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Consultant Resume


  • 10+ years software development experience in a variety of industries
  • Always get my assignment done in good quality and on schedule even they were new technologies
  • Hands on experience of large scale, full Software Development Life Cycle project
  • Outstanding expertise in all aspects of IIB 9/10, WMQ V5 and V6, WMQI V2.02/V2.1, WBIMB/WMQI V5 and WBIMB/WMQI V6 including analysis, design, implementation and administration.
  • Outstanding expertise in analyzing, designing, architecting, integrating, developing and managing large scale distributed enterprise systems
  • Self motivated, responsible, team player


  • IIB, IBM Integration Bus, API Connect, SOA, Micro services, API Manager, Data Power, SoapUI, Ready API, OAuth, SSL, JWT
  • Configurable service, MQ - MFT, Pub/Sub, MQ Service definitions, Operational policies, Integration Registry,WSRR
  • Embedded global cache, WebSphere eXtreme Scale, Configurable service, X.509 Certificate, SAML assertion
  • Kerberos GSS, LTPA v2 token, Universal WSSE token, WS-Trust V1.3 STS, TFIM V6.2, SFTP, Operational Decision Manager, Decision service, YAML, RAML, Node.js, JOSE, OpenID.
  • Tools: Eclipse, Mercurial, Jenkins, Crucible, Tortoisehg, API Exerciser. RFHUtil, RAD,WID, Maven, Ant, LDAP, PVCS, Ant, TFS, GIT, PVCS, CVS, ClearCase, JUnit, XMLSpy, Digester, Castor, TestDirector, SVN, NetTool,
  • Languages and methodologies: BPEL,ESQL,Java, Swing, JSP/Servlet, EJB, Java Mail, JSTL, JDBC, JMS, JMX CORBA, RMI, XML, XSLT, UDDI, WSDL, RUP, Agile, DOJO, SDLC, CMMI, log4j, Logback
  • Frameworks: Struts, JSP, Hibernate, Spring, Xdoclet
  • Servers: WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache, Tomcat
  • Platforms: AIX, Solaris, MVS
  • RDBMS: DB2, Oracle, SQL-Server, IMS, MySQL





  • HL7 xml schema version 1.2 validation is an obstacle there blocking the progress of their application, I mainly hired to conquer this obstacle. Designed and developed solution conquered this obstacle successfully.
  • Working on HL7 processing message flow for Kentucky Health Information ExchangeDesigned and developed java node doing certification signature validation
  • Designed and developed java procedure for XSLT transformation.
  • Worked on design and development of flows processing HL7 message using policy driven framework applying dynamic business rules.
  • Policy business files are hosted in WSRR
  • Worked on design and development of error handling sub flow making it as shared library
  • Worked on design and development of logging sub flow making it as shared library
  • Worked on design and development of file node to get logging configuration file storing it in shared variable
  • Used java node for implement cache.
  • Implemented XSLT transformation in XSLT node, in java procedure, in ESQL procedure running a list of XSLT transformation effectively.




  • Implemented integration service and rest service using mapping node using IIB 10.
  • Made good use of database retrieve node.
  • Experienced on using Connection wizard/SAP/ ALE pass-through IDoc/ Synchronous RFC/ Asynchronous RFC
  • Worked on message broker/IIB development and solution design of many versions, used all kind of notes
  • Design and developed message publish flow
  • Expert on using Decision Service node, imported business rules from ODM to IIB, configured Decision Service Repository to get external rules from IBM Operational Decision Manager(ODM), and coded business rules in IIB.
  • Experienced on creating business rules, rule flows in ODM with java and xml schema XOM.
  • Worked on Pub-Sub of events
  • Expert on develop java compute node using JAXB API/Plugin/DOM API.
  • Designed and developed solution using Kafka nodes
  • Designed and developed solution using file input and file output nodes, callable nodes, TCPIP nodes
  • Designed and developed solution using compute node to load data from MQ into many related tables with transaction mode
  • Designed and developed solution of loading EDI 837 file into database with WTX doing the first level of parsing.
  • Designed and developed solution using message mapping nodes.
  • Queried providers from database, output to files with SFTP with database and file nodes
  • Designed and developed parallel processing message flows used aggregation nodes, group nodes, also just simply used MQGet node that is of my own invention and it is of good performance, easy to understand and easy to maintain, that case is of one flow path calling IBM mainframe to get provider and another flow path calling an external soap service to get provider, both paths are running parallelly instead of running sequentially, when both calls get returned, merge the providers from them into one response.
  • Have very good working knowledge of SalesforceRequest node
  • Have very good understanding of JDEdwards Input and request nodes, of adding dependent files to environment, setting access account with broker commands, creating adapter component with Adapter Connection wizard, creating configurable service, mapping method call to label for routing, specifying message format.
  • Experienced with IBM business event, WTX event, ODM event business rule.

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