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Senior Database Developer Resume


  • Over 12+ years of experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Software analysis, design, architecture, development, design and integration using Oracle PL/SQL technologies.
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate, with strong knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL
  • Experience with Data flow diagrams, Data dictionary, Database normalization theory techniques, Entity relation modeling and design techniques.
  • Good knowledge on logical and physical Data Modeling using normalizing Techniques.
  • Expertise in Client-Server application development using Oracle 12c/ 11g /10g/9i/8i, PL/SQL, SQL *PLUS, TOAD and SQL*LOADER .
  • Expertise in Oracle database design, creation and management of schemas, writing DDL, DML, SQL queries
  • Created Tables, Views, Constraints, Index (B Tree, Bitmap and Function Based).
  • Developed Complex database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers using SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Developed materialized views for data replication in distributed environments.
  • Partitioned large Tables using range partition technique.
  • Experience with Oracle Supplied Packages such as DBMS SQL, DBMS JOB and UTL FILE.
  • Expertise in Dynamic SQL, Collections and Exception handling.
  • Experience in SQL performance tuning using Cost-Based Optimization (CBO).
  • Good knowledge of key Oracle performance related features such as Query Optimizer, Execution Plans and Indexes.
  • Experience with Performance Tuning for Oracle RDBMS using Explain Plan and HINTS.
  • Created Shell Scripts for invoking SQL scripts and scheduled them using crontab.
  • Experience in working with ETL tools like Informatica
  • Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer SE 8 with very good knowledge of Advanced Java technologies
  • Good understanding of Object orientated design principals and design patterns.
  • Extensive development experience with Java/J2EE technologies including Application Tier using Java Servlets, and Presentation Tier using JSP, JSTL, HTML and Custom Tag Libraries
  • Good experience in working with distributed system architectures using J2EE concepts like JDBC and JNDI
  • Expertise in using Framework like Spring and Hibernate.
  • Experience in client-side technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JSON and JQuery.
  • Good knowledge of PYTHON and MONGODB
  • Experience in creating analytical reports using Oracle BI Publisher and Oracle Report Developer
  • Experience in software testing, Junit testing, regression testing and defect management using HP ALM.
  • Experience in working with IDEs such as Jdeveloper, Eclipse and Net beans.
  • Extensive experience in Software Development on Windows 10/XP, UNIX.
  • Experience using Waterfall, Scrum and Agile methodologies.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team.


Database: Oracle 12c/11g/ 10g/ 9i, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB

Programming Languages: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL

Java/J2EE Technologies: Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, Java Beans, JDBC, JNDI, Struts, Spring, Hibernate

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, CSS, Java Script, DOM, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Angular JS, REACT

Database Tools: TOAD, SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, Erwin, Informatica

IDE Tools: JDeveloper 12.x/11.x/10.x, Eclipse 4.x/3.x, NetBeans

Web Application Servers: Oracle WebLogic Server, OC4J 10.1.3, Apache Tomcat 8.0/7.0

Operating Systems: Windows 10/XP/2000/NT, Linux, UNIX

Source Code / Version Control: Microsoft TFS, GIT, CVS, Serena PVCS, Rational ClearCase, Jenkins

Reporting Tools: Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, Oracle Report Builder

Methodologies: Waterfall model, Agile, Scrum



Senior Database Developer

Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, TOAD, Java, JSP Servlets, BI Publisher, HTML, Java Script, CSS, Ajax, Log4j, JDeveloper, UNIX, WebLogic Server, Agile/Scrum Methodology


  • Involved in Project Architecture, Functional analysis, Process Workflow and migration of data from the NY State
  • Represented the team in client calls to gather the requirements and providing the weekly status report and periodic project implementation status.
  • Developed various PL/SQL objects like procedures, functions, packages, Cursors and triggers in accordance with the business needs.
  • Created database objects like tables, views, synonyms, indexes, views, materialized views and sequences.
  • Developed more than a dozen of reports using Business Intelligence Publisher.
  • Developed web pages using JSP, JSTL, Servlets, HTML and JavaScript.
  • Used TFS as version control tool for effectively managing the code changes and experience with Agile/Scrum methodology
  • Responsible to prepare the Low-Level design document
  • Handled the Build Deliveries, analyzing the production issues.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Provided Build releases to QA Team.


Senior Database Developer

Environment: UNIX, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, TOAD, Informatica, Shell Script, HTML, CSS, JSP, Oracle BI Publisher, Windows


  • Involved in Project Architecture, Functional analysis, Process Workflow and designing of the database.
  • Developed the logic to match the name and date of birth, from various arrest feeds with child welfare databases using Soundex and UTL MATCH.
  • Created database objects like tables, views, synonyms, indexes, views, materialized views and sequences.
  • Developed various PL/SQL objects like procedures, functions, packages, Cursors, pipeline functions and triggers in accordance with the business needs.
  • Implemented PL/SQL scripts in accordance with the necessary Business rules and procedures.
  • Presented several technical presentations on Oracle database operation.
  • Optimized SQL statements and PL/SQL blocks by using Oracle Hints, Explain plans, profiling, collecting statistics and Trace sessions for Cost based Optimization.
  • Used Ref cursors and Collections for accessing complex data resulted from joining of large number of tables.
  • Extensively used for all and bulk collect to fetch large volumes of data from table.
  • Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Application tuning using various tools like AUTOTRACE and DBMS SQLTUNE
  • Coordinated with DBA in creating and managing tables, indexes, table spaces, auditing and data quality checks.
  • Designed, Developed, Tested and Maintained BI Publisher reports and supported all aspects of Oracle report development in support of information sharing and application development initiatives
  • Responsible to prepare the Low-Level design document
  • Provided Build releases to QA Team.

Senior Database Developer


Environment: Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, TOAD, SQL * Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL Developer, Shell Scripts, Oracle BI Publisher, UNIX Oracle Application Server


  • Coordinated with the front end design team to provide them with the necessary stored procedures and packages and the necessary insight into the data.
  • Created and modified several UNIX shell Scripts according to the changing needs of the project and client requirements.
  • Involved in the continuous enhancements and fixing of production problems.
  • Generated server side PL/SQL scripts for data manipulation and validation and materialized views for remote instances.
  • Developed PL/SQL triggers and master tables for automatic creation of primary keys.
  • Created PL/SQL stored procedures, functions and packages for moving the data from staging area to data mart.
  • Created scripts to create new tables, views, queries for new enhancement in the application using TOAD.
  • Created indexes on the tables for faster retrieval of the data to enhance database performance.
  • Involved in data loading using PL/SQL and SQL*Loader calling UNIX scripts to download and manipulate files.
  • Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning and Application tuning using various tools like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*TRACE, TKPROF and AUTOTRACE.
  • Extensively involved in using hints to direct the optimizer to choose an optimum query execution plan.
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, materialized views, procedures and packages using oracle tools like Toad, PL/SQL Developer and SQL* plus.
  • Partitioned the fact tables and materialized views to enhance the performance.
  • Extensively used bulk collection in PL/SQL objects for improving the performing.
  • Created records, tables, collections (nested tables and arrays) for improving Query performance by reducing context switching.
  • Handled errors using Exception Handling extensively for the ease of debugging and displaying the error messages in the application.
  • Created reports to plug in with the front end using Oracle BI Publisher.

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