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Senior Database Engineer Resume

Teaneck, NJ


  • Current employee of Confidential and Information System graduate from Pace University, NY utilizing my expertise and aptitudes in the field of Database Management System (DBMS) and Application Development that results into strong technical skills and a professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible.


  • 5+ Years of experience in IT, Transportation and HealthCare industries with SQL Server, PL/SQL, Business Intelligence and Web Application Development
  • Expertise in Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) and Data Warehouse related concepts
  • Excellent understanding of Business Intelligence(BI) including Reporting Services(SSRS), Integration Services(SSIS) and programming experience in T - SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, C# .NET, JavaScript, PHP


Confidential, Teaneck, NJ

Senior Database Engineer


  • Maintain relational databases for various EMR/EHR/PM systems on SQL Server
  • Perform SQL Server development and query tuning - optimization tasks including creating indexes, analyzing execution plans, fixing JOINs and eliminating data type conversions to achieve the best performance out of the data conversion tool
  • Maintain indexes by checking defragmentation and rebuilding them if required. Remove duplicate and weak indexes to reduce maintenance cost
  • Build and maintain in-house ETL tool packages to extract data from various data sources (OLEDB, flat files, FoxPro, MySQL) and load data into target objects
  • Utilize MS SQL Profiler and other DBMS objects to perform reverse engineering processes which helps to identify data placeholders and to retrieve patient’s data from source legacy EMR/EHR/PM systems
  • Develop database driven standalone utility tools by implementing complex stored procedures, user defined functions, PL/SQL - MERGE statements and linked servers
  • Convert databases into normalized / de-normalized forms based on the business requirements
  • Implement reporting functionality in data conversion tool which generates summarized reports for the entire ETL process and for Data discrepancies and exceptions
  • Actively involved in the process of upgrading old ETL packages which converts data per patients into new enhanced ETL packages which convert data per module which resulted into a 70% decrease in processing time
  • Consume database system objects like DMVs to retrieve metadata
  • Maintain SQL Server instances for the development team and perform backup and restoration of databases
  • Test and verify changes done by developers and publish packages on production server from the staging servers
  • Perform research and development (R&D) procedures on various database objects and core framework to boost execution performance
  • Develop POCs (Proof of Concept) and suggest feasible solutions to the developers
  • Work with managers and developers to design, code and test the major features and work jointly with other team members to deliver complex changes.
  • Discuss new approaches/tactics with the developers to make in-house products rich in functionality
  • Communicate with the vendors to review and understand customer requirements and specifications
  • Perform other technical duties as required: for example write SQL/PLSQL statements, manage DBMS objects like triggers, index, stored procedures, UDFs, work with IDEs such as Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with HL7, HIPAA Law, EMR/EHR/PM systems, various drug code systems and clinical data
  • As a Team Lead, Manage team of the developers and work jointly with them to process all development requests by analyzing all phases of software development life cycle


Application Developer (Database Team)


  • Performed various SQL queries including building databases, tables, stored procedures, user defined functions and triggers using system and mathematical forms
  • Created indices and analyzed query execution plans to achieve better performance
  • Developed SSIS packages to pull, process and transfer data from different sources to destinations (ETL processes)
  • Created various SQL reports using SSRS and embedded into web applications
  • Deployed SSRS reports on production servers with required configurations
  • Maintain SQL Server instances and perform backups and restoration of databases
  • Developed Intranet web application using C#.NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Crystal Reports
  • Implemented custom control of ASP.NET for log-in, new user, password recovery wizard through SMTP configuration
  • Defined application test conditions and develop complete test plan by using MS Test Manager 2010 for QA team
  • Developed business knowledge base and relationships to integrate activities with other IT and business personnel to ensure successful implementation of projects and production support efforts

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