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Applications Developer Resume

Wilmington, DE


Systems Analyst with over 20 years of experience in development and maintenance of mainframe and AS/400 applications; Very strong in the design and development of business applications, especially in the health insurance business. Has extensive background in COBOL, DLI, IMS DB/DC, SQL, DB2, DB2 Stored Procedures, CICS, JCL and AS/400 CL.



SOFTWARE: DB2, Stored Procedures, DLI, COBOL II, IMS DB/DC, CICS, AS/400 CL, IBM Utilities, MVS/JCL, TSO/ISPFEasytrieve Plus, Endevor, VSAM, Xpediter, File - Aid, FTP, NDM, Mainframe Express, Librarian


Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Applications Developer


  • I got the most complicated part of the conversion and load process.
  • I also took it upon myself to learn the database in order for me to get things done on my own and finish all my tasks correctly and on time.
  • There were two DB2 programs originally for the procedure codes, ICD9 diagnosis codes and modifier codes.
  • Revenue code was added later and I came up with a program to do the conversion and load for revenue codes in one day.
  • The running of the test conversion and load process was assigned to someone else but I took it upon myself to troubleshoot any issues that came up almost every time we did the test conversion and load. Just to reiterate, it was not my job to do the troubleshooting.
  • I put in a good amount of extra time were logged to get this project done.
  • I took over the programs assigned to a co - worker in order to finish the project on time.
  • I showed a co-worker ‘the ropes’ so he can code his Confidential programs and gave him the JCL to unit test them.
  • I asked if I can help out with this project and worked on 4 jobs. Three of them worked without any problems and one had a JCL error but was fixed right away during the release.
  • All file outputs from these jobs came out correct.
  • Again, I took over a co-worker's jobs for this project. I originally was supposed to do two jobs but ended up with four.
  • I was assigned this project to me and I basically did almost everything. I did the testing, documentation, coordination with the DBAs and filling out the SARA requests.
  • Also helped co-workers troubleshoot their testing.
  • There were MQTs assigned to a co-worker but he had to work on the affiliation project so I took over those that were assigned to him.
  • I was given a change request on 6/20 and had to finish by 6/21.
  • I basically took over this project from a co-worker. The requirements had to be revised to include checking for Confidential parentage and inheritance.
  • This was not anticipated when the original requirements were written and was only discovered after the unit test I conducted.
  • I am learning more about Confidential to come up with the right code to make sure the delete programs work.
  • I monitored the conversion and load part of the release. I have to again say here that this is not assigned to me.
  • I did SPUFIs and checked the output from the load jobs to make sure the process worked correctly.
  • I checked for any possible issues before the jobs ran and fixed them in order to move things along faster.
  • I volunteered to be on call on Monday because there were daily jobs that were running for the first time that night.
  • I was not required to be on call but because it was only Tracey Welch working that night, I went on call as well.
  • There were issues with some of the jobs and I fixed one of the jobs.




  • Revamped a process called Flex Bridge that processes HRA and HSA members for Confidential .
  • Streamlined the process and removed all the bugs in the system resulting in less manual work for the business users.
  • Implemented the government mandated Civil Union project in the membership system.
  • Same sex partners can now be enrolled with equal benefits as traditional couples.
  • Due to lack of resources, this is a project for three persons that I worked on by myself.
  • Created the Agent Broker reporting system to provide senior management the ability to review loss ratio reporting and analysis for individual business by Broker/Agent. With this reporting system in place, Actuarial is now able to gather this information.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Built a new accumulator sharing system from the ground up using COBOL and DB2 stored procedure for Penn Behavioral adding 22,000 new members; responsibilities included requirements gathering, design of the process, coding, testing and debugging.
  • This new process also served as the template for at least 12 other behavioral health vendors that will bring in more business for the company.
  • Developed a new system that processed pharmacy claims for Confidential bringing in 10,000 new members.
  • Other projects included development of process for Confidential a process that saves money for Confidential on claims payment for members with older spouses; Magellan Autism government mandate project.

Systems Analyst



  • Involved in the customization of the Confidential system to link up with Planmate.
  • Confidential is a claims payment scheduling system.
  • Confidential added $5 million annually in bank interest income from money held from immediate payment of claims.
  • Provided production support 24/7, worked on and resolved problems/abends as soon as they occur.


Confidential, New York, NY


  • coordinated with Confidential to make sure all affected programs were changed accordingly.
  • In the process, discovered and fixed defects in the system.
  • HIPAA compliance; major modifications to both on-line and batch programs to comply with government regulations on availability and breadth of health plans, privacy rules, and standardization of EDI health care transaction.
  • Medicare Secondary Payer compliance; another government mandated project that ensures correct primary and secondary payments by the responsible parties.

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