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Lead Software Engineer Resume


  • He has over 20+ yea rs’ experience in IT, including 10 years in e - commerce.
  • He has recently sold an online Point of Sale application that he designed, created, built, and now wishes to work in a team environment where he can contribute his extensive knowledge, skills and talent.
  • Results-oriented professional with proven skills set as a Senior Mobile Developer, including advanced technology, application development and data communication systems.
  • Innovative and tech-savvy professional with experience developing front end and backend point of sale as well as web systems/apps. Consistently demonstrated management, creative thinking and technical abilities.
  • Proven track record of delivering top quality software and technical innovations aimed at streamlining corporate operations and ensuring seamless organizational performance.
  • Comprehensive experience leveraging programming languages to attain desired objectives for enterprise growth.
  • Possess an unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence to achieve and exceed set business targets.



Lead Software Engineer


  • Developed and design of new software interfaces that interfaces to multiple hardware devices: Credit Card Terminals, Printers, Bar-code Scanners, Scales, Mobile Devices, Android/iOS POS terminals.
  • Coordinate design and implementation of Android/PHP MVC enterprise applications, collaborating with development teams, and client representatives to ensure on-time completion of project deliverables in an Agile/Scrum environment. Provide technical leadership to Senior/Junior Engineers, developing overall project architecture.
  • Design and develop Web applications/e-commerce and supervised the maintaining the content for .PHP-based systems. 
  • Communicate with major credit card processors to obtain certification(s) on numerous credit card networks.
  • Designed and developed Chicken Shack Online ordering. The franchises use the site to place supplies from the main warehouse. Implements, Xamarin, ASP.Net, MySQL.

Environment: MySQL, SQLite, Linux, Android, iOS, PHP, Windows, GennyMotion, PHP MVP Storm, HTML, HTML5., Ajax, HTML5, PHP MSV, Jquery,REST


Software Engineer/ System Integrator


  • Developed and design of .Net software (TACOM TRACKER) for US Army. Back-End reporting application was written in ASP.net. Front-End was Windows Mobile. The application was used to order replacement parts for military vehicles in Iraq. (MISSION CRITACAL APP)
  • Supported Sharepoint Servers on-site at US ARMY-TACOM-WARREN, MI.
  • Developed numerous .Net Web applications using ASP.net C#. MS-SQL databases(s).

Environment: MS-SQL, Windows, Windows Mobile, ASP.Net, VB6. HTLM, DOM


Lead System Engineer


  • Designed and developed Chicken Shack of Warren Point-Of-Sale (POS) System. Front-End was written in VB using windows XP. Back-End reporting was written ASP.Net. The POS a\was installed in all Chicken Shacks and was also installed in over a 100+ Little Caesars Stores.
  • Designed and developed CaesarTouch Enterprise Reporting. Used MS-SQL and ASP.Net
  • NeedChow online-ordering system. ASP.net site designed to allow customers to order Chicken Shack food on-line. The customers’ order would then be electronically transmitted to the store. An in-store web-service would identify that order was new send it to the POS.

Environment: Hosted MS-SQL,Windows, ASP.Net, VB6. HTLM, DOM

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