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Senior Bi Developer Resume


  • 7 years of extensive experience in Business Intelligence tools, Data Modeling and Data Warehousing in all phases of SDLC and AGILE methodologies.
  • Expertise in various data visualization tools QlikView, QlikSense, Power BI, ThoughtSpot and Tableau.
  • Expertise in handling QlikView components such as QlikView Desktop, QlikView Web Server, QlikView Publisher, and QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC).
  • Skillful in ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading), Operations Data Store concepts, data marts and OLAP - Online Analytical Processing technologies.
  • Participated in full life cycle of QlikView/Power BI dashboards including Project-Documentation, requirement gathering, design, develop, unit testing, deployment and support to production applications.
  • Expertise in writing complex DAX functions in Power BI and Power Pivot.
  • Expertise in Power BI, Power BI Pro, Power BI Mobile.
  • Expert in creating and developing Power BI Dashboards in to rich look.
  • Experience in Ad-hoc reports, data driven subscription reports by using Report Builder.
  • Good Knowledge in creating Set Analysis to provide customized functionality in QlikView/QlikSense applications.
  • Experience in creating TS upload scripts for loading data into ThoughtSpot and creating worksheets, pinboards in ThoughtSpot.
  • Good Experience in handling all Admins Tasks in ThoughtSpot, Power BI and QlikView.
  • Strong Experience in developing User Interfaces and QlikView Dashboards using Chart-Box (Drill Down, Drill up & Cyclic Grouping), List Boxes, Input Fields, Table Boxes, Calendars and with Charts (Pivot/Straight Tables, Pie-Charts, Gauge-Charts, Trellis).
  • Good experience in QlikView 12x/11x /QlikSense 3x, SQL Server 2012/2008R2 development and data migration.
  • Designed QlikView files to generate QlikView QVDs for faster and efficient data reloads.
  • Optimized existing data models including modifying load scripts and creating flag variables for faster reloads.
  • Implemented Strong Section Access/Sheet Access for security and data reduction in QlikView dashboards.
  • Involved in performance tuning of dashboards to limit the response time and enhance the functionality.
  • Built Pin Boards in ThoughtSpot and Improvised Tableau applications.
  • Experience in Version Control Tools like TFS, GITHUB AND SVN.
  • Good Knowledge in T-SQL, SSIS and SSRS which includes analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of applications, reports and databases. .
  • Very good experience in writing Transact-SQL (DML, DDL, DCL, DQL) quires.
  • Developed U-SQL scripts for processing massive amounts of data in a very familiar environment which is mainly used for Azure Data Lake Analytics.
  • Worked on creating Azure Data Factory for moving and transforming the data.
  • Worked with Azure Data Lake Store to capture data of any size, type, and ingestion speed in one single place for different operations.
  • Developed and tuned SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages and reporting services (SSRS) reports and models.
  • Played a major role in successfully completing my projects and effectively coordinating with team members, delivering in fast paced and highly effective environment.
  • A thorough professional with proactive attitude, out of the box thinking and generating new ideas.
  • A keen communicator with the ability to relate to people across all levels in the organization.


Databases: SQL Server 2008/2008R2/2012, Oracle 10g

Operating Systems: Windows Azure & Windows 2005/2008/2012/2016 Server, Windows 95/98/XP/NT, Linux

Business Intelligence Tools: QlikView, QlikSense, Power BI, Tableau, Thought Spot, SSRS,SSAS

Techniques/Tools: TWS, ER Diagrams, MS Visio, JIRA, TFS, GITHUB, Service Now, Asana

ETL Tools: Informatica, Alteryx, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Language: T-SQL, PL-SQL, XML, C/C++, HTML



Senior BI Developer


  • Involved in complete Agile Methodology by analyzing business requirements and understanding the functional work flow of information from source systems to destination systems.
  • Interaction with the client on daily basis to understand their existing application and extensively worked to confirm and clarify requirements and business logic.
  • Developed around 15 QlikView dashboards like PD Sector, Insight 360, Partner 360, Employee 360, Advisory I360, Advisory Executive Summary and Treasury etc.
  • Worked on QlikView Server and Publisher, to manage user access, schedule refreshing of documents, mount completed applications.
  • Worked on data modeling and developed different complex models as per given user requirement without any closed loops, Synthetic tables and ambiguous relationships.
  • Designed an application to support the dashboard style of layouts using different components of QlikView Enterprise like List boxes, Multi boxes, slider, current selections box, buttons, charts, text objects, bookmarks etc.
  • Created QVD’s, QVW’s files and scheduled the tasks in Publisher to reload them.
  • Created TQL scripts to load data into ThoughtSpot for BI analytics.
  • Created worksheets and pinboards in ThoughtSpot.
  • Worked on ThoughtSpot and migrated excel based reports into ThoughtSpot.
  • Managed Users and Groups and has view and edit access to all data. Users with this privilege can also download a saved answer in ThoughtSpot.
  • Granted users access to different capabilities in ThoughtSpot.
  • Created pinboard schedules and edit their own scheduled jobs in ThoughtSpot Server.
  • Added row-level security (RLS) rules, added/edited/deleted existing RLS rules and uncheck Bypass RLS on a worksheet in ThoughtSpot.
  • Performed ThoughtSpot cluster Backup and Restore.
  • Scheduled Automatic refresh and scheduling refresh in Power BI service.
  • Wrote calculated columns, Measures query’s in power bi desktop to show good data analysis techniques.
  • Weekly presentation to the business users about the reports and their changes as required.
  • Worked on all kind of reports such as Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, and Daily.
  • Worked on all types of transformations that are available in Power BI query editor
  • Used various sources to pull data into Power BI such as SQL Server, SAP BW, Oracle, SQL Azure.
  • Created PBIX model from Direct Query/live connection relationship on underlying columns. Direct Query, M-Query, optimize the resulting SQL code and M Query. DAX Calculations and Time Intelligence (Rolling 12 Months Total) set up gateway data refresh.
  • Created DAX formulas provide calculate month-over-month growth compared to Business.
  • Scheduling reports in app work space, publish from Excel, Data gateway, creating content Pack, simulate a table relationship in DAX , users can consume content that is embedded from an app workspace (group).
  • Created Azure Blob Storage for Import/Export data to/from . CSV File .
  • Configured and deployed the application on QlikView server and Imported data from different sources Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, XML files, QVDs and flat files using OLE DB/ODBC.
  • Exposure to client interaction, user-requirement analysis and User support.
  • Participated in design and code reviews, QA/UAT testing, enhancement design and development, and deployment to support day-to-day business operations.
  • Request for Change (RFC) for Change Management Request (CMR) for moving applications from development to testing and to production during sprints.
  • Led a staff of four other developers in the software testing process before the launch of a series of new products, improving the timeline by two weeks.
  • Full understanding of the processes of data quality, data cleansing and data transformation.
  • Apply security to document (section access) and QMC server level (reduction, distribution and loop.
  • Centralized the list of users having access to multiple applications in QlikView such that it is easy to track which user has access to which application.
  • Wrote QlikView and SQL scripts to load relevant data and uses VB macro and set analysis to create customized reports for regulatory reporting, US regional and CFO infra.
  • Developed Analytical applications through the utilization of QlikView desktop client, QlikView/QlikSense Server, Publisher and QlikView/QlikSense Enterprise management console.
  • Developed numerous levels of security through Qlikview11 (Hidden Script, Section Access, Document/ Sheet level Security, and Active Directory).
  • Implemented tasks to schedule QVD generation and Dashboard refreshes at regular intervals and appropriate dependencies.
  • Developed and modified existing tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers and cursors.
  • Developed SQL Queries to fetch complex data from different tables from remote databases.
  • Developed SQL Queries to fetch complex data from different tables in remote database using joins, database Links and formatted the results into reports and kept logs Job duties.

Environment: / Tools: QlikView 12/11x/10 (Desktop, Server/Publisher), Oracle 11g, QlikSense, Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx, Though Spot 6.0.4, Informatica PowerCenter, Service Now, Asana, SQL Server 2012/2008, MS- Access, SharePoint, Windows Server 2008, Toad 9.0, TFS, SSMS, TFS.


MSBI Developer


  • Involved in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process by analyzing business requirements and understanding the functional work flow of information from Source systems to destination systems.
  • Analyzing the business requirements of the product and create technical specification document.
  • Developed SQL Queries to fetch complex data from different tables in remote database Using JOINS, database Links and formatted the results into reports and kept logs Job duties.
  • Created Check constraints to maintain data integrity.
  • Modified and Create Joins to Improve the Database and execution speed.
  • By creating various clustered, non-clustered indexes and indexed views optimized the database.
  • Created Dashboard with different style using QlikView components like List Box, Slider, Buttons, charts and bookmarks.
  • Implemented Star schema & snow flake schema (confirmed dimensions).
  • Developed Linked Tables, Concatenation and solved the loops issues.
  • Responsible for streamlining reporting system using an MS Access Database with ODBC connection to Sybase Tables.
  • Develops KPIs and set analysis application with QlikView functions (join, concatenate, keep, apply map).
  • Wrote new Stored Procedures for new system and optimized old Store Procedures and Functions on Production Server.
  • Designed and Developed matrix, tabular and parametric Reports using SSRS 2012.
  • Designed SSRS reports using table filters, single value parameters, multi value parameters and Cascading parameters.
  • Analysis created SSIS package to load data from Flat File (2GB -- 4GB) to Flat File and Flat File to SQL Server 2008 using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup , Derived Columns, Condition Split , Term Extraction, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation , Slowly Changing Dimension .
  • Log Shipping for Automated Process for backing up , restoring, copying the transaction logs and synchronizing the database for distributed database server application which can improve the application performance and availability of database.
  • Used SQL Loader to load the data from flat files and CV files into the database.
  • Developed user interfaces, menus and coded different PL/SQL objects for Forms and Reports .
  • Provided training to development teams on how to track, plan and analyze Using JIRA.
  • Create team specific agile process flow in JIRA to move tasks from one activity to another.

Environment: / Tools: MS-SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2, T-SQL, Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/2015/2017 , QlikView 11x Desktop, QlikView Publisher 9, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, MS Operations, Windows Server 2007/XP, SQL Server Profiler, JIRA, SVN.


BI Developer


  • Performed System Study and Requirements Analysis, prepared Data Flow Diagrams, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Data Diagrams, Table Structures.
  • Involved in analysis of report design requirements and actively participated and interacted with Team Lead, Technical Manager and Lead Business Analyst to understand the business requirements.
  • Created views to facilitate easy user interface implementation, and triggers on them to facilitate consistent data entry into the database.
  • Modified and Create Joins to Improve the Database and execution speed.
  • Created data queries and reports using Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, SSRS, and Excel.
  • Created custom queries/reports designed for quality verification and information sharing.
  • Used SQL, PowerPoint, Excel and Info View daily to generate various performance reports for analysis.
  • Worked on QlikView Server and Publisher, to manage user access, schedule refreshing of documents, mount completed applications.
  • Wrote new Stored Procedures for new system and optimized old Store Procedures and Functions on Production Server.
  • Improved data load performance by analyzing database design and query plans.
  • Extensively used for all and bulk collect to fetch large volumes of data from table.
  • Applying constraints and writing triggers to apply the business rules.
  • Involved in handling errors and transaction processing in the procedures.
  • Supported team in resolving SQL Reporting Services and T-SQL related issues and proficiency in creating different types of reports.
  • Coordinated with DBA in creating and managing Tables, Indexes, Triggers, and Privileges.

Environment: / Tools: SQL Server 2008R2,2012, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Oracle 11g, Query Analyzer, Visual Source Safe 2012, MS Excel 2007, Windows Server 2007/XP, SQL Server Profiler, JIRA, SVN.

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