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Tableau Developer Resume

San Antonio, TexaS


  • Over 6 years of Information Technology Industry experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Administration and Implementation of various Business Intelligence tools including Tableau Desktop/Server, SSIS,SSRS, SSAS, Informatica, MS SQL Server, Oracle SQL and MySQL.
  • Experience in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Public in various versions of Tableau 2019.1, 2019.3,10x/ 9x/ 8x/7x
  • Proficient in Maintaining, installing, configuring and administrating the Tableau Server in all environments and experience in creating Tableau Mobile dashboards.
  • Experience in Tableau administration duties that comprised upgrading Tableau Servers, user & user groups creation, managing licenses and data connections, set up of security features, scheduling tasks and embedding views in Tableau Server.
  • Expertise in designing, creating, developing and publishing of various dashboards, reports utilizing various Tableau Visualizations like Dual Axes, Bar Graphs, Scatter Plots, Pie - Charts, Heat Maps, Bubble Charts, Tree Maps, Funnel Charts, Box Plots, Waterfall Charts, Donut Charts and 100% Stacked-Bar Charts and Geographical Visualizations and more also making use of actions, local and global filters according to the Client requirement.
  • Experience in creating Sets, Joins, Bins, Hierarchies, Sorting, Grouping, Legends, Table calculations, Functions and Parameters.
  • Expert in performing Tableau data extracts, Data blending, Dashboard actions and Row-level security.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy the Rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down Menu option and Parameterized using Tableau.
  • Developed complex reports using multiple measures like Individual Axes, Dual Axes and Blended Axes to demonstrate Sales KPIs, Metrics namely Sales Funnel Leakage and Marketing Collateral Usage.
  • Effectively used Data Blending Feature in Tableau to build Analytical Report from various data sources like MS Access, Excel, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Teradata and Oracle on a single worksheet.
  • Performed ETL(Extract, Transform and Load) process of data directly from different source systems using SSIS and Informatica.
  • Outstanding knowledge in Star / Snow flake Schema Modeling, which includes understanding Business Process, Modeling Dimensions, Facts and Physical and Logical data Modelling.
  • Hands-On experience in implementing Queries in SQL SERVER including User Defined Functions, Stored Procedures, Customized Aggregate Functions, View, CTE, Index etc.
  • Experienced in migration of data with SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service) as an ETL tool for Data Integration Services and Business Applications. Created several SSIS packages using various data transformations like Conditional Splitting, Derived Column, Fuzzy Lookup, Multi Column and Cast Conversion.
  • Conducted incremental load of the data using SSIS and performed Data Automation using SQL Agent Jobs.
  • Efficiently performed Data Conversion and Data Migration using SSIS and DTS (Data Transformation Services) across different data sources like SQL Server, Flat Files and MS Access.
  • Worked extensively on configuring the Report Server, scheduling Report Manager and gave permissions to different level users in SQL Server Reporting Server(SSRS).
  • Strong knowledge in Trouble-shooting, Performance tuning of reports and resolve issues within Tableau.
  • Experience with all phases and methodologies of Software Development Life Cycle including Waterfall, Agile/Scrum and RUP.


  • Tableau Desktop 10x, 9x, 8x, 7x, Tableau Server, MS SQL Server
  • SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, Informatica, Teradata, Oracle, Netezza
  • MS Access, MS Excel, DB2, HP Quality center, Microsoft Visio, C#
  • T-SQL, XML, PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, VBScript, UML, Rational rose, JIRA.


Confidential, San Antonio,Texas

Tableau Developer


  • Project was to create a BCC(Be a Compliant Company) portfolio which shows the status of the Program, Project, Deliverables and Milestones for a business team.
  • Worked with KDIM Team as a Tableau Developer/Data Analyst where I have built the queries using Netezza and Oracle SQL and converted them to Tableau Reports.
  • Worked closely with the Business team to understand the requirements and analyzed the data and suggested them with the efficient data visualization techniques.
  • Actively participated in interaction with Users, Team Lead and Technical Managers to fully understand the requirements of the system.
  • Created multiple POCs(Proof Of Concept) and presented it to the team for reviewing and worked on the iterations until the model was finalized.
  • Built Complex Dashboards according to the client requirements which were published to the Tableau Server.
  • Worked with latest versions of Tableau Desktops and Server.
  • Developed SQL queries and CSV files based on the SAS code to build the dashboards.
  • Worked with Business Team and multiple stake holders at the same time and assisted them with understanding the visualization.
  • Created KPI dashboards and Ad-Hoc Reports using SQL, Excel and Tableau based on the client’s requirements.
  • Performed performance tuning on dashboards which took longer to load and used best techniques like using extracts, less quick filters and show less marks on the dashboards.
  • Built functionalities by writing conditions to incorporate with various metrics and hands on experience on LOD expressions, Data-blending, Actions, Filters, Parameters, Grouping in both Excel and Tableau.
  • Developed story telling dashboards in Tableau Desktop and published them onto Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on-demand needed information.
  • Created Row-Level Security and shared the reports with functional or Business users.
  • Worked towards delivering MVP(Minimum Viable Product) using Agile methodology and participated in daily standup and sprint meetings.
  • Involved in analyzing and reviewing data from various sources like Netezza, Excel and CSV and performed joins and data blending techniques accordingly.

Environment: Tableau Desktop2019.1, 2019.3, Microsoft Excel, CSV, Tableau Server, SAS(Statistical Analysis Systems) SQL Server, PL/SQL, MS Office, Slack, JIRA, Rally, Netezza, Oracle SQL.

Confidential, Dallas, Tx

Tableau Developer


  • Gathered and analyzed the business requirements and then translated to technical specifications and designed documents for development.
  • Actively participated in interaction with Users, Team Lead, DBA's and Technical Managers to fully understand the requirements of the system.
  • Worked extensively using EXCEL to validate the data and use them as the source data files.
  • Analyzed the data using statistical features in Tableau to develop Trend Analysis.
  • Provided the mock-up visuals to speed up the requirement visualizations.
  • Hands-on experience in creating and modifying the worksheets and data visualization dashboards.
  • Created LOD(Level Of Detail) expressions data source columns that are computed for each row in the underlying data.
  • Created Data Source Level Filter, Context Filter and Cascading Filters to improve the performance and user flexibility.
  • Performed tuning of reports and resolving issues with Tableau Server.
  • Created Side by Side bars, Scatter Plots, Stacked Bars, Heat Maps, Filled Maps and Symbol Maps according to deliverable specifications.
  • Used Trend Lines, Log Axes, Groups, Hierarchies and Sets to create a detail level summary report and Dashboard using KPIs.
  • Involved in fixing the bugs and handled the CR (Change Requests) & Interacted with client for the requirement for different CRs and bug fixing after client site testing.
  • Created Tableau worksheet which involves Schema Import, Implementing the business logic by customization.
  • Knowledge on Tableau server such Hosting and Embedding the views in a web page.
  • Created Relationships, Actions, Data Blending, Filters, Parameters, Hierarchies, Calculated Fields, Sorting, Groupings, Live connections In-memory in both Tableau and Excel.
  • Worked extensively with Advance analysis Actions, Background images and Maps.
  • Worked as a Developer in creating complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Tables and other SQL code and SQL Joins for applications.
  • Extensively used PL/SQL in constructing User Functions, Views, Indexes, User Profiles, Relational Database Models, Data Dictionaries and Data Integrity.
  • Identified the key facts and dimensions that are necessary to support the business requirements and developed the Logical Dimensional Models.
  • Created SSIS Packages by extracting data from various sources like Text Files, Excel and Databases.
  • Worked with various Control flow and Data flow tasks based on requirements.
  • Used various Transformations in SSIS which includes Merge files, Conditional Split, Aggregate, Union All, Derived column, Look up, Fuzzy Lookup, Pivot and Un-Pivot.

Environment: Tableau Desktop10.0v, MSSQL Server 2017, SQL BI Suite, SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS), Microsoft Excel, PL/SQL, MS Office, Visual Studio 2010.

Confidential, Dallas, Texas

Tableau Developer


  • Worked directly with Business lines in Customer care, Loans, Management Information System, Card management to gather dashboard requirements for development.
  • Extensive experience in reviewing those business requirements and analyzing data sources form Excel/Oracle SQL Server to Design, Develop, Test reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Created views in Tableau Desktop that were published to internal team for review and further data analysis and customization using Filters and Actions.
  • Created Heat Maps showing current service subscribers by color that were broken into regions allowing business Users to understand where we have most users vs. least users.
  • Projected and Forecasted future growth by developing reports to show in detail.
  • Converted charts into Crosstabs for further underlying data analysis in MS Excel.
  • Created Bullet graphs to determine profit generation by using measures and dimensions data from Oracle, SQL Server and MS Excel.
  • Blended data from multiple databases into one report by selecting primary keys from each database for data validation.
  • Combined various workbooks into interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop that were presented to Business Users, Program Managers and End Users.
  • Reviewed basic SQL Queries and edited inner, left and right Joins in Tableau Desktop by connecting Live/Dynamic and Static datasets.
  • Developed story telling dashboards in Tableau Desktop and published them on to Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on demand needed information.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.
  • Tested dashboards to ensure data was matching as per the business requirements and if there were any changes in underlying data.
  • Collaborate with development team on data approach for coding Understand data guidelines, and understand data sources available, what is new based on requirements, and how the project will impact common data stores
  • Participated in meetings, reviews, and user group discussions as well as communicating with stakeholders and business groups.

Environment: MySQL, Oracle, Essbase, Teradata, SQL Server, Source System Applications and Data Visualization Tableau 8x Desktop and Server, MS Excel.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

Tableau Developer


  • Involved in designing and deploying Rich graphic visualizations with Slice Menu and Drop-Down menu option and parameterized using Tableau.
  • Extensive worked with Tableau Administration Tool, Tableau Interactive Dashboards and Tableau suite.
  • Designed and implemented proof of concept solutions and created advanced BI visualizations using Tableau platform.
  • Involved in reviewing business requirements and analyzing data sources from Excel/Oracle SQL Server for Design, Development, Testing, and Production rollover of reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Involved in creating database objects like Tables, Views, Procedures, Triggers, Functions using SQL to provide definition, structure and to maintain data efficiently.
  • Created Stored Procedures, Cursors, Joins in T-SQL.
  • Responsible for creating reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and created various types of reports like Table Report, Trend Charts etc.
  • Deployed, Tested and Scheduled SSIS Packages.
  • Involved in testing the SQL Scripts for Report development, Tableau reports, Dashboards, Scorecards and handled the performance issues effectively.
  • Configured Cache settings which improved the performance of the dashboards and report schedules and also created Custom Hierarchies to meet the business requirement on Tableau server.
  • Created Workbooks and dashboards for analyzing statistical billing data in Tableau Desktop and published them on to Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on demand needed information.
  • Developed formatted, complex and reusable formula reports and reports with advanced features such as Conditional formatting, Custom functions usage, and Multiple grouping reports in Tableau.
  • Utilized advanced features of Tableau software like to link data from different connections together on one dashboard and to filter data in multiple views at once.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business change to ensure that the views and dashboards were displaying the changed data accurately.

Environment: Tableau Desktop/Server, Oracle, SQL, T-SQL, SSRS, SSIS, MS SQL Server, Windows, MS Excel/Access.


SQL Developer / Tableau Report Developer


  • Applied Normalization rules in designing the Database.
  • Created Entity relationship diagrams, Function relationship diagrams, Data Flow diagrams and enforced all referential integrity constraints.
  • Extracted the data from various sources like SQL Server, Text files, and access into Data Warehouse.
  • Worked with SQL Server, SSIS technologies and has a good Data Warehouse knowledge.
  • Performed Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) source data into respective target tables to build the required data marts.
  • Prepared dashboards using Calculated fields, Parameters, Calculations, Groups, Sets and Hierarchies in Tableau.
  • Worked with the application developers and provided necessary SQL Scripts using T-SQL.
  • Extensively used Joins and sub-Queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple tables.
  • Reviewed basic SQL queries and edited inner, left, and right joins in Tableau Desktop by connecting live/dynamic and static datasets.
  • Expertise in designing and creating various analytical reports and dashboards to help users to identify critical KPIs and facilitate strategic planning in the organization.
  • Designed Database objects including Tables, Procedures, Views and Database triggers on SQL Server Database.
  • Involved in Tableau Server Installation and Configuration, creating users, groups, and projects and assigning access levels.
  • Created SSIS Jobs and scheduled Packages using SQL Server Management Studio for the Daily Load.
  • Worked with T/ SQL to create new stored procedures and also to modify the already existing procedures as per the change requirements from users.

Environment: Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server2008, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, Windows, Tomcat, Microsoft Visual Studio, ERWIN.

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