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Sql Server, Msbi And Confidential # Developer Resume


  • Hands experience in SQL Server Development and Confidential # coding in Retail, Insurance, Infrastructure, supply chain management, Telecommunication industries with a strong understating of data & analytics.
  • Involved in full life cycle of software development including requirement analysis, system design, implementation, testing, deployment and production support.
  • Expert in writing T - SQL, working on SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Data Cleansing, Data Scrubbing and Data Migration with good knowledge in RDBMS and Data Warehouse concepts, OLTP & OLAP.
  • Extensive knowledge of Normalization and Relational Database Management Systems.
  • Experience in Upgrading of SQL Server 2000/2005 databases to SQL Server 2012 and migrating SSIS 2008R2 packages to SSIS 2012
  • Used Control Flow Tasks like For Loop Container, For Each Loop Container, Sequential Container, Execute SQL Task, FTP Task and Data Flow Task in Designing packages.
  • Proven proficiency at Data Transformations like Lookup, Derived Column, Conditional Split, sort, data Conversion, Union All, Merge Join, SCD and OLEDB Command to load data into SQL Server destination.
  • Used logging in SSIS package to maintained the Log and Audit information in the SQL tables. Used Checkpoints in packages to enable the package to run from the point of failure.
  • Used Package Configurations such as XML, SQL Server and Environment Variables to make dynamic changes to packages.
  • Experience in report writing using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and creating various types of reports like table, matrix, and chart report, web reporting by customizing URL Access.
  • Experience in writing expressions in SSRS and Expert in fine tuning SSRS reports. Developed drill down, drill through, parameterized, cascaded and sub-reports using SSRS.
  • Experience in design and implement processes for deploying, upgrading, managing, archiving and extracting data for reporting using SQL Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Scheduling the Reports Weekly and Monthly basis as per the Client Requirements and providing security for reports.
  • Experience in writing complex stored procedures, CTEs, Indexed views and triggers for data consistency and manipulation. Good experience in tuning SQL queries.
  • Having knowledge in creating data sources, data source views, creating cube and modifying measures and attributes, creating hierarchies and relationships in dimensions.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and exposure to different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Experience in software Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Production, support of Client/Server and Web based applications.
  • Good knowledge of defining, developing and deploying Star Schema, Snow flake Schema and Dimensional Data modeling using MS SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).
  • Self-motivated individual with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, Proactive, Dedicated, enjoy learning new technologies and willing to take on extra responsibilities to get work done.
  • Good team player, strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with self-motivation, initiative and also worked in a technically challenging environment.


Programming Skills: T-SQL, PL/SQL, Confidential, HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, VB

Oracle, MS SQL Server 2017/2014/2012 and: MS Access.

Database Design Tools and Data Modeling: MS Visio, Star Schema/Snowflake Schema modeling

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS),: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows Vista/XP/2003, NT & Windows 9x and MS-DOS, Windows 10, 8, 7.: Tools and Utilities

Toad, SQL Server Management Studio,: SQL Server Enterprise Manager, SQL Server Profiler

Team Foundation Server (TFS),: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Subversion (SVN), GitHub.



SQL Server, MSBI and Confidential # Developer


  • Involved in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes specifically waterfall and Agile Scrum methodology including Analysis, Design, Programming, Testing and Technical Documentation.
  • Using all versions of SQL server (SQL Server 2008-SQL Server 2014) database to develop the required queries and build the reports.
  • Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), Created & modified stored procedures, views, tables and read execution plans for query optimization and so save the clients time to access the reports.
  • Created triggers, nested queries, joins, cursors, user defined functions, indexes, user profiles and relational database models based on requirements using SSMS.
  • Crafting and executing SQL queries upon Ad-hoc requests for data from users.
  • Created/modified SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) packages and have clear understanding of expressions, data flow tasks, configuration entries.
  • Extracted the data from many sources like Flat files, Excel/CSV files, different relational Databases like Oracle, SQL Server etc. and load into different destinations for analyzing the data using SSIS.
  • Deployed SSIS packages to Integration Server/TFS and support them.
  • Created/modified SQL Agent jobs for calling stored procedures and SSIS packages.
  • Configured package logging, error logging and event handling to redirect error rows and fix the errors in SSIS.
  • Designed, developed and troubleshooted SSIS packages that implement complex ETL Processes.
  • Analyze complex data and develop ETL solution to load different kinds of data from various sources using SSIS.
  • Worked with Confidential # (script tasks and script components) to support the client systems.
  • Developed scripts, perform database support activities, conduct performance tuning and database design, dimensional analysis, and modelling.
  • Automated scripts in T-SQL & SSIS to import data from various sources into production SQL Server databases.
  • Created/modified ASP. NET web pages using Confidential # language. Create custom role providers.
  • Developed various Parameterized, cascaded, Drill-down, Cross-tab and Drill-through reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).
  • Created/modified SSRS reports, understanding of query-based parameters and shared data sets.
  • Developed printed version of reports using variables and expressions functionality in SSRS.
  • Monitored end user ticket requests and address and resolve the issues.
  • Identified performance bottle-necks in query execution and report generation and resolve them.
  • Performed & supported different stages of data migration activities which include data validation, loading and archiving.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio data tools, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS), Enterprise Manager, Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, and MS Office 2016

Confidential, New York

SQL Server and MSBI Developer


  • Involved in Business meetings to gather Business requirements.
  • The project is related to database application which uses SQL Server database.
  • Designed and implemented SQL Server database objects (stored procedures, functions, views, complex T-SQL/queries) to support data integration (SSIS), analysis, and various business processes.
  • Working on Extraction, Transforming and Loading (ETL) data flows using SSIS and created mappings/workflows to extract data from various Sources such as Flat file, Excel, Oracle and SQL Server and load into various Business Entities.
  • Created several SSIS packages and successfully deployed to various Environments such as Development, QA and UAT.
  • Migrated DTS packages to SSIS and modified the packages accordingly using the advanced features of SQL Server Data tool.
  • Involved in Data scrubbing/cleansing/validating/Translating and scheduling SSIS packages and developed Unit Test Cases for all tasks
  • Developed the different types of reports like parameterized and cascading reports, Tabular and Matrix reports, drill - down & Drill through reports using report designer based on client requirement.
  • Involved in optimizing code and improving efficiency in databases including, recompiling stored procedures and performing other tasks using SQL Profiler and Execution Plan.
  • Used Configurations to make dynamic changes to packages. Configurations like XML, SQL Server and Environment Variables have been used.
  • Used the Default logging as well as Custom Log to keep track of the package.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, BIDS, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Enterprise Manager, Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, and MS Office 2013

Confidential, Illinois

SQL Server and MSBI Developer


  • Worked closely with team to get various requirements. Involved in design, implementation of Technical Specs, Design Documents and Approach Documents.
  • Created Views, Indexes, Triggers, Stored procedures and User Defined Functions.
  • Implemented the Error handling in the Stored Procedures, modified existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes depending on the requirement.
  • Actively involved in Normalization and denormalization of database.
  • Used Performance Monitor and SQL Profiler for Monitoring memory, processor, Disk I/O, SQL Queries, other etc.
  • Created SSIS package to load data from Flat File and Oracle 11g to SQL Server using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term Extraction, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation and Un-Pivot Transformation.
  • Performance Tuning is performed based on rebuilding Indexes, Execution plan, SQL Profiler etc.
  • Used configuration files in SSIS to ease the process of moving the packages across servers.
  • Using Checkpoints in packages to enable the package to run from the point of failure.
  • Scheduled jobs to run the SSIS Packages on Daily and Weekly basis through SQL Server Agent.
  • Modified the existing SSIS Packages to improve the performance of data load.
  • Developed Tabular, drill down, parameterized, cascaded and sub-reports using SSRS.
  • Deploying and scheduling Reports using SSRS to generate all daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly Reports.

Environment: MS SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), source tree, GitHub, Visual Studio 2010, TFS 2010, and MS Office 2010


SSIS/PDW/SSRS/ SQL Server Developer


  • Participated in meetings with Business users and with other project teams to ensure that the volatile business requirements reflect in the project development.
  • Installed and Configured SQL Server 2014 along with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio in new server.
  • Developed database objects such as Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Tables, Triggers, and Indexes using T-SQL, SQL Analyzer and Enterprise Manager.
  • Wrote complex T-SQL queries for reporting and data extraction.
  • Identified, tested and resolved database performance issues (monitoring and tuning) to ensure database optimization.
  • Created design document for the DTS/ETL Processes.
  • Created several SSIS packages and successfully deployed to various Environments such as Development, QA and UAT.
  • Responsible for scheduling the day-to-day process of importing, cleansing, mapping and loading the raw data received from the clients as per the software application requirement.
  • Developed Unit Test Cases for all tasks involving Extraction, Transformation and Loading of Data.
  • Created Tabular, Sub-Reports, drill down - Reports, and Drill through reports, cascaded parameterized reports using SQL server reporting services.

Environment: Oracle, MS SQL Server 2012, BIDS, SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) 2012, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) 2012, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services (SSAS) 2012, Enterprise Manager, TFS, MS Office.

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