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Sql Server Developer Resume


  • Result - oriented with 6+ years of experience in Database Design, Development, Unit Testing, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, ETL, Reporting and Maintenance of database applications on Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2012/2008.
  • Proficient development skills in creating database objects such as tables, views, indexes, stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, and creating complex SQL Queries to implement the business logic.
  • Experience in SQL query performance tuning by creating/modifying indexes, setting transaction isolation levels, and changing query structures by using CASE - to reduce table scans/seeks, CTE - to replace sub query involved functions and used temp tables to reduce repeating retrieving.
  • Implementing unit test cases for MS SQL objects using tSQLT framework.
  • Performing Static code quality and security analysis using SonarQube for SQL code to identify Bugs, code smells and Vulnerabilities.
  • Knowledge on concepts of Data Modeling- Star Schema/Snowflake modeling, FACT & Dimensions tables and Logical & Physical data modeling.
  • Experience in designing, configuring, deploying, monitoring, Job Scheduling, Error handling, Debugging SSIS packages and Performing ETL operations Excel Spread sheets, MS Access, CSV files, and flat files to MS SQL Server by using SSIS services.
  • Experience in generating parameterized, drill-down, drill-through and sub-reports using SSRS to generate all daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and ad-hoc reports including current status.
  • Good knowledge in Normalizing and De-normalizing the tables and maintaining Referential Integrity by using Primary and Foreign Keys.
  • Skilled in Analysis, Design and Developing test cases for SQL objects verification and testing.
  • Experience in Test Case Design, Test execution, and Preparation of Test Data.
  • Experience in Source Version control and Bug Reporting using TFS, Bitbucket, JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Working experience in Agile - Scrum/Kanban and waterfall methodology.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.
  • Experience in writing project related documentation - Data Analysis forms, Data Mapping File, Business Requirement Description, Procedure Documentations File, Population Files, Data validation form, etc., to ensure details and knowledge are traceable in future cycles.


Databases: MS SQL Server 2016, 2012, 2008.

ETL Tools: SQL Server Integration Services (2008/2012/2016 ), DTS.

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Database Tools: SQL Profiler, Query Analyzer, SQL Enterprise Manager, DTA, Export/Import.

Version Control: GIT, Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), Bitbucket, SVN

Other Tools: SonarQube, Bamboo, Bugzilla, JIRA, Confluence.

Testing Tools: tSQLT, EBSCO- Journal publishing e-compilation tool.

Languages: T-SQL, XML, HTML, JS

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008.


SQL Server Developer



  • Working on full life cycle development (SDLC) involving in all stages of development.
  • Creating the database objects - schemas, tables, indexes, views, user-defined functions, cursors, triggers, stored procedure, constraints, and roles.
  • Participate in requirement gathering meetings to understand the business problem and support data architect with data modeling.
  • Implementing unit test cases for MS SQL database objects using tSQLT framework.
  • Performing Static code quality and security analysis using SonarQube for SQL code to identify Bugs, code smells and Vulnerabilities.
  • Performed SQL query performance tuning by creating/modifying indexes, setting transaction isolation levels, and changing query structures(used CASE to reduce table scans/seeks; used CTE and inline calculation to replace sub-query-involved functions; used ad-hoc workloads option to reduce procedure cache usages, used temp tables to reduce repeating retrieving, etc.), converted various SQL statements into stored procedures thereby reducing the number of database accesses.
  • Connected data sources by Business Intelligence tools (SSIS, DTS), linked database objects (linked server, database link etc.), and inline queries (OPENDATASOURCE, OPENROWSET, OPENQUERY etc.).
  • Built extract, transform, and load (ETL) process to migrate data from multiple types of data sources (SQL Server, Excel, Flat files) to destination database server by using SSIS and Export/ Import wizard.
  • Writing the stored procedures and user-defined scalar functions (UDFs) to be used in the SSIS packages and SQL scripts. Extensively utilizing the joins and sub-queries to streamline complex questions including different table.
  • Creating and managing the clustered indexes and non-clustered indexes and optimized queries using execution plan.
  • Designed, developed and scheduled daily/weekly/Monthly reports using SSIS packages and SQL Agent.
  • Provide in-depth analysis of operational data to perform root cause analysis, improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Cleanup data, conduct performance tuning, monitor and debug and test code to ensure quality of data.
  • Created Custom Reports and Ad-hoc Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Prepared and updated documentations (Data Analysis Forms, Data Mapping File, Business Requirement Description, Procedure Documentations File, Population Files, Data validation form, etc.), to ensure all procedures and knowledge are traceable in future cycles.
  • To undertake any other duties as requested by the Senior Management team, in accordance with the scope and responsibilities of the role.
  • Working in Agile scrum SDLC - user story grooming, sprint planning, sprint retrospective.

Environment: SQL Server 2014/2012, SSIS, SSRS, tSQLT, SonarQube, Excel, MS Access, SQL Server Data Tools, Windows Server 2016/2012, Visual Studio 2017/2015,, Tortoise SVN, Bitbucket, JIRA, Bamboo, Confluence.

Database Report Developer



  • Involving in the analysis of design requirements and actively participating and interacting with team lead, technical manager and lead business analyst to understand the business requirements.
  • Worked on stored procedures, indexes, functions, triggers, user-defined functions and management of linked servers to SQL Server databases.
  • Developed new procedures and table changes in SQL Server databases as required for ongoing projects.
  • Creating complex stored procedures using a linked server, CTE, temp table, SQL joins and responsible for performing t-SQL tuning, multi-tasking and optimizing queries which takes longer time in execution with SQL server 2008/2012.
  • Performed database queries tune-up, integrity verification, data cleansing, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Extracting the data from the different sources - CSV files, and MS SQL 2012 and stored the data into the intermediate Staging Database using SSIS.
  • Performing the tasks of data conversions, adding derived columns, sending results in mails is done by making use of various tasks in SSIS.
  • Created different reports types like ad-hoc reports, weekly scheduled reports, monthly reports
  • Developed T-SQL queries and stored procedures with multiple parameters to create data sets/generate Ad-hoc reports using SSRS.
  • Created Views with business logics to reduce database complexities for easily Ad-hoc reporting.
  • Extensively used Joins and sub-queries or CTE’s for complex queries involving multiple tables from different databases.
  • Scheduled the Reports to run on daily and weekly basis in Report Manager and also email them to director and analysts to review in Excel Sheet.
  • Build database queries and test cases for the testing team to test the reports.
  • Used SSRS Report Manager to assign roles, permissions and to create report schedules.
  • Monitored query using query analyzer and tuned queries and procedures to boost database performance.
  • Optimized queries using SQL Query Analyzer/SQL Profiler and performance monitors to enhance the performance of database servers.
  • Hands on experience on Code review, code development in T-SQL and SSIS.
  • Worked closely with the epic team and supported in developing reports.
  • Worked on support tickets, maintenance tasks and assigned projects at discretion of the Reporting Coordinator.
  • Used agile methodologies and participated in scrum meetings.

Environment: SQL Server 2012/2008, T-SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), DTS, Excel, MS Access, Microsoft BI, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server Data Tools, TFS, GIT.

Data Processing Analyst



  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).
  • Reviewed, analyzed, and implemented necessary changes in appropriate areas to enhance and improve existing systems.
  • Responsible for testing database program application and developing data models.
  • Perform ad-hoc and Regression testing of system components.
  • Written SQL queries and store procedures to compare the data during the ETL process validation.
  • Designed and implemented SSIS packages to migrate data from multiple data sources - Excel sheets, Flat files and MS SQL.
  • Updated existing and created new reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Performed QC of the journal with EBSCO tool to identify the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, preparing preliminary pages for the title, contents and preface of a publication.
  • Performed smoke testing with EBSCOhost to check quality of published Journal.
  • Work closely with several resources (internal and external) to troubleshoot live application issues in the timely fashion.
  • Worked on support tickets, maintenance tasks and assigned projects at discretion of the Reporting Coordinator.
  • Ensuring that content and structure of all testing documents/artifacts is documented and maintained.
  • Participated in agile ceremonies (user story grooming, sprint planning, sprint retrospective).

Environment: SQL Server 2012, SSIS, SSRS, EBSCO, C#.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, JavaScript, Team Foundation Server (TFS), IIS, Windows Family, Agile - Scrum

Software Engineer



  • Developed new test plans for database application support by Creating and updating tables, views, working with triggers, stored procedures.
  • Coordinated with application developers and engineers to ensure system functionality.
  • Test Case Preparation and Execution based on new Change Request’s Functionality.
  • Prepare and Execution of test cases as per requirement. Carried out Ad-hoc, End-to-End and Compatibility testing.
  • Preparing bug Report and Reporting Defects to the Bug Tracking Tool.
  • Retesting the cases where defect has been raised.
  • Maintained and updated all test and support documentation.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, .Net Framework 3.5 (ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET), JavaScript, HTML, TFS, Bugzilla.

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