daily, weekly, monthly reports for various categories and Hierarchies based on business needs.
  • Understanding the OLAP processing for changing and maintaining the Warehousing Optimizing Dimensions, Hierarchies and adding the Aggregations to the Cube.
  • Designed complex SSAS solutions using multiple dimensions, perspectives, hierarchies, measures groups and KPIs to analyze performance of Strategic Business Units as well as corporate centers.
  • Perform Back-ups, Restores, Scheduling, Maintenance and Disaster Recovery planning for SQL 2008 databases.
  • Experience in working on Agile/scrum.
  • Experience with full development cycle of a Data Warehouse, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Worked with product development teams and senior designers on complex program designs to develop architectural requirements that meet design and performance requirements.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012/ 2008R2, VS2010, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), DTS, T-SQL, XML, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, OLAP, OLTP, MDX, Windows SERVER 2012, Microsoft Excel.

Confidential - Sacramento, CA

Sr. SQL BI Developer


  • Worked with end users in understanding the requirement and have designed the reports accordingly.
  • Identified the required data objects in the database and created various T-SQL and PL/SQLcomplex queries to pull data for reports.
  • Created reports on claims, Billing/Finance, Provider Relations, Accounts Management and Fulfillment using SSRS and Crystal Reports.
  • Created various SSIS packages to extract data from one data source and load in to other data ware house.
  • Designed and Developed packages for system integration, product development and ongoing maintenance of the tables using SSIS.
  • Developed SSIS package to Export and Import data from SQL Server to Access, Text and EXCEL files and Configured SQL mail agent for sending automatic mails.
  • Created SSIS packages to import the data into SQL server.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to extract, transfer, load (ETL) existing data into SQL Server from different environments for the SSAS cubes.
  • Experience with SQL Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) and Power BI to author, manage and deliver paper- based, Web-based reports and Interactive Dashboards.
  • Created reports using SSRS from OLTP and OLAP data sources and deployed on report server.
  • Generated custom and parameterized reports using SSRS.
  • Created various types of SSRS reports like drill down, drill through, sub reports, Nested Chart reports and create report parameters included single valued parameters, multi-value parameters which also consisted of different parameter types queried and non-queried parameters.
  • Created SSIS packages to load data into Data Warehouse using Various SSIS Tasks like Execute SQL Task, bulk insert task, data flow task, file system task, send mail task, active script task, xml task.
  • Created SSIS packages to import the data into SQL server.
  • Created Parameterized reports, linked reports, Cross-Tab reports, Drill down reports & Summary reports by Using SSRS.
  • Involved in Troubleshooting of the already existing SSIS packages.
  • Designed Dimensional Modeling using SSAS packages for End-User. Created Hierarchies in Dimensional Modeling.
  • Extensively worked on OLAP cubes using SSAS.
  • Expert in creating Star schema cubes using SSAS.
  • Built many Crystal Reports using “Add Command”, assigning parameters at command level, and applying criteria at Select Expert.
  • CreatedCrystal Report to Monitor a list of all imaging orders scheduled for a day, including their current statuses, to ensure the schedule stays on track.
  • Performance testing on stored procedures , indexes , and triggers .
  • Created complex stored procedures with parameters and generated multi parameterized SSRS reports from them, where the user has a choice to select the parameters.
  • Loaded data from one schema to another schema within the database through stored procedures.
  • Performing SQL server daily health check and preparing a report based on it.
  • Validate the data in reports with respect to data in the application.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), ETL, Business Objects XI 4.0/3.1, Crystal Reporting 2013/2008, Info View, CMC, Visual Studio, OLAP.

Confidential, Seattle WA

SQL server Developer\MSBI Developer


  • Involved in gathering the business requirements.
  • Experience in all phases of Software development life cycle including System Analysis, Design, Data Modeling and Implementation.
  • Created the tables, views, indexes, stored procedure in the database and responsible for maintaining the database.
  • Extensive experience in Relational and Dimensional Data modeling for creating Logical and Physical Design of Database and ER Diagrams using multiple data modeling tools like ERWIN, ER Studio.
  • Worked on created the complex Queries.
  • Strong experience in SQL Development, ETL development using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and Reporting solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Worked on all activities related to the development, implementation, administration and support of ETL processes for large-scale Data Warehouses using SQL Server SSIS.
  • Extracted, transformed and loaded data from various heterogeneous data sources and destinations like Access, Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat files using connectors, tasks and transformations provided by SSIS
  • Worked on the reports to pull up the finances data of the company by using the Business intelligence SQL server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Developing Corporate Dashboard Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Report Model and Ad Hoc Reporting using Report Builder functionality.
  • Hands-on in development of Drill down Reports in SSRS & Generated daily, weekly & monthly reports for the manager.
  • Developed Sub Reports, Matrix Reports, and Charts using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Experienced in writing parameterized Queries for generating reports, formatting report, layout, sub reports using global variables, expressions and functions in SSRS.
  • Experience in up gradation and Migration of SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008.
  • Experiences and Worked on migrating the SSRS reports from SQL server 2005 to SQL server 2008 to SQL server 2008R2.
  • Worked on minor enhancement project. Involved in redesign, recode and new design layout of the SSRS reports.
  • Assisted with various adhoc Query request and built the ad hoc reports.
  • Worked and Involved in promoting the code to production.
  • Worked on solving issues by doing data recovery in existing database.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2008R2/2008/2005, SSIS, SSRS, Oracle 10 g, TFS (2010), MS Access, Erwin, SQL Server Profiler, Windows server 2012, IIS 7.0, UNIX, ER Studio 8.0.3, Erwin.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. SQL BI Developer


  • Involved in Technical decisions for Business requirement, Interaction with Business Analysts, Client team, Development team, Capacity planning and Upgrading of SQL Servers
  • Developed stored procedures, views and User Defined Functions using T-SQL statements.
  • Installed and Maintained MS SQL Server 2000/2005.
  • Involved in creating clustered and Non-Clustered Indexes to improve the database transactions performance.
  • Involved in database development using stored procedures, triggers, views and cursors.
  • Converted, loaded and integrated data from Access, Excel, text.csv files and internal database applications including the mainframe with data captured for security applications
  • Developed complex reports like Drill capabilities, Complex freehand SQL queries, Functions, Master Detail, and Cross Tab with multiple breaks.
  • Implemented SSIS data transformation scripts, created maintenance procedures and provided data integrity strategies.
  • Developed SSIS solution for developing a fully-fledged data warehouse solution.
  • Involved in re-design, re-code, and deploy new data extractions using SSIS , and designed and produced documentation of data transformations for all extractions.
  • Created SSIS Packages to import and export data from Excel Spreadsheets, Text files and CSV files.
  • Created Packages, Jobs and Sending Alerts using SQL Mail, database Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery procedures. Planned the complete Back-up of various Databases for Disaster recovery scenarios
  • Extensively worked on Developing SSAS Cubes, Aggregation, KPIs, Measures, Partitioning Cube, Data Mining Models and Deploying and Processing SSAS objects.
  • Generated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports as per the customer requirements using subscriptions and Created Tabular Reports, Cross Tab Reports, Sub Reports.
  • Developed various types of reports like drill down, matrix, cross tab, ad hoc, Parameterized and cascading parameterized reports using SSRS .

Environment: SQL Server 2012/2008/2005 Enterprise Edition,SQL Server Data Tools, SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), TSQL, C#, .Net framework, XML, MS Visual Source Safe and Windows Server 2003.


SQL Server Developer


  • Analyzed business requirements & build logical data models that describe all the data and relationships between the data.
  • Created new database objects like Procedures, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Indexes and Views using T-SQL in SQL Server 2000.
  • Validated change requests and made appropriate recommendations. Standardized the implementation of data.
  • Promoted database objects from test/develop to production. Coordinated and communicated production schedules within development team.
  • Modified database structures as directed by developers for test/develop environments and assist with coding, design and performance tuning.
  • Managed user access.
  • Created and managed new security accounts.
  • Backup and restore databases.
  • Developed and implemented database and coding standards, improving performance and maintainability of corporate databases.
  • Assisted with various ad hoc query requests.
  • Provided back-end support for functional testing and performance testing.

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005, windows server 2005, T-SQL, DTS Designer, MS-Office, Ms-Excel, SQL Profiler, VSS.

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