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Programmer Resume

Ft Lauderdale, FL


Professional Software Designer with over 30 years of increasing responsibility in software development utilizing: RPG/ILE, RPG/400, Free Format RPG, SQL, Embedded SQL, CLLE, DDS, ICF, DDM, Data Queues, EDI, Service Programs, Binding Directories, JDA MMS, JDE, Aptos/Epicor ERP, Mulesoft, SYNON/2E (COOL/2E, Softlanding Turnover, VERTEX Sales Tax Software, American Software ERP, TSC Trueline Systems, Macromedia Coldfusion, Dreamweaver, HTML, Java Scripts, Websphere Developer Studio Client, AS400 and Iseries.


Confidential, Ft.Lauderdale, FL



  • Developed RPGLE programs to enhance the existing JDA Merchandise Management System and JDE Warehouse Management System.
  • Created a Merchant Inventory Reservation process in JDE for a select group of merchants.
  • This system used JDE Warehouse Management data and allowed the users to control the order percent, advice percent and safety stock for multiple customers at the same time using iseries screens.
  • Converted legacy JDA sales, store locations, Commission, spiff and bonus data to Aptos/Epicor retail systems and created processes to integrate JDA item, PO and warehouse information between JDA and Aptos/Epicor using JDBC RPGLE programs.
  • Utilized MuleSoft software to receive and convert employee hours and information from different formats into a XML format between Paychex payroll systems, iseries systems and Aptos/Epicor CRM systems.
  • Developed a system to calculate commissions and spiffs for salespersons and bonuses for managers using JDA data. This system included iseries screens to assign and maintain spiff rates, commission rates, and promotions. This system interfaced with a Payroll system and sent data to a web based employee productivity report.
  • Created programs to Integrate dot com sales data into JDA.

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL

Contract Programmer


  • Developed RPGLE programs to bridge to the existing TSC Trueline ERP system.
  • Researched, documented and changed the method of inventory calculation.
  • Maintained Intranet web applications using Dreamweaver and Coldfusion that invoked iSeries RPGLE programs and displayed DB2 data in Excel documents.
  • Developed a Material Cost Analysis system in RPGLE that included subfiles and reports. Data was displayed on the iSeries and also requested from the company’s intranet web application.
  • Project Management and development of inventory subsystem which included Bill of materials, Inventory Roll forward, Ticket Recap and Closing System applications.
  • Rewrote legacy code to new requirements utilizing Free - format RPGLE, BIFS, sub procedures, service programs and binding directories.
  • Designed a system of audit programs in RPGLE to track price variances at Purchase order receipt and invoice time.

Confidential, Delray Beach, FL



  • Helped establish a new software company offering IT products, services to the retail furniture and appliance industries.
  • Designed, programmed, and implemented functions in Inventory Management, Budgeting and Planning, Marketing, Replenishment, Productivity Management, and Customer Service. Software developed with Synon and RPGLE.
  • Developed Point of Sale, Inventory, Sales Performance, and Purchase Order applications for leading Furniture retailers.
  • Created economical system of on-time Inventory tracking.
  • Designed productivity management tool to track sales by goal attainment, individual sales performance, store location, or potential results.
  • Managed systems conversion of 40 retail stores.

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL



  • Project Leader responsible for all aspects of system and program design, project completion, and comprehensive training for all new programmers.
  • Responsible for designing and developing cost effective computer applications and determining the feasibility of new modifications to existing systems.
  • Duties include preparing detailed project plans, database and process design, programming, and distribution of software.
  • Created an on-line finance approval system for 100 AS/400’s utilizing frame relay, ICF programming, and DDM files.
  • Developed software to merge multiple stores’ databases.
  • Redesigned the Order Entry System to automate price look-ups of all merchandise, including individual and package priced sets.
  • Developed a system to capture on-line all movement of inventory utilizing bar code scanners and display devices communicating with the AS/400 radio frequency.
  • Managed multiple software development projects and SYNON models concurrently.




  • Designed, developed, analyzed, and tested software created for use in 100 retail locations.
  • Managed a project team of programmers and analysts from project design to implementation.
  • Developed project documentation including time estimates.
  • Prepared system specifications which satisfied system design requirements.
  • Evaluated and recommended the purchase of VERTEX sales tax calculation software. Managed the VERTEX integration within a POS system.
  • Created an Accounts Receivable system utilizing SYNON/2E code generator.
  • Streamlined the entire process of creating and cashiering customer orders in order to expedite the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Created a centralized automated replenishment system.
  • Developed a manager approval over-ride system for all POS transactions.
  • Designed a system to automate the voiding of On Orders and Pending Orders.

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