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Aws Data Pipeline Engineer Resume


  • Project management & Team Motivation, Project Budgeting
  • Team leadership/Security Awareness.
  • AWS (EC2, EBS, S3, Redshift, IAM, AMI, ELB, SNS, Athena, Redshift Spectrum
  • NACL, Security Groups, Route53, VPC, VPC Peering, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch
  • AWS Glue, Development Endpoint, EMR, EMR Notebook, Kinesis, Lambda, CloudFormation
  • Apache Spark, Hive, Hue, Zeppelin notebook.
  • SQL, PLSQL, TSQL, HiveQL, SparkSQL, Pyspark, Python, RDS.
  • Prioritizing/Multi - Tasking
  • Data Warehousing, BI, SAP BO, OWB, OBIE, Tableau, Data Analysis
  • A Process Improvement, Automated/Manual Testing
  • Streamlining Efforts, Product Development



AWS Data Pipeline Engineer


  • I took on the responsibility of automating the scorecard processes for delivery Associates
  • I created a data pipeline which ingest route data, mentor data and DA’s attendance by creating a glue workflow leveraging CloudWatch, lambda and SNS
  • Created an S3 datalake with fine grain access using lake formation which can also be queried using Athena and Redshift spectrum.
  • I used EMR for batch data ETL while leveraging spark, hive, presto, pig ganglia etc. on the Hadoop framework by submitting jobs using steps in the EMR cluster.
  • I Used amazon QuickSight data visualization and dashboard to get pictorial insight into driver’s driving behavior, which has helped the company to improve the safety of drivers by 30% and also helped drivers to earn bonuses.

AWS Data Analyst



  • Involved in sorting and scanning packages at a consistent high pace which earned me a green vest.
  • Involved in picking routes and loading packages for last mile delivery.
  • Supported and assisted customers with their orders.
  • Inputs and processes orders received into the company computer system at an exceptional pace.
  • Researches and responds to questions concerning concerts and events.
  • Provides information about upcoming events, specials and concerts

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