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Contract Lead Software Architect And Developer Resume

Lugoff, SC


  • 20 Year Certified SQL Server Developer ETL EDI with C#/.Net
  • 17 years Remote SQL Engineer and Software Architect for Confidential
  • Custom Production System that supplies fabric for 1,200,000 vehicles annually.
  • 8 databases, 373 tables, 100’s of queries, 192 Reports, dozens of stored procedures and functions.
  • Optimized database performance with SQL Server Extended Events and Execution Plans…that’s the best way.
  • Backup: SQL Agent jobs create Full/Differential scheme to provide restore capability within 30 minute window.
  • ETL: 15 - minute rotation using SSIS and T-SQL to update Accounting data into Production system.
  • Optimized for speed to transfer only new and modified data.
  • Automated EDI system to exchange shipment and invoice data with customers and suppliers.
  • Developed EDI Maps using SQL and ODBC to read/write directly from SQL Server database.
  • EDI system is fully integrated with plant ERP system. Users interface with EDI via my custom system.
  • Worked with company president, office staff, factory workers, suppliers, and customers.
  • Worked with American, Japanese, and Chinese plant personnel to gather requirements.
  • Calculated budgets and schedules for over $2,000,000 of development projects.
  • Integrated system with diverse systems: Accounting, EDI, Conveyor, and Inspection.
  • An hour of plant downtime costs $35,000; thus I gained experience in high-availability, continuous deployment, and full-lifecycle development (i.e. design, coding, debugging, testing, validation).
  • I will get them done. I can start from scratch or from your existing code.
  • I test calculations until they match to the penny, and measure SQL and IO durations to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Versatile Skills: advanced T-SQL and database access, ETL, render reports directly to Excel, DOM, Javascript, AJAX.
  • I write optimized code that runs smoothly for years; the Confidential supply chain still uses code I wrote in 2003, because I optimized it for speed and efficiency.
  • I write original code; I don’t copy it off the internet and don’t add some unknown package every time I encounter a new requirement. Packages have their place, but eventually they will slow your system down.
  • I write Javascript and AJAX extensively. I code fast pages by loading primary data first, then lazy-loading secondary data.


Stack: C#, MVC, ASP.Net, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, Web Services, RESTful, SOAP, WCF, WebForms

SQL Server: T-SQL, Triggers, Indexes, Functions, Stored Procedures

Other: ETL, EDI / X-12, VMware, Virtualization, Microsoft Windows Server, IIS, Gentran Server


Confidential, Lugoff, SC

Contract Lead Software Architect and Developer


  • Developed eight SQL Server databases using T-SQL, Views, Indexes, Functions, and Stored Procedures.
  • Used C# and SQL Server in ASP.Net system to integrate Orders, Releases, Shipping/Receiving, Inventory, Batch Control, Reporting, Transactions, Barcode Scanners, and Interface with Accounting System.
  • Developed Windows apps using C# and SQL Server for manufacturing functions: Inspection, Pull Down, Greige Weight, Plant Scheduling, Workcenter, Dye Scheduling, and Dye Recipe.
  • Coded custom Javascript to add screen functions not available in older WebForms technology.
  • Automated Gentran EDI system to exchange shipment and invoice data with customers and suppliers.
  • Provided leadership for requirements development and guided plant personnel through interviews.
  • Created disaster recovery scheme for plant maintenance staff using VMware virtualization.
  • Developed color-coded, condition-based reporting technique rendered from browser to Excel.

Confidential, Blythewood, SC

Software Engineer


  • Develop ASP.Net apps and WCF Web Services using C#, SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and AJAX.
  • Created a single class to parse 200 message types from federal system. This eliminated 200 functions.
  • Develop WCF interface for state-to-state access to driver license information.
  • Develop multi-function web service to standardize calling requirements from legacy COBOL.
  • Improve web service speed by employing threads to complete database operations.

Confidential, Jenkinsville, SC

Contract Software Engineer


  • Developed responsive MVC apps using C#, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, and AJAX.
  • Designed/developed plant-wide Training Feedback System; heavy use of AJAX lazy-loading and Javascript to set value and innerHTML of DOM elements because users wanted a small number of pages with heavy data.
  • Fixed struggling report app with C# ASP.Net by formatting extracted data into HTML tags and rendering to Excel. In the rendered report, cells were colored and formatted based on values, dates, and custom calculations.
  • Developed ASP.Net Metrics and Statistical Reporting algorithm class. Rendered reports in Excel and Word.
  • Promoted use of MVC to replace older WebForm apps.

Confidential, Columbia, SC

Software Engineer


  • Developed Azure .NET WFC Web Services as Middle-Tier for Homeowners Insurance platform with C# and SQL Server.
  • Designed and developed Azure SQL Server Database as Back-End for Homeowners Insurance platform.
  • Developed Azure C# nightly processing system to process cancellations, generate PDF invoices and cancellation notices, and process payments. Generated PDFs for automated printing and mailing.
  • Used Azure C# to develop balance-tracking system which calculated over- and under-payments, cancellation refund amounts, state tax, and cancellations due to under payments. Created import files for accounting system.
  • Coded custom JSON communications with internal and external Web Services.
  • Used C# and SQL Server for Insurance Forms: (a) PDF Templates were stored as binary in Azure database; (b) templates were programmatically populated with customer data; (c) populated forms were stored as binary in database; (d) PDFs were transmitted to frontend via Base64 encoding.

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