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Senior Core Oracle Engineer Resume


  • 25+ years as an Information Technology professional
  • 18+ years experience as an Senior Oracle DBA and Architect/Developer in the financial, HR and telecommunication industry
  • Specialty in Cloud integration, Database Engineering, Data modeling and performance tuning
  • Especially strong in Oracle 19c - 11g, RAC/ADG, Oracle Exadata X5, Oracle Golden Gate, OEM Cloud Control 13c, Grid Infrastructure, Oracle Streams, Oracle Partitioning, Oracle Analytics, APEX, Amazon RDS, Apache's Claudera Hadoop HDFS, HiveQL, Oracle Peoplesoft Applications, VMware vSphere 6.5
  • Member of Oracle OTN, HotSOS Performance Tuning group


Languages: PL/SQL, Python, Perl, JavaScript, JSON/YAML, Unix Shell Scripting (bash, ksh, csh), Git, Ansible, Puppet, Hive QL, Transact-SQL, RESTFul API

Environment: s: Oracle RDBMS, Oracle RAC, Grid Infrastructure/ASM, Oracle GoldenGate, Exadata X3-x, ZDLRA, Active Data Guard, Oracle Cloud Control 13c, Oracle PeopleSoft EPM/Financials/HRMS Tools 8.18-8.59, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Enterprise Linux, Windows NT/2000/XP, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, VMWare, Veritas NetBackup, BMC BladeLogic, BMC Sqlbacktrack, IntelliJ IDE, SQL Developer, Git, Ansible, Puppet, HiveQL, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Oracle OLAP, Oracle APEX, WebLogic Server, Apache, Informatica, Ab Initio, Quest TOAD, AllFusion ERWin, Mercury Interactive Load Runner 7.5, TCP/IP, SSL, MDAC-ODBC, ADO, SQR

Databases: Oracle 19c/12c/11g/10g/9i, MySQL, MS SQL Server 2008, Hadoop



Senior Core Oracle Engineer


  • Collaborated in developing and migrating Oracle DBaaS Service offering to JPMC internal cloud Gaya platform and external Amazon RDS comprised of more than 8000 db instances in alignment of Bank's strategic Hybrid Cloud move. That included working on various back-end automation and APIs design/development for integration end-points using python/perl/shell/ansible/pl-sql/amazon sdk.
  • Part of Bank's Core Oracle Engineering team worked on the design and architecture of Oracle platform for PaaS/DBaaS Database Patterns based on BMC's BladeLogic database Automation. This solution allowed to significantly lower Bank's TCO for vendor's line of products and improve integration with wider PaaS deliverables to boost migration into Hybrid Cloud for the Bank.
  • Architected and designed Oracle Platform standards across PaaS stack, including Linux/AIX integration/best practices, MAA, audit and compliance, ZDLRA integration, TDE encryption, Cloud Control 13c integration, bank's infrastructure tools metadata design and integration.
  • Tightly collaborated with Oracle Exadata team to help integrate, patch, and administer Exadata X5 platforms part of overall DBaaS offerings. Helped to troubleshoot various performance related issues including SmartScans IO offloading, queries plans optimization, Exadata Storage monitoring and optimization using native cellcli/dcli interfaces
  • Co-designed and developed DBaaS provisioning GUI interface based on Oracle APEX v19 to integrate with BMC BBDA client to create and run database provisioning workflows, created various reports to track metrics and collect statistics of the builds
  • Proof of concepts, deployment automation and cloud integration for Oracle GoldenGate19c Classic and Microservices Architecture following Oracle MAA principles and best practices


Oracle Engineer


  • Part of Confidential ITS/ECOMS Database Engineering group was involved in designing, testing and evaluating of Confidential Disaster Recovery Site for Oracle and Peoplesoft Campus Solutions. Technical evaluation, comparison and documenting of various replication approaches including multi-node RAC 11gR2 with Active DataGuard, Oracle GoldenGate, IBM Global Mirror FCIP storage-based replication.
  • Confidential Database as a Service (DBaaS) standards and development based on Oracle Cloud Control 12c framework. That included automation of database deployment procedures in both RAC and single instance configurations, evaluating, testing and troubleshooting out-of-the box Provisioning Templates and Cloud Management Pack deployment procedures, enabling rapid pluggable database deployments with Multitenant 12c option.
  • Designed test cases for performance and failover/failback events including customization of oracle installation to achieve lower TCO, handling of nodes public VIPs for client TAF connectivity.
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Cloud Control 12c infrastructure to help monitor ECOMS farm of databases and Peoplesoft applications. Customized and developed new metrics extensions including standby databases monitoring for operational support
  • Evaluated Peopletools ver 8.52 support for Physical Active Dataguard and helped to optimize various settings to offload some PIA components to run on Active Dataguard in RO mode. Various optimizations tasks to minimize application queries resource consumption as well as RAC inter-node latency times.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Database Specialist/Architect


  • Part of ISG Organization IT Infrastructure as Lead DBA was administering proprietary Master Central family of environments. Heavy database performance tuning for 11g RAC databases, involving IO optimization, cluster-level and Global Cache coherency tuning, active sessions history, AWR/ADDM analysis, SPM and SQL Advisors frameworks as well as 3-rd party tools. Performed database migrations from older versions into 11gR2. Installed and tuned Oracle Cloud Control 12c infrastructure to help monitor and administer variety of targets.
  • Technical Lead Level-3 role for Oracle GoldenGate multi-environments replication project, designed to replace legacy messaging-based replication and reduce TCO for mission critical systems. This included design, production deployment, patching, documentation, tuning, monitoring, infrastructure design and support for all phases of Golden Gate implementation across various Master Central heterogeneous environments,
  • Designing migration strategy and setting up Oracle to MS SQL Server replication and conflict resolution to help migrate 3TB production and non-production Oracle databases
  • Part of DBA team was involved in evaluation and tuning of Exadata X2 11gR2 RAC environment to upgrade and consolidate development and of QA SMC databases.
  • Part of Exceptions Reporting Warehouse developers and architecture team was involved in design, coding and documenting of mission-critical warehouse ETL processes. Participated in review and design of efficient star multi-dimensional data model for above environment. Designed optimal partitioning strategy for IO intensive tables to facilitate best ETL performance and data management lifecycle. Production and development cycle deployments following corporate change management standards.

Confidential, New York, NY

Senior Oracle DBA/Infrastructure Engineer


  • Active role in migrating existing databases to new DBaaS platform based on 11gR2 RAC which provided scalability and HA functionality. Directly involved with Database Engineering during design and implementation phase of various components for new platform including Grid Infrastructure(GI) resources customization, tuning of failover and load balancing, automated installation scripting for both One Node and full cluster configurations using Perl, shell scripting, PL/SQL plug-ins. Automation of database builds and deployment according to various business SLAs. Planning and design of database storage virtualization and sharing. Designed and implemented Oracle platform health-check and diff-check module in Perl complementing existing Grid Control monitoring.
  • Lead DBA for 20+ Production Oracle line-up of databases of Corporate Systems Finance IT family, including mission-critical databases like Corporate General Ledger (Peoplesoft GL 8.9, EPM), Financial Gateway Interface, Basel2. As Level 2 DBA supported over 80+ database instances including Production/UAT/Development.
  • Collaborated with development team on tuning a number of server-side PL/SQL and analytical layer for Bank's Fixed Assets processing logic
  • Extensive RAC and database optimizer performance analysis and tuning. Designed and coded scripts and procedures to alert on and analyze queries taking most database resources, various reports in Perl to complement standard OEM reporting on long runners. Scripts utilized standard analysis of performance related views as well as including new features like ASH, AWR analysis.
  • Designed, tested and implemented partitioning and data lifecycle management strategy along with ETL processing to archive data for different environments including Financial Gateway Interface warehouse database, Basel2, Peoplesoft archiving database. Developed custom PL/SQL package to automate many partitioning and data archiving tasks according to audit and compliance specifications.
  • Migrated a number of existing 10g mission critical Peoplesoft General Ledger databases to 11gR2 RAC platform using DataGuard for real-time cutover, configured ASM storage and HA services for a number of active/active and active/passive 2-node clusters.
  • Configured and deployed development and production MS SQL Server 2008 instances on a Windows Virtual Servers platforms, created and tested databases backup and restore scripts using T-SQL and Powershell
  • As DBA lead participated and coordinated numerous infrastructure support events like DR tests, power downs and failovers

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Oracle PeopleSoft DBA


  • As Financial Warehouse Primary DBA supported PeopleSoft EPM 8.8 Warehouse environments running Oracle 10gR2 databases ranging in different environments from development to production (over 30 instances). Performed PeopleSoft tools upgrades, Oracle upgrade from 9i to 10g, developed and installed support infrastructure scripts, performed performance tuning of databases including design and analysis of complex analytic and ETL queries.
  • Supported PeopleSoft 8.18, 8.42-8.47 tools running on Oracle 9i/10g databases with over 20 instances.
  • Was involved in PeopleSoft n-tier tuning and configuration tasks, including Tuxedo layer.
  • Developed and tuned a number of PL/SQL procedures supporting ETL /data loads for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System based on MRO Software’s MAXIMO application
  • Designed and developed composite partitioning of very large tables
  • Performed Oracle DataGuard broker configuration implementation and failover/switchover during continuity of business testing
  • Was involved in Oracle RAC evaluation and performance testing as part of PeopleSoft ver 8.6 tools upgrade
  • Installed and configured central OEM infrastructure to support monitoring and administration of over 50 oracle targets, developed notification rules, user-defined metrics to improve OEM usability
  • Performed databases migration from Sun Solaris 9 into IBM AIX platform along with OS specific tuning
  • Accomplished various administrative and performance related DBA tasks, such as backups, databases cloning, query optimization (including PeopleSoft query designer), Oracle Partitioning Option, Informatica ETL loads, database capacity and space issues resolution, Oracle DataGuard setup and configuration, RMAN and BMC SqlBackTrack based backups
  • As part of deployment team was involved in PeopleSoft projects migrations using multiple versions of PeopleTools, Application Engine, DataMover, SQR engine and Quest Stat products.
  • Developed and administered PeopleSoft HRMS environments monitoring scripts implemented in Perl and Korn shell.
  • Worked with Oracle support to troubleshoot and patch databases, including Oracle quarterly CPU patches
  • Designed and developed information-lifecycle management tool for STAR Warehouse using Oracle APEX as frontend and pl/sql procedures as backend to automatically compress and purge historic partitions based on predefined criteria
  • Designed and developed modules of Database Health Check tool - modular shell script and PL/SQL based tool performing daily various checks of oracle instances
  • Designed and developed QGuard tool - to automatically identify resource consuming run-away queries based on the number of thresholds and trigger session cancellations/user notifications

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