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Bi Developer / Data Engineer Resume


  • Senior Business Intelligence Developer/Architect with 15 years of experience, often functioning as team lead, implementing Data Marts, Data Warehouses, Dashboards, Reports, and Data Mining by applying the latest technologies to translate business needs into user - friendly actionable insights.
  • Using soft skills and hard skills I have efficiently and effectively implemented systems that provide strategic value to companies in Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Trucking, and several other industries dealing with Sales, Manufacturing Operations, Inventory, Finance, Accounting, Call Center and other operational areas.
  • Several implementations have involved designing, developing, communicating, and implementing solutions from initial conception with business owners through user training and adoption.


  • SQL Server
  • Power BI
  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS
  • Multidimensional and Tabular models
  • MDX
  • DAX
  • MS Office Automation (VBA)
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • DAX Studio
  • Tabular Editor
  • C# and M
  • Pentaho
  • Snowflake
  • Amazon Web Services AWS
  • Azure DevOps
  • DBeaver.


BI Developer / Data Engineer



  • Performed data analysis to migrate database objects and business logic from Postgres and MySQL to Snowflake.
  • Created star schema dimensional data models in Snowflake data warehouse.
  • Created ETL using Pentaho and Rivery to move JSON data from Shopify data in AWS S3 to Snowflake data models.
  • Created validation workflow in Knime to compare source tables to destination tables and post to Slack.
  • Created Power BI tabular model, DAX measures, reports, and Apps for operational reporting and KPI dashboards.
  • Used Agile methods via Azure DevOps.

BI Architect / Developer



  • Created everything from the ground up as the sole developer for the first year of project working with subject matter experts in an agile fashion.
  • Performed Business and Data Analyst role to translate verbal requirements and/or existing spreadsheets into a modern solution.
  • Performed DBA role for: server installation and configuration, database backups, space monitoring, software updates. performance monitoring and tuning using Query Store and Management Studio, Column Store Indexes, In-memory tables,
  • Performed Data Architect role to: define data storage in Staging, Operational Data Store, and Enterprise Data Warehouse databases. determine natural keys and appropriate SQL Server data types. convert cryptic 8 letter source column names to meaningful names. determine suitability of source datetime columns for incremental load. define Kimball fact and dimension star schema data model.
  • Master Data Management was used to management of some manually managed data.
  • Performed ETL Developer role for: data loading and process logging using SSIS and stored procedures. automation of loading and tabular model processing using daily and hourly cascading SQL Agent jobs.
  • Performed BI Developer role for: tabular model including custom measures using DAX.
  • Power BI and SSRS reports/dashboards with drill-down and drill-through from high level visualizations or summary data to detail reports, KPIs. performance of report visualization was maximized using the tabular model, summary tables, indexed views, and preloading with cached data. data driven SSRS email subscriptions were used as alerts for data anomalies. reporting involved handling 8 different selectable currencies. the number of reports was minimized by doing as much as possible with a single report, including providing selectively visible “report parts” used in dashboards. security was implemented using Active Directory groups. used report Server API and OData to report on a variety of metadata on reports and subscriptions etc.
  • Performed VBA Developer role for Excel VBA inventory planning application prototype that: hid most of the typical interface. retrieves product data from SQL Server into Excel after selecting filter options from dropdown lists like an SSRS report. saves user inventory plan data entered into a handful of editable columns back to SQL Server.
  • Performed ASP .Net Web Developer role to combine embedded SSRS and Power BI report parts into a single dashboard page: created prototype web site from Visual Studio template and configured Internet Information Services (IIS) to run site. used URL links back to reporting portal to place report parts on dashboard page. user Active Directory credentials are passed through to reporting portal to make use of existing security.
  • Performed Technical Lead/Trainer role in final year to train 2 new hires (non-Microsoft backgrounds) to take over.

BI Developer / Data Analyst



  • Created reports and dashboards, scorecards, KPIs, using SSRS, SharePoint 2013, Excel Services, and data driven email reports.
  • Created and managed SharePoint subsites, pages, lists, reports and dashboards.
  • Created dynamic parameterized MDX queries for SSRS reporting from cube data.
  • Performed Data Analysis, Dimensional Modeling, Database Development, and ETL to support a data mart and cube.
  • Performed data investigation and remediation.

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