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Cloud Solution Architect\data Platform Solution Architect Resume

Chicago, IllinoiS


  • Confidential certified Cloud Solution Architect with over 15 years of professional experience, broad and deep working knowledge in Confidential, AWS and Google cloud products and technologies
  • Proven track record in technology and solution selling or consulting, e xpertise in leading architectural design, providing technical guidance and consulting, implementation projects and Proofs of Concepts in a pre - sales customer facing role
  • Extensive deep knowledge and experience on Confidential, AWS, Google Cloud solutions and technologies including relational and Big Data ingestion, processing and storing, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, Advanced and Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, IoT and Stream Analytics, etc.
  • Hands-on experience in architecture, data integration and analysis using Big Data Stack like Hadoop, MapReduce, HDInsight, Spark, Yarn, HBase, DocumentDB, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, Impala and R
  • Exceptional skills on creating and driving solutions, connect technology with measurable business value, address customer business problems and accelerate the adoption of on-premise and cloud services, provide end-to-end customer cloud deployment solution and experience
  • Excellent technical presales experience, great presentation skills and capabilities in leading deep technical architecture discussion with customer C-level executives to drive the deployment of customer workloads onto Confidential Azure data service
  • Deep technical experience and working knowledge on SQL Server modernization, Confidential Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Big Data and IoT technologies, advanced and predictive analytics, Cortana Intelligence, etc.
  • Broad business specialties spanned from State and Local Government, Finance, Insurance, Wholesale, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunication, Software, etc.
  • Specialized knowledge and expertise on OLTP, Business Intelligence, enterprise data warehouse design and implementation, ETL process, Master Data Management, Data Quality and Data Governance
  • Demonstrated excellent leadership skill, managed 4 teams and total 12 direct reports consists with Database Administrators, Middleware Administrators, Solution Architects, Web Developers and Web Administrators onsite and offshore
  • Great balance of technical depth and strong interpersonal skills, s elf-motivated and demonstrated ability to think strategically, meet aggressive deadlines and juggle multiple and changing priorities


Relational Database:

Confidential: SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Server on Azure VM, SQL Server Stretch Database, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, AlwaysOn, Replication, Log Shipping, Upgrade and Migration, Backup and Disaster Recovery, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, ETL, Performance Tuning, Amazon Aurora, Relational Database Service, Redshift, ElasticCache, AWS Database Migration Service.

Others: Oracle 8i -12c, Cache, Sybase, Oracle RAC, Exadata, SQL *Loader, Import\Export, RMAN, AWR, FailSafe, OEM, Grid Control, Sybase, Cache, SQL Developer, Exalogic.

Big Data\Cloud: Confidential Azure Data Services, Azure Data Lake Store, Azure Data Lake Analysis, DocumentDB, Azure Data Factory, Redis Cache, HDInsight, Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Azure IoT Suit.

Amazon: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Data Pipeline, S3, DynamoDB, Relational Database Service (RDS), Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and Amazon Redshift, Amazon Data Pipeline.

Google: BigQuery, Cloud BigTable, Datastore, Dataflow, Datalab

Open Source: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Storm, Yarn, HBase, Pig, Hive, Cloudera, Sqoop, Impala, NoSQL

Intelligence\Analytics: Confidential Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Azure Bot Service, Power BI, Power BI Embedded Service, Tableau, Azure Analysis Services.

Internet of Things\Enterprise Integration: Confidential Azure IoT Hub, Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Notification Hubs, Service Bus.

Cloud Infrastructure\Application\Development: Confidential Virtual Machine, Function, Cloud Services, Virtual Network, Azure Backup, Site Recovery, StorSImple, Azure Active Directory, Web Apps, Automation, Key Vault, Azure Portal.

Amazon: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), S3.

R, Python, Java, SQL, T: SQL, C#.Net T-SQL, SQL *Plus, PL\SQL, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C\C++, Visual Basic, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, ASP, HTML, XML, XSLT.

Architecture: Enterprise Data Strategy, Architecture Design, PoC Project Implementation, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, OLTP & Data Warehousing, Big Data, Cloud Solutions, SQL Server HA\DR, Upgrade and Migration, hybrid environment.


Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Cloud Solution Architect\Data Platform Solution Architect


  • Worked in a customer facing presales role with State and Local Government customers and cover 9 states in the Central and East U.S; drove high potential customer initiatives and provided end-to-end technical expertise and solutions on the Confidential Data Platform.
  • Provided architecture design, deployment guidance and support, implemented PoC projects, which drove the deployment of SQL Server 2016 and Azure Data Services and increased customer’s consumption of the Confidential Data Platform.
  • Passed two exams(70-473 and 70-475) within 5 months after joining Confidential and became Confidential certified Data Platform Solution Architect.
  • Some of my projects either received highly positive feedback from the customer, generated great impact on deployment, or was used as an exemplary work showed in the state and local government quarterly meeting
  • Customer would like to move away from Oracle Data Warehouse and BI reporting to other platform. They were not happy with the PoC that MCS has delivered so this is a rescue mission to speak.
  • Gathered customer inputs, concerns and expectation, provided a new architecture design with the best practices, built a PoC sandbox and delivered an end-to-end business intelligence solution within just 3 days.
  • The PoC includes Azure SQL DW and staging databases, Oracle to Azure SQL DW migration process, ELT SSIS packages for initial and incremental data loading, SSRS reports and Power BI dashboards for data presentation, SSAS cubes for data analysis.
  • Recreated the customer’s slowest running report with Confidential BI tools(SSRS and Power BI), which not only demonstrated the rich features and capabilities of MS BI tools, but also significantly improved the response time of the reports(from several hours to less than a min); the customer was very impressed and send a thank you note to my managers.
  • The outcome was a great win for Confidential from Oracle as the customer adopted SQL DW and self-service BI reporting platform from Confidential, gained competency in business intelligence process, restored their confidence to Confidential product and technologies.
  • Built 3 PoC projects for three departments of State of Michigan government using Azure Machine Learning, R, Azure SQL Database and visualize results in Power BI as part of the Open Data Management project for the state wide million- dollar Power BI implementation project.
  • Provided series of educational sessions and workshop, educated and trained a group of customers from three agencies on Confidential self-service BI tools.
  • Collaborate with partner and lead them on the Open Data Management project that involves the deployment of a stack of Azure Data Services to assist customer make the best revenues from their data and BI investment.
  • Built a PoC that demonstrated the how to use Azure Machine Learning, R to do machine learning and advanced analysis in SQL Server 2016 and visualize the results in Power BI.
  • Provided series educational sessions to customer on how to modernize their SQL Server, Azure Machine Learning, leverage R and Power BI for advanced analysis.
  • Customer was not happy with the current performance of their reporting system(MicroStrategy) and looking for other tools.
  • Recreated the exactly identical school score card reporting website with Power BI Embedded Services, which significantly improved their performance(response time from 5-6 min\page to be intravenously) and received very positive feedback from customer.
  • This PoC work was shown as exemplary work to State and Local Government All Hands meeting.

Enterprise Data Architect\Sr. Manager of Database Administration and Architecture

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois


  • Performed architectural design for company’s store operational database migration from on-prem to cloud using Amazon RDS, Aurora and AWS Database Migration Service; architected and designed a pilot enterprise data warehouse in cloud with Amazon Redshift; implemented proof of concept and sandbox projects.
  • Re-architected, designed and implemented Confidential production and non-production database system architecture; consolidated, migrated and centralized 360 store database servers to be 12 SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster, which saved about $6 million on software and hardware expense.
  • Develop plans, strategies and for data within the enterprise, architected and led the implementation of data analysis, migration, modeling, integration, data cleansing and archiving with RDBMS and big data stack like Hadoop, Sqoop, Pig, Hive, Impala and HBase.
  • Recruited, built and managed production DBA teams, oversee day-to-day 24x7 operation and support of DBA teams and project deliveries; reengineered and implemented database monitoring process and systems; implemented database administration best practices and established SOP.

Enterprise Data Architect\Database Administration Manager

Confidential, Lake Forest, Illinois


  • Performed architectural design for NoSQL and Hadoop based data warehouse for unstructured customer and product data; performed data integration and analysis using Sqoop, Pig, Hive, Impala and HBase; defined strategic architectural design for large infrastructure projects like Data Center Migration, Application and Infrastructure Service Provider Transition, IT Service Management Tool Transition(from Remedy to ServiceNow), etc..
  • Developed strategies and provided architectural solutions for miscellaneous large Enterprise Information Management projects like Enterprise Data Warehousing Build, Enterprise Data Archiving, Master Data Management implementation, etc.; designed and built staging and data warehouse databases; optimized BI ETL processes, designed and implemented SSIS Packages to automate data collection and loading for tracking Confidential finished goods inventory and significantly reduced the data loading activity from 24-48 hours to few minutes.
  • Developed and maintained logical and physical data models from functional specifications, data requirements, and business rules provided by clients; designed and implemented multiple phases of data warehouse with data extracted from various OLTP systems like contract, rebate, medical device tracking and management systems, etc., transformed and loaded for a centralized pool of data to report from.
  • Designed and built various OLTP\OLAP databases ensuring high availability, scalability, performance and security like Business Object Data Service Tool, Sales Forces staging databases involved in pharmaceutical drug global distribution ; architected framework to provide data mart solutions on HR, complains, finance, and risk analysis; designed data marts and cubes for all reporting efforts.
  • Manage 3 teams and total 10 direct reports consists with Database Administrators, Middleware Administrators, Solution Architects, Web Developers and Web Administrators onsite and offshore, managed resource demand and capacity and successfully achieved 100% delivery of all business critical and infrastructure projects on time and within budget every year while driving operational excellence with flawless production support.
  • Trued up the licensing for approximately 4,200 Oracle and SQL Server database; consolidated and decommissioned inactive databases and thus saved approximately $400,000 on database, monitoring and backup software licensing and storage.
  • Led the database monitoring project and successfully planned and deployed Confidential in-house monitoring solution to monitor 4,200 production and non-production databases within 50% of planned time, which not only saved $300,000 monitoring tool licensing cost but also improved the monitoring quality with more accurate alerts and thus mitigated risks.
  • Created, documented and standardized various database operation and support best practices, policies and procedures like database build, Disaster Recovery, backup and refresh, patching, health check, auditing, etc. to keep databases in compliance with IT policies.
  • Work with business users, application and project teams to gather data requirements, learn the application process flow, define meta data and identify business rules and implement data rules, design and document application data models; design standards for using normalized data structures, de-normalized structures, and dimensional structures.
  • Developed data governance process and controls and ensure compliance with enterprise data architecture principles and standards for the various systems and components; designed and implemented data security including encryption methods; supported SOX, FDA audit and other internal and external regulatory and compliance inspections.
  • Performed operation planning and governing, assessed current database and middleware system landscape and constructed 5 year operation roadmaps to support business objectives; create database service catalog and model to deliver world-class technology services to the organization.
  • Led web development on Confidential Web Globalization project and successfully launch Confidential 10 country sites and bunches of microsites and desktop websites for IV pump devices and newly released drugs like Precedex, which is Confidential ’s single highest source of revenue globally (11%).
  • Built team structures and hierarchies, created accurate job descriptions for all levels of direct reports; set up performance goals, performed performance review and appraisal, created development plan and held regular one-on-one meetings for all direct reports; promoted out performers, created performance improvement plan for the low performer and provided weekly coaching.

Confidential, Schaumburg, Illinois

Data Architect\Sr. Database Administrator


  • Developed logical and physical data modelling, performed database design, transforming and data loading process; led, managed and deployed multiple business critical projects including building and implementing new Data Warehouse systems and migrating them from SQL 2008R2 to SQL 2012; highly efficiently and innovatively installed and configured 11 SQL 2012 servers in one week by automating the installation and configuration process.
  • Administer and support large and complex 24x7x365 high-availability production database systems consists of 350 SQL servers plus 30 Oracle instances in a fast-paced multiple hospital environments; installed and configured more than 50 stand-alone and clustered SQL and Oracle database servers; migrated and upgraded numerous databases from SQL server 2000 R2 and 2012.
  • Creatively architected and deployed an enterprise-wide electronic patient medical record database systems across 5 major hospitals; built a complex 4 node Window cluster with 2 stand-alone SQL instances as transaction server and 1 SQL cluster instance as reporting server for each hospital, which saving to the organization about $750,000 on cost; upgraded and migrated database from SQL server 2008R2 to 2012 and synchronized patient data between transaction and reporting server using Windows clustering and SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn.
  • Successfully delivered multiple Oracle database projects for HR\Payroll ahead of time thus making up for the delay caused by other departments; installed and configured Oracle Disaster Recovery database servers for corporate HR\Payroll database system successfully; duplicated the production databases as a standby databases using RMAN.
  • Actively involved in building DBA team and played a key role in hiring, training, motivating and supervising new and junior team members by providing directions, leading and managing projects, setting goals and priorities, and building and maintaining standards; provided extensive technical and strategic advice and guidance to senior managers and technical resources and ensured project adherence to company wide data and database standards and policies.

Confidential, River Grove, Illinois

Data Architect\Sr. Database Administrator


  • Led and managed large and complex Higher Education group Data Warehouse database system upgrade that involves seven database servers and all SQL Server components including SQL Engine, Analysis Server, Reporting Server and Integration Server; acted as all around player as database administrator, system analyst and project manager by evaluating hardware and software requirements, creating upgrade plan, monitoring project process and timeline and implementing the actual upgrade.
  • Architected and implemented new data structures and attributes, transformed and loaded data into corporate Data Warehouse; provided architectural solutions and performed data integration from miscellaneous data sources into shared databases; reviewed and enhanced CRM data models by providing feedback regarding good modeling practices; delivered complete database solutions for new higher education database sub-systems.
  • Performed high-level design of large database systems and led DBA team to deliver large projects; maintained and supported 200 plus SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 and 2008 R2 stand-alone and clustered instances and 30 Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g instances on Windows and AIX UNIX in a mixed OLTP and data warehouse environment; provided development support for in-house applications and vendor products.
  • Created and established standard of operating procedures for database support and monitoring; adopted and implemented industry best practices; coached, mentor and facilitated junior team members’ growth and professional development; interacted with cross-functional team and served as liaison to the business for DBA team.

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Data Architect\Database Administrator


  • Developed, deployed, maintained and troubleshot many SSIS packages for the enterprise data warehouses and online reporting systems; designed, tested and implemented High Availability and Disaster Recovery for production and non-production environment with Transactional Replication, Log Shipping and Database Mirroring; numerous experience in replication rebuild and troubleshooting for enterprise application releases and database patches.
  • Sufficiently architected, planned and migrated several large and mission-critical transactional and reporting production databases from SQL Server and gained Blue Train high performance award; played a key role in enterprise-wide largest database infrastructure re-architecture, upgrade and data migration from SQL Server R2 as well as SAN upgrade and Unisys server replacement.
  • Developed standards, procedures, guidelines, and processes to enable the integration of multiple source databases of enterprise data warehouse; and providing DBMS platform technology recommendations to all major projects; proactively performed database monitoring, auditing and reporting; established standard operation procedures and best practices on database operation and installation; inventively automated SQL agent job failure monitoring and notification and change control tracking by developing and deploying daily reports using SSRS.
  • Administered and maintained overall health of 70 plus production database servers and 200 plus development, test and QA database servers with every feature set of SQL Server including High Availability, Transactional Replication, Log-Shipping, Database Mirroring, Disaster Recovery, Data Warehouse, Backup and Recovery, Integration Service, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.
  • Extensive experience in SQL server 2000, 2005, 2008 stand-alone and cluster installation, configuration, upgrade, and maintenance; efficiently completed complicated SQL 2005 5-instance on 3-node cluster installation and databases migration for corporate email archiving project; productively fulfilled multiple urgent requests on SQL 2005 and 2008 cluster installation with very short notice and received compliments from the application owners.
  • Innovatively developed and implemented dual backup strategies using LiteSpeed new features to satisfy business needs which significantly reduced the daily data loading time for the university group’s data warehouse; creatively simplified and improved the security restoring of 200 database refreshes in non-production environment to achieve centralized and dynamic management; significantly improved database refresh reliability by adding failure detection mechanism and email notification features.

Confidential, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Database Administrator


  • Administered 4 production, 10 plus development and test SQL Server and Oracle database systems; provided consistent 24x7 support to production database systems; installed, configured, managed and supported Oracle 9i, 10g, SQL Servers 2000 and 2005 clustered and non-clustered instances in a SAN environment.
  • Thoroughly evaluated and consolidated the various existing database systems and achieved improved data integrity and eliminated redundant data thereby saving thousands of dollars in annual cost; provided valuable and fundamental information for building future database systems.
  • Successfully migrated production databases from Oracle 10g to SQL Server 2005 using SSMA; performed extensive and various data migration between Oracle servers, from Oracle to SQL Server and the other way around; created numerous knowledge based articles and detailed project plans.
  • Tuned database servers and optimized queries and stored procedures; proactively monitored and analyzed the server load with in-house applications; assisted the development team to identify the performance bottlenecks in database, OS and network.

Confidential, Des Plaines, Illinois

Database Administrator\Consultant


  • Efficiently migrated SQL Servers 2000 databases from one healthcare practice management system to another and ensured the integrity and quality of enterprise data; implementation yielded substantial cost savings.
  • Performed administration, monitoring and support to the migrated databases; designed lots of databases, tables, stored procedures, views and functions; documented the database architecture and maintenance procedures.

Confidential, Schaumburg, Illinois

Database\Web Developer Consultant


  • Successfully redesigned and implemented the client’s academic web sites, which enabled more timely updates; installed, configured and maintained the back-end MS SQL Server 2000 databases; created SQL Server DTS packages to export and import data from various source to SQL Server.
  • Evaluated existing data model and redesigned the database structure to stay current with the client’s business requirements; created and modified numerous SQL agent jobs and monitored disk space usage; developed database security policies to ensure proper level of user access.

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