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Database Modeling/ Developer Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • 8+ years of hands - on IT experience in analysis, design and development of complex software solutions in client reporting and wealth management sectors.
  • Experience in the IT industry in verticals like Banking and Financial Services, Telecom Domain with emphasis on design, development, implementation and management of projects.
  • Proficient in PL/ SQL, T-SQL programming.
  • Have strong collaboration and interpersonal skills and worked with Product Owners, Business Owners, Technical Teams and Functional Teams during design, implementation, and testing phase.
  • Strong experience in entire SDLC process - requirement analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance of projects.
  • Intensive experience in translating business requirements to Database Objects.
  • Expertise in constructing T-SQL and Oracle PL/SQL Tables, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, Packages, Triggers, Cursors, Indexes, User Defined Data Types, Constraints, Analytical Functions to facilitate efficient data manipulations as per the business rule.
  • Expertise in creating Joins and Sub queries for complex queries involving multiple tables.
  • Strong Experience in writing advanced query concepts using having clause, group by etc.
  • Hands on experience in tuning SQL queries for enhancing the database performance.
  • Good knowledge on logical and physical Data Modeling using normalization Techniques.
  • Worked in AGILE and Waterfall methodologies mode of software development (SDLC).
  • Efficient in design test strategies for performance testing and volume testing of PL/SQL solutions.
  • Expertise in Database Performance Tuning, Performance Monitoring and Optimization using Oracle Hints, Explain plans, Table Partitioning.
  • Expertise in Dynamic SQL, Collections and Exception handling.
  • Extensively used SQL tools like SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously, comfortable in interaction with both business and technical team members.
  • Experience in working with multiple teams under strict deadlines.
  • Quick learner, adaptive and possesses good interpersonal skills and work ethics.
  • Excellent communication skills, diligent and a good team player.


Methodologies & Framework: Agile/Scrum and Waterfall SDLC methodologies, Release Management, Database Design (RDBMS)

OperatingSystem: Windows

Databases: Oracle 11g, SQL Server

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, C#, .Net, HTML, CSS

Configuration: Tools Tortoise SVN, GITHUB, TFS, Ctrl-M, Informatica

Documentation: Atlassian Confluence, Windows Office, OpenOffice, Share Point, JIRA


Database Modeling/ Developer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Database design for integrations of various source systems with center pole (data mart).
  • Participated in requirement gathering business activity.
  • Developed ILMS credit module and involved in extensive database development.
  • Worked on various JIRA tickets which involved creation of database objects, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions as per ILMS standards.
  • Provide production support in critical deployment.
  • Ongoing enhancement work for ILMS application.
  • Prepared production installation scripts and deployment documentation.
  • Involved in other modules of ILMS such as Wires and Payment Instruments.
  • Created indexes and optimized queries using Query Execution Plan.
  • Incorporated code review comments as part of code review activity.
  • Worked closely with testing team and supported them with their testing.
  • Developed ad-hoc SQL queries to analyze and troubleshoot data errors.
  • Working as a part of team involved in high complexity source code development.
  • Fault Management on HP-QC.
  • Worked on SVN, GITHUB for version control, source control.
  • Working in Agile Scrum Team and using JIRA for complete project communication.

Environment: T-SQL, MS SQL Server 2014, SVN, GIT, JIRA, HP QC

Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Confidential, Oaks, PA


  • SWP platform utilizes a standard framework to support the migration of data of a client firm from its existing technology onto SEI wealth platform. The migration process is refined over series of sample migrations called ‘trials.
  • Each trial has three principle underlying stages called A, B and C. The business mapping sessions are conducted between SEI business analysts and SMEs’ at the firm to confirm the appropriate source and transformation logic.
  • In stage A - Client provided data is transformed into SWP standard formats. This will allow the project to determine what type of data is available, missing and inconsistent in order to foresee the fallouts, at early stage, which may occur as a hitch during trials.
  • The business has workarounds in these situations, and it establishes a healthy data check-up and the exceptions are flagged allowing the team and the firm to react accordingly.
  • In stage B- the SWP standard format data is loaded into SWP staging database using standard data transformation tools. In stage C, data is loaded into SWP production database.
  • The migration tools and associated validation programs are built to transform the data per agreed specifications. These tools are run in a repeatable sequence to transform, validate and load the data into a sample SWP application instance. Once the data is fully migrated, the members of the firm will have access to these instances so that they can also validate the data as per the expectation and business needs. Any exception will be logged, and resolution approach and timeline will be agreed.
  • Currently working as a database developer in data migration team which is responsible for migration of client data from Trust300 to SWP platform.
  • Creating PL/SQL procedures, functions, cursors and sequences using Toad and SQL Developer.
  • Continuous review of Business-Critical Database to proactively identify space issues, performance tuning issues .
  • Generated server-side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation, validation and materialized views for remote instances.
  • Handled errors using System defined exceptions and User defined exceptions like INVALID NUMBER, NO DATA FOUND and PRAGMA EXCEPTION INIT.
  • Developed Row level and Statement Level Triggers for auditing tables in PL/SQL.
  • Developed Views and Materialized Views for specific data retrieval for the reports.
  • Created Custom Triggers, Stored Procedures, Packages and SQL Scripts.
  • Developed SQL *Loader scripts to load data in the Staging tables.
  • Developed PL/SQL stored procedures, user defined functions for complex calculations and bundle them into a stored package that could be invoked from the Forms triggers.
  • Review the code entirely to ensure accuracy, completeness and quality of the deliverables.
  • Incorporating code review comments as a part of code review activity.
  • Fixing the bugs at every level of testing.
  • Analyzing the RCA and ensuring that preventive measures are takes so as to avoid the bugs coming up in the future releases.
  • Version control of the application code.
  • Attending and co-ordinate with offshore and onshore meetings to discuss the progress of the task assigned and the issue faced.
  • Providing Level 3 support for client code release in a live production environment.

Environment: Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, Toad, GIT, HP QC, Confluence

Senior Systems Engineer



  • Participate in the Design Workshops with the different stakeholders of the application and come up with the finalized approach.
  • Design Technical design document based on the business requirements.
  • Prepare technical artifacts, review the design thoroughly and estimate the effort and time required for preparing the requirement document, development of code, mapping it to the architecture.
  • Prepare the High-Level Design and Low-Level Design Document.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, materialized views, procedures and packages using oracle tools like Toad, PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.
  • Partitioned the fact tables and materialized views to enhance the performance.
  • Extensively used bulk collections in PL/SQL objects for improving the performance.
  • Extensively used the advanced features of PL/SQL like Records, Tables, Object types and Dynamic SQL.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Written PL/SQL Cursors for transaction processing.
  • Used Bulk collect feature to process the data from Cursor/Ref Cursor.
  • Created records, tables, collections (nested tables and arrays) for improving Query performance by reducing context switching.
  • Create PL/SQL procedures using Global Temporary Tables and Dynamic SQL that will be used by the UI.
  • Create reusable views and materialized views that will source data from different tables within or across schemas.
  • Acted as the single point of contact for all Level 3 service requests.
  • Co-ordinate with the incident managers from different geographies and with other stakeholders for incident resolution.
  • Co-ordinate with the Business Analysts and with the users and compile the low-level Design for the change requests.
  • Created new reports for the operations user using PL/SQL, Global Temporary Tables and PL/SQL collections.
  • Worked extensively with the universe team and database team and users to analyze the gaps.
  • Performed Database Administration of all database objects including tables, clusters, indexes, views, sequences packages and procedures.
  • Carry out internal and external code reviews and then incorporating changes as per required.
  • Worked on TFS, SVN for version control, source control.
  • Figured out the Root Cause Analysis for the issues and documented it in order to prevent it from coming in future releases.
  • Provided support for client code release in live production environment.

Environment: Oracle 10g and ASP .NET 2.0, SQL Developer, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Tortoise SVN, Visual Studio 2010 and Control M

Systems Engineer



  • Entire project life cycle of Business, Database Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and enhancements of the application.
  • Created DDL Scripts for database schema and database objects.
  • Write SQL queries and stored procedures for high volume reports as per the business requirements.
  • Highly involved in query optimization and troubleshooting long running queries
  • Used SQL Profiler, Execution Plan and Database Engine Tuning Advisor tools to trace the slow running stored procedures and tried to optimize the queries so as to enhance the performance.
  • Worked on deadlock issues and minimized the occurrences of these situations.
  • Created and Worked with Global Temporary Tables.
  • Developed various user defined functions and created different views.
  • Created cursors and triggers to maintain the referential integrity.
  • Extensively used joins and sub-queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple table
  • Created indexes on selective columns to speed up queries and analyses in SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Rebuilding indexes and tables at regular intervals.
  • Created and automated various jobs.
  • Fault Management on QC.
  • Worked on TFS, SVN for version control, source control.
  • Provided 24/7 support for production database and also deployed the code in production environment.
  • Provided RCA for production issues and documented the resolution for the same.
  • Coordinated with onshore, offshore teams and created BRD and FRD documents based on the requirements.
  • Performed code reviews and planned test plans for the project deliverables.

Environment: T-SQL, ASP.NET 2.0, SSMS 2005, Visual Studio 2008, HP Quality Centre, SVN

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