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Programmer Analyst Resume


  • Software developer and solutions architect with extensive knowledge and hands - on expertise in modern development platforms and database systems.


Languages: C#, T-SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript

Databases: SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2016), Oracle (7-12c)

Platforms: ASP.Net, Xamarin, WCF, Web Services (SOAP, REST), WinForms, JSON, XML, HTML, EDI

Tools: Visual Studio, IIS, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SSIS, SQL*LoaderInfragistics controls, Erwin, PowerShell

Reporting: Crystal Reports

Other: SalesForce.com, WorkFront.com, AfterShip.com, AWS, Android, Windows, TIBCO Spotfire


Programmer Analyst



  • At Confidential, I filled a key role in the design and development of various ERP system enhancements and other related systems. Database developer (PL/SQL, T-SQL), assumed main responsibility for all database related issues, including design, maintenance, performance, backup, and recovery.
  • Developed numerous dashboard reports (SQL Analytical functions, Crystal Reports), to measure performance metrics of Shop Floor jobs and warehouse employees.
  • Designed and implemented Tables, Views, Indexes according to performance requirements.
  • Developed database objects - T-SQL Store procedure, UDF, PL/SQL Packages, User Object Types, Views, Triggers etc. to implement business logic.
  • Query Optimization using Explain Plan, Oracle SQL Trace utility, SQL Profiler
  • Designed and developed of a Warehouse Management System (WMS), which complimented the Shop Floor module and Inventory Management modules of the ERP system.
  • Designed and implemented various enhancements to the HR module including Time-Card entry, overtime pay, absence tracking etc.
  • Designed and developed an automatic Bill of Material generation system, using data exported from Planograms.
  • Designed and implemented a Shop Order Scheduling system, enabling the Planning department to schedule Shop Orders in various Work Centers according to different criteria.
  • Integration of ERP system to Molding machine monitoring system. (Oracle SQL Server Gateway, T-SQL, and PL/SQL programming)
  • Interfaced with Trusted Link EDI database using Oracle Heterogenous Service
  • Developed an automated process to move Oracle Archived Logs to AWS S3 Bucket using AWS Web Service APIs
  • Setup an AWS EC2 instance as a emergency backup for ERP database and performed periodic database refresh.
  • Load (ETL) data to various data marts / data stores inside ERP system.
  • Design and implementation of Star Schema, SCD etc.
  • Version control software TFS and Visual Source Safe
  • Salesforce.com Opportunities integration with WorkFront.com
  • Designed and implemented an extension to SalesForce.com Opportunities module using
  • AWS Elastic beanstalk. Implemented a Windows Service to translate and synchronize pportunities as new projects in Work Front. All changes from Work Front was also synced back to SalesForce.com. This helped the sales team to avoid duplicate entry of information and streamlined their business process.
  • Architected and implemented an app platform to extend the ERP functions to mobile computers, which was deployed to 30 plus Android devices, including Zebra TC72 handhelds and Kyocera Samsung phones. This helped the organization save tremendous amount of labor and infrastructure cost, during the company’s move from New York to Georgia in 2019. With the added productivity of this mobile platform, the logical transfer of the entire inventory was completed in two weeks, which would have taken several months otherwise.
  • Designed and implemented a multi-threaded Job Scheduler Service, with the ability to execute Crystal reports, Generate Excel Spread Sheets from Database queries, import files to database, Send Email notifications, Send Files using FTP, SFTP etc.
  • Designed and developed, an automated AUTOCAD drawing generation service, by working in conjunction with the Mechanical Engineering department of Confidential .
  • Developed using Alaris S2000 document scanners, to capture the image of Pick Tickets, Bill of Lading and Shipment Receipts and export to pdf and attach to the respective objects in the ERP system. This process eliminated the storage of paper documents, presented ERP system users with easy access of these documents.

Senior Developer / Analyst



  • Major role in the design, development, and implementation of an Inventory reporting system, which interfaced with Warehouse Management System, Order Fulfillment System, Accounting System and Time entry system. (PL/SQL, T-SQL)
  • Designed and developed - system for processing the patient requests for the Nationwide - Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA).
  • Created and maintained ETL process for loading patient requests (XML) coming in through Web and Call center - applications, using PL/SQL BULK insert and XMLType feature.
  • Developed interfaces with the third-party publication fulfillment company.
  • Created various statistical reports using Oracle Analytical functions.
  • Held regular meetings with data vendors, to incorporate the varying requirements of the PPA program into the current system.
  • Direct Sample (Web-based) - drug sample ordering system - development. Team consisted of about 2 members (one designer /back end developer) and one front-end developer. System had SNAPPMX front-end and an Oracle back-end running on a ColdfusionMX / IIS platform.
  • Design system – according to requirements of business team and publish data model - using ErWin.
  • Debug as needed to provide helpful information to developer to expedite resolution of tickets.
  • Create interface to Order Fulfillment System - for extract and load – of orders using PL/SQL and OPALIS.
  • Provide status reports to management on outstanding issues.
  • Major role in design and implementation of call center – system, using Saleslogix software as front end and SQL server 2000 as back end. Responsible for – studying the metadata of Saleslogix and incorporating the business requirements of Dendrite, within the system.
  • Developed data load/extract process using T-SQL Stored procedures, Triggers, VB and DTS.
  • Designed and implemented process to generate – time and event – triggered fulfillments to patients.
  • Integrated the database with a third party IVR system using SQL server transactional replication feature.
  • Designed the database anticipating future business requirements.
  • Developed interface with Web based survey system transfer using BCP feature.
  • Tune SQL queries to optimize performance.
  • Developed XML Web Service to validate physicians using .NET 2.0, SOAP and Visual Studio 2005
  • Was mainly responsible for supporting the ORACLE /SQL Server 2000 databases which included – software installation, patch application, upgrade to later versions, create database instances, monitoring / tune database performance, monitor various database jobs required to support the various activities of the whole division.
  • Designed / implemented an Oracle based repository for Physician information database files (which previously existed in Mainframe) from sources like AMA (American Medical Association), AOA, DEA, IMS etc., using PL/SQL, SQL*Ldr etc.
  • Designed various transactional summary reports for data entry department, for the purpose of accounting for publication BRC (Business reply cards) processing.
  • Maintains the ETL process, for the COUNTS System – a data mart application which is being used by the various departments and the corresponding Sales Reps.
  • Developed / Implemented / Supports various other routines and applications developed using VB, PL/SQL - which supports various Sales initiatives.
  • Automated various tasks using 24x7 scheduler, Opalis scheduler, NT scheduler etc. for job monitoring, report generation, data loads etc.

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