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Sr. Talend Developer Resume


  • 8+ years of experience in the IT industry and Progressive experience in providing product specifications, development, design, coding and implementation of business technology solutions in Data Warehousing applications.
  • 5+ years of Extensive experience in ETL design, development and maintenance in a corporate wide ETL solution using SQL, PL/SQL, TALEND 4.x/5.x/6.x on UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Extensive experience in Java, J2EE, Java Script, JSP, JQuery, AJAX.
  • Strong experience with Talend tools - Data integration and experience in Data Mapper, Joblets, Metadata and Talend components, jobs.
  • Experienced in Implementation of ETL engine using Java to handle incremental loads.
  • Extensive knowledge of various Performance Tuning Techniques on Sources, Targets, Talend Mappings, Jobs, and Data Base Tuning.
  • Thorough understanding of configuration, administration and upgrading of Talend data integration.
  • Experience in multiple relational databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, DB2 and non-relational sources like COBOL Files and Flat File.
  • Proficient in building web enterprise applications using Servlets/JSP's, Struts 2.x, JSF and Spring MVC.
  • Experienced in using Java IDE tools like Eclipse, Net Beans, JBuilder and JDeveloper.
  • Developed several REST web services supporting both XML and JSON.
  • Experienced in ETL Talend Data Fabric components and used features of Context Variables, My SQL, Oracle, Hive Database components.
  • Used Apache flume to import and export data to and from HDFS and Hive.
  • Good experience in Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem components like Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Map Reduce.
  • Experienced in Auto sys, Informatica Scheduler, Control M for ETL jobs.
  • Used Stored Procedures, Triggers for Oracle, MYSQL databases and good knowledge in PL/ SQL, hands on experience in writing medium level SQL queries.
  • Experienced in migrating application code from one Environment to another like Dev, QA and PROD.
  • Exposure to Oracle database with JDBC drivers in developing applications using SQL and Stored Procedures (PL/SQL), My SQL database techniques.
  • Good Experience in version control tools like CVS, SVN to manage and control software development.
  • Major strengths are familiarity with multiple software systems, ability to learn quickly new technologies, adapt to new environments.


Sr. Talend Developer



  • Participated in JAD sessions with business users and SME's for better understanding of the reporting requirements.
  • Design and developed end-to-end ETL process from various source systems to Staging area, from staging to Data Marts.
  • Analyzing the source data to know the quality of data by using Talend Data Quality.
  • Broad design, development and testing experience with Talend Integration Suite and knowledge in Performance Tuning of mappings.
  • Developed jobs in Talend Enterprise edition from stage to source, intermediate, conversion and target.
  • Involved in writing SQL Queries and used Joins to access data from Oracle, and My SQL.
  • Used tStatsCatcher, tDie, tLogRow to create a generic job let to store processing stats.
  • Solid experience in implementing complex business rules by creating re-usable transformations and robust mappings using Talend transformations like tConvertType, tSortRow, tReplace, tAggregateRow, tUnite etc.
  • Developed Talend jobs to populate the claims data to data warehouse - star schema.
  • Developed mappings to load Fact and Dimension tables, SCD Type 1 and SCD Type 2 dimensions and Incremental loading and unit tested the mappings.
  • Used tStatsCatcher, tDie, tLogRow to create a generic joblet to store processing stats into a Database table to record job history.
  • Integrated java code inside Talend studio by using components like tJavaRow, tJava, tJavaFlex and Routines.
  • Experienced in using debug mode of talend to debug a job to fix errors.
  • Created complex mappings using tHashOutput, tHashInput, tNormalize, tDenormalize, tMap, tUniqueRow, tPivotToColumnsDelimited etc.
  • Used tRunJob component to run child job from a parent job and to pass parameters from parent to child job.
  • Created Context Variables and Groups to run Talend jobs against different environments.
  • Used tParalleize component and multi thread execution option to run sub jobs in parallel which increases the performance of a job.
  • Implemented FTP operations using Talend Studio to transfer files in between network folders as well as to FTP server using components like tFileCopy, TFileAcrchive, tFileDelete, tCreateTemporaryFile, tFTPDelete, tFTPCopy. tFTPRename, tFTPut, tFTPGet etc.
  • Experienced in Building a Talend job outside of a Talend studio as well as on TAC server.
  • Experienced in writing expressions with in tmap as per the business need.
  • Handled insert and update Strategy using tmap.
  • Used ETL methodologies and best practices to create Talend ETL jobs.
  • Extracted data from flat files/ databases applied business logic to load them in the staging database as well as flat files.

Environment: Talend 5.5/, Oracle 11g, Teradata SQL Assistant, HDFS, MS SQL Server 2012/2008, PL/SQL, Agile Methodology, Informatica, TOAD, ERwin, AIX, Shell Scripts, AutoSys, SVN

Talend Developer

Confidential - Lincoln, NE


  • Confidential 5.1.1.Designed and developed the Business Rules and workflow system. Extensively worked on Data Mart Schema Design.
  • Developed Talend ETL jobs to push the data into Confidential and develop the jobs to extract the data from MDM.
  • Designed and developed a new ETL process to extract and load Vendors from Legacy System to MDM by using the Talend Jobs.
  • Developed data validation rule in the Confidential to confirm the golden record. Developed data matching/linking rules to confirm the record.
  • Designed, developing and deploying end-to-end Data Integration solution. Performed Star Join Schema Modeling, Snow Flake Modeling.
  • Checked the accuracy of data into MSSQL Server and assured the performance system.
  • Implemented ETL jobs using bulk execution components to load huge tables. Worked on Star Join Schema Modeling, Snow Flake Modeling.
  • Tested the data with complex queries, joins, and sub queries. Enhanced SQLs for performance Tuning and Monitoring System Performance.
  • Rolled out documentation for the ETL Process, early Data Inventory, and Data Profiling
  • Implementing Data Integration process with Talend Integration Suite 3.2/4.2./5.1.2/5.2.2
  • Used different components in talend like tmap, tmssqlinput, tmssqloutput, tfiledelimitede, tfileoutputdelimited, tmssqloutputbulkexec, tunique, tFlowToIterate, tintervalmatch, tlogcatcher, tflowmetercatcher, tfilelist, taggregate, tsort, tMDMInput, tMDMOutput, tFilterRow.
  • Developing the ETL mappings for XML, .csv, .txt sources and also loading the data from these sources into relational tables with Talend ETL.

Environment: TALEND Integration Suite 5.4.2, Confidential, LINUX, SQL SERVER 2008, Microsoft Office, Oracle 10g/11g

Java/ Sql Developer

Confidential, NE


  • Created detailed data mapping document for integrating various systems with Salesforce.com.
  • Worked on Oracle, spring, and Hibernate based 24x7 Web applications.
  • Built and deployed Java applications into multiple Unix based environments and produced both unit and functional test results along with release notes.
  • Developed an end to end vertical slice for a JEE based billing application using popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Facelets, XHTML, Maven2, and Ajax by applying OO design concepts, design patterns, and best practices.
  • Integrated other sub-systems like loans application, equity markets online application system, and documentation system with the structured products application through JMS, Web sphere MQ, SOAP based Web services, and XML.
  • Strong experience in HTML, JSP, CSS and JavaScript
  • Designed the logical and physical data model, generated DDL scripts, and wrote DML scripts for Oracle 9i database.
  • Tuned SQL statements, Hibernate mapping, and Web sphere application server to improve performance, and consequently met the SLAs.
  • Gathered business requirements and wrote functional specifications and detailed design documents.
  • Improved the build process by migrating it from Ant to Maven2.

Environment: Java 1.5, JSF Sun RI, Facelets, Ajax4JSF, Richfaces, Spring, XML, XSL, XSD, XHTML, Hibernate, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, MINA, Spring-ws, HTML, JSP, CSS, JavaScript, Web sphere, Oracle, JMX, ANT, Maven2, JUnit, SVN, TDD, and XP.

Java/SQL Developer



  • Designed the framework using J2EE framework for the system, this includes coding business components and interfaces to be used by the team for system development.
  • Designed and implemented MVC architecture using Spring Framework, JSF and Hibernate.
  • Design and developed the Views using XSL workbench to perform CRM functionalities (MVC Framework)
  • Used Eclipse as Java IDE tool for creating Servlet Action class, used XSL Workbench for developing XSL files and deployed the application on Pramarti 5.1.
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis and gathering in the initial phase of the project.
  • Design and Develop database. Creating Tables and Procedures in SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle and maintain database with TOAD
  • Used JDBC to retrieve data from Oracle database.
  • Developed server-side common utilities for the application and the front-end dynamic web pages using XSL, JavaScript and HTML/XHTML.
  • Used CVS as source control.
  • Check-in/Check-out ensuring QA4J, SART and EMMA check for Java files with the CVS.
  • Performed Unit Testing, Integration Testing and System Testing.

Environment: Java1.5, J2EE, MVC Framework, JDBC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL 2008, QA4j, Log4j, JUnit, XSL, Servlets, Pramarthi Application Server.

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