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Sr. Iib & Mq Administrator Resume

Hartford, CT


  • An accomplished IT Professional with 10+ years of expertise in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including System Study, Analysis, Design, Programming, Implementation and Administration.
  • Highly skilled in Multi - Tier and Web Enabling the Legacy Systems with IBM WMQ and WMB (IBM Integration Bus), ACE, MQ FTE, DataPower & APIC.
  • Expertise in configuring, installing, performance tuning, Deployment and Administration of IIB, WMB Message Broker Toolkit, WMQ on UNIX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, HP UX, Windows NT/2000 and z/OS.
  • Extensive experience in Banking, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Insurance sector.
  • Good Experience in IIB Administration and MQ Administration.
  • Experience in IBM cloudPak for integration.
  • Expertise in migration of applications from IIB10 to ACE on physical or VMs and then to containerization in CloudPak after everything stabilized.
  • Expertise in Application Integration using IBM ESB products in IBM data centers which include interface to Mainframe and UNIX servers for the Midrange application and systems.
  • Good experience in developing and managing Web services in IIB/ Message Broker (Both REST & SOAP Based) and developing message flows.
  • Experience in Designing MQ environment for application integration through messaging.
  • Hands on experience in design and implementation of WMQ and WMB (IBM Integration Bus) in complex environments using High Availability Clustering.
  • Expertise in implementing security aspects related to MQ (OAM, SSL, Exits).
  • Expertise in working with QLoad Utility, RFHUTIL, MQMON and XMLSPY.
  • Good programming Knowledge on Esql, Java, and XSLT.
  • Experience with XML, JSON, COBOL Copy Book. EDI and guidewire format messages parsing and transformation
  • Experience in deploying the bar files into broker and administration of the message flows.
  • Expertise in writing shell scripts on various platforms like AIX and Solaris to monitor WMQ and Data Transport Files transfer.
  • Expertise in implementing different monitoring setups using various monitoring tools like Qpasa, Tivoli and BMC Patrol IR360.
  • Hands on experience with networking protocols like TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SMTP and HTTP
  • Experience in working with RDBMS like DB2, ORACLE, and MySQL.
  • Experience in using PL/SQL queries to interact with Oracle database.
  • Experience in working with ticketing tools like Remedy, ISM Maximo, QC, JIRA, and Teamtrack.
  • Proficient in installation & configuration of OmegaMon XE for messaging agents to monitor the MQ and Broker components in Dev, Staging and Production environments.
  • Versatile team player with excellent analytical, inter-personnel and presentation skill with ability to quickly adapt to new technologies & project environments.


Operating Systems: AIX, Sun Solaris, HP UX, Linux, Windows NT/2000, z/OS

Language: C, C++, ESQL, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, HTML, Java

Middleware: IBM WebSphere MQ6.x, 7 x, 8 x, WebSphere MB7.0 IIB 9,10, ACE, WTX, IBM Sterling Connect Direct, Data Transport, MQFTE, DataPower, APIC

Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2008/2005, DB2 v 8.1

Scripting Languages: Shell Script (bash/ksh), Java Script, and PERL


Tools: & Utilities Eclipse, BMC Patrol, PQ Edit, Tivoli, Remedy, ISM Maximo, QC, IR360, Teamtrack, JIRA

Application Servers: IBM WebSphere7.0/6.0/5.x, WebLogic Server 8.1


Confidential, Hartford, CT

Sr. IIB & MQ Administrator


  • Installation, Configuration, Integration and maintenance of IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere MQ.
  • Worked on MQ clustering and MQ Destination Lists.
  • Designed and prototyped new monitoring and control mechanisms that use WebSphere MQ to publish status information.
  • Implement synchronous and asynchronous messaging scopes using WebSphere MQ
  • Created and configured Queue Managers, Queues, SSL Channels and Listeners for MQ series on AIX/Linux, Continuous Monitoring and MQ Queues Managers, MQ Objects including different channels, queues using MQ Explorer
  • Created & configured MQ Objects like Queue Managers, Remote queues, Local Queues, Queue Aliases, Channels, Clusters, Transmission Queues, Performance Events, Triggers, Processes, MQ error trapping applications and performance tuning/monitoring.
  • Configure ODBC/JDBC connections in message broker to communicate with db2, Oracle, SQL databases.
  • Upgrading IBM DataPower and IBM API Connect.
  • Troubleshooting of runtime issues associated with brokers and databases, host applications.
  • Setup and configuration of AppDynamics for IBM Integration Bus
  • Documented all upgrade and install procedures
  • Import / Export certificates on IIB servers for both one way and two way SSL authentication.
  • Created/Configured ODBC, JDBC, Policy Set, Policy Bindings, Aggregation configurable services.
  • Built IIB Development to Production Environments from scratch and followed through to TEST and Successful PRODUCTION Deployment.
  • Monitored and maintained IIB Objects in Development, QA, UAT, Stress and Production Environments.
  • Setup of Cronjobs for rotating log files, backing up IIB.
  • Support Production Support Team in the Production related issues.
  • Message broker Administration like broker and broker execution group creation as well as monitoring this component as per daily routine.
  • Solve production related issues/queries pertaining to design and message broker component failure/diagnosis.
  • Migration of Legacy Datapower Appliances to IDG IBM DataPower Gateways.
  • Migration of IIB v9 to IIB v10 and understanding of ACE
  • Worked on IBM CloudPak for integration.
  • Worked on spinning Splunk Machine Learning for checking broker logs and monitoring components for IIB & MQ.
  • Involved in IIB & MQ capacity analysis discussion with preparing solution Design documents for new environments.
  • Involved in Architectural planning meetings for upgrade/migration strategies from IIB10 to ACE and CloudPak implementation. Migration of applications from IIB10 to ACE on physical or VMs and then to containerization in CloudPak after everything stabilized.
  • Worked on moving applications from existing infrastructure to on-Prem ACE/ CloudPak.

Environment: IBM MQ 8x,9 x, IIB 10, ACE, LINUX, AIX, RHEL, PURE, DB2, Oracle SQL Developer, AWS, Tivoli, IR360, Splunk, JIRA, Teamtrack, MQ Admin GUI, IBM Key Management, IBM CloudPak

Confidential, Dublin, OH

IIB/MQ Consultant


  • Installation, Configuration, Integration and maintenance of IBM WebSphere MQ and IIB.
  • Created and configured Queue Managers, Queues, SSL Channels and Listeners for WebSphere MQ on AIX/Linux, Continuous Monitoring and MQ Queues Managers, MQ Objects including different channels, queues using MQ Explorer
  • Trained & Involved in working with AWS integrating to IIB.
  • Configured/added/removed/managed queue managers in a clustered environment.
  • Authentication and Authorization using LDAP.
  • Monitored and maintained MQ Objects in DEVELOPMENT, TEST and PRODUCTION Environments using MQ Explorer and IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal.
  • Monitored log files of Clusters, Queues and Queue Managers
  • Configured Publish/subscribe models.
  • Problem determination using Queue Manager Error logs.
  • Set Authorities on Queue Managers, Channels, and Queues.
  • Checked for and Set MQ Authorities for different Applications Teams.
  • Created/Configured MQSI ODBC, Policy Set, Policy Bindings.
  • Import / Export certificates on both MQ and IIB servers for both One way and two way SSL authentication.
  • Set up/assign/alter Various SOAP, HTTP, DEBUG ports.
  • Set up/configure ODBC/JDBC connections.
  • Create channel definition tables, binding files required for client connections.
  • Create/Configure Workload management policies for tuning IIB flows performance.
  • Involved in developing backup and recovery procedures.
  • Edited and Updated Cronjobs as and when required for rotating log files, backing up queue managers
  • Performance Tuning on Queue Managers and Channels
  • Maintained and Documented MQ Installs and Upgrades on various Platforms
  • Opened PMRs with IBM and documented the fixes.
  • Performed regular on-call duties like scheduled MQ bounces during server upgrades
  • Documented all upgrade and install procedures
  • Trained Team members on WebSphere Product support.

Environment: IBM MQ 9 x, IIB 10, LINUX, AIX, QC, Oracle SQL Developer, AWS, Tivoli, JIRA, IIB web GUI

Confidential, Woodland Hills, CA

IIB Consultant


  • Gather requirements, performing gap analysis and creation of detailed designs and Plans.
  • Carried out the full software development life cycle, including analyzing requirements, developing designs, implementing and testing web applications.
  • Unit/Integration/Performance Testing of Message Flows with various Testing tools such as SOAPUI, RFH UTIL
  • Implemented Agile best practices and processes using Scrum. Attending all scrum planning meetings including daily scrum calls to provide status and discuss requirements, current issues, risks, and future enhancements, sprint planning meeting, retrospectives, sprint review meetings.
  • Design, develop and implemented web applications using technical skills like WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) /IBM Integration Bus (IIB), Message Flows to interface with services producers and consumers, and callout components (e.g. using Java), various nodes for WebSphere MQ, Web Services, File, DB Connectivity that meet the business requirements of the organization.
  • Extended the existing production deployed applications to meet the business requirements. The software application in production doesn’t meet all the business needs and it requires various customizations to meet the business needs to get a unified look using technologies like complex XML Schema Document (XSD) design practices including creating complex types, XPath, XQuery, XSLT and ESQL. Understanding existing application details, control flow and enhance using various design principles and design patterns.
  • Translate design mockups into the functional and accessible production-ready code, Developing Message flows without Message set which used custom XSD/XSLT transformations to transform into XML and Fixed Length Message (TDS).
  • Developed message flows which performed XML/XSLT transformations, CWF-TDS transformations and conversions from one format to another, SOAP/HTTP XML to IMS (MRM) mappings and transformations.
  • Process XML messages with exceptions and perform Message transformations, translation, and validation for incoming messages, XML File lookups, database inserts, https posts and java calls to backend systems.
  • Implement Authentication and Authorization, using various technologies like Web Services Security (WS-Security), SSL (Encryption & Decryption), AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Auditing), Security Tokens, QAuth Implementation.
  • Configured AAA action-based on information available for digital signatures, certificates and generating key pairs and in accordance configuring mapping resources and mapping credentials.

Environment: IBM MQ 9 x, IIB 10, LINUX, AIX, QC, Oracle SQL Developer, RfhUtilc


Integration Lead (MQ/IIB/CD) / Service Delivery Specialist


  • Deliver new and complex high-quality Integration solutions using IIB/IBM MQ to clients in response to varying requirements
  • Created POC’s and providing solutions in case of new requirement.
  • Propose solution and designing the ESB applications according to the requirements.
  • Played a lead role in the administration, installation and maintenance MQ solutions, ensuring that all changes are performed professionally and with minimal operational impact
  • Translate customer requirements into formal requirements and design documents, establish specific solutions, and leading the efforts including programming and testing that culminate in client acceptance of the results.
  • Utilize in-depth knowledge of Enterprise application integration and other leading-edge products and technology in conjunction with industry and business skills to deliver solutions to customer.
  • Establish Quality Procedure for the team and continuously monitor and audit to ensure team meets quality goals.
  • Provided Administration support for WebSphere® MQ solutions on windows, AIX and z/OS environment
  • Ensured that the management capability for these systems are maintained and supported with the highest level of quality and availability, ensuring SLA targets are met
  • Troubleshoot Infrastructure and Application issues related to MQ/MB with proactive Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Facilitate Migration of MQ to higher versions
  • Provided infrastructure consulting and support to application development teams, Architect/design HA for MQ, Design and Implement security aspects related to MQ (OAM, SSL, Exits)
  • Architect/Design Clustering, Workload balancing in client environment
  • Educate/train the team on new releases of the IBM integration product
  • Conduct Product Specific Trainings at department and cross team/application level knowledge on ITIL process.
  • Successfully completed IBM Master blue training in WebSphere MQ on Z/OS platform and implemented in project as well.
  • Installation and configuration of OmegaMon XE for messaging agents to monitor the MQ and Broker components in Dev, Staging and Production environments.
  • Created and monitored MQ FTE transfers & Monitors.
  • Worked on Disaster Recovery activity.
  • Developed Shell Scripts on various UNIX platforms for monitoring IBM MQ and Data Transport File transfer.

Environment: WMQ7 x, 8 x, WMB 7 x, SOLARIS, LINUX, AIX, ISM Maximo, Qpasa, Tivoli, CD, Z/OS

Confidential, Sacramento, CA

Integration Lead / Middleware Administrator


  • Installed and Configured WebSphere MQ 7.0 Server & Client on Linux, HP UX and AIX.
  • Created all the required MQ objects for the communication between the MQ Servers.
  • Administered MQ objects like Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Process Definition, Clusters, and Name Lists.
  • Created Clusters of queue managers to simplify the overall administration process, to achieve workload balancing and to make the administration task easy.
  • Provide security by using Object Authority Manager.
  • Developed Shell Scripts on various UNIX platforms for monitoring WMQ.
  • Developed a clear documentation for every request/task related issues.
  • Worked with the Development team in testing the connection and functionality.
  • Configured WebSphere MQ channels to SSL for secured transmission of messages.
  • Worked with developers with the issues they are having while connecting to WebSphere MQ.
  • Worked with architecture team for naming conventions and design of WebSphere MQ.
  • Supported different environments like Development, QA and production.
  • Provided WebSphere MQ Workflow admin production support to redirect messages.
  • Provided support for various applications deployed on WebSphere Portal Server.
  • Utilized TCP/IP and UDP for various applications.
  • Installed and configured Qpasa monitoring tool on various platforms.
  • Produced and provided installation and configuration documentation for MQ, High Availability MQ and request/response documents for various web services.
  • Architect, integrate and configure applications to fully utilize the above technologies as well as DataPower, and other middleware technologies.
  • Responsible for preparation of deployment instructions and packages to propagate DataPower objects and files to higher environments from lower environments.
  • Mentored junior staff.
  • Provided 24X7 Supports for WMQ Infrastructure.

Environment: WMQ7.0, HP UX, DB2, AIX, QEdit, Python, Tivoli. DataPower XI52, DataPower XI50

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

Middleware Administrator


  • Installed and configured WMQ 7.0 on LINUX and Windows 2000.
  • Administered the WebSphere MQ Objects like Queue Manager, Queues and Channels.
  • Performed administrative tasks using MQSC commands.
  • Implemented backup and recovery of WMQ Objects.
  • Worked extensively with the MQ infrastructure teams to trouble shoot different problems faced in different environments as well to get the environment set-up.
  • Worked on adding, changing and removing the roles of users to access the Application, weekly.
  • Administered the operating systems which included clearing queues, modifying object attributes, starting and restarting queue managers, restarting channels, and supporting application development by helping resolve programming problems with MQI (MQ Application Programming Interface).
  • Daily tasks also included creating new queue manager objects such as channels or queues.
  • Monitor the Queue Manager Logs for unresolved messages stuck in the queues.

Environment: IBM WebSphere MQ 7.0, Linux, Windows 2000, XML, DB2, RfhUtil, DB2, Java 2.0, ESQL, HTML, Tivoli

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

QA Analyst


  • Created Test plan & Test Strategy and responsible for implementation of Test cases.
  • Participated in business requirement walk through, design walk through and analyzed Business requirements.
  • Involved in Functional testing, System Testing & Regression testing.
  • Validating the programs/code to make sure the translations are "as is state and to be State”.
  • Performed data base validations for every program.
  • Involved in running the defined processes in UNIX boxes and validating the trigger files.
  • Involved in screen validations and checking the files for timestamps.
  • Validating the Output files for every program.
  • Verification testing of ISDLC documentation and supporting documentation for traceability.
  • Used Quality Center to store all testing results, metrics, implemented Test Plan Document, created Test Cases, Defect Tracking & Reporting.
  • Used SQL queries in order to view successful transactions of data and for data validation.
  • Created Test plan & Test Strategy and responsible for implementation of Test cases as Manual test scripts.
  • Participated in business requirement walk through, design walk through and analyzed Business requirements.
  • Involved in Functional testing, System Testing & Regression testing.
  • Coordinated with testers, developers and business analysts in regular intervals to meet all the deadlines.
  • Develop test cases to ensure all requirements are covered and test conditions are covered
  • Perform test execution and ensure that all test cycles/conditions are successfully completed, and the results are documented in the appropriate system.
  • Log defects in HPQC and assist fix team in resolving defects as needed, and perform necessary defect validation and regression tests.
  • Used SQL queries in order to view successful transactions of data and for data validation.

Environment: Informix, SQL Server, HPQC

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