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Senior Bi Developer Resume


  • Seven plus years of experience in full life cycle development involving analysis, design, development, deployment, testing, implementation, maintenance and support of large data warehouse applications in Web - based and Client/Server environment.
  • Experience in IBM Cognos 8 BI Suite (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Metric Studio, and Analysis Studio), IBM Cognos 10 and 11 BI Suite (Framework Manager, Report Studio, Query Studio, Workspace, Workspace Advanced, Event Studio, Analysis Studio, and Cognos Administration).
  • Expertise in Framework Manger modeling (Physical Layer, Business Layer, Presentation layer, and Packages) and also reviewed the Framework Manager model developed by other team members.
  • Expertise in complex report building with Report Studio, created Scorecard reports using Metric Studio.
  • Created Active Reports which made offline analytics easy to get truly portable Business Intelligence.
  • Customized reports using HTML and JAVA Scripts.
  • Strong knowledge with Power Play Transformer model design and Power play cube building which involves creating multi-dimensional cubes.
  • Developed Power Play reports to be published in to report net server.
  • Migrated code from Cognos 8.4 to 10.2.1, and Cognos 10.2.1 to Cognos 11.1. Also, deployed packages from development and test environments to production environment.
  • Experience with BTEQ to write SQL Scripts and validate data.
  • Strong experience in Teradata, Oracle, and SQL server as a backend support for Cognos reports.
  • Experience in OLTP/OLAP system study, analysis and ER Modeling. Maintaining database schemas like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema used in relational and dimensional modeling.
  • Extensive experience in Data Warehousing tools including Informatica, and SSIS. Data Modeling tools like Erwin using Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL Server databases.
  • Worked on Informatica Mappings (Transformations) to load the data into reporting database.
  • Extensive work on Data Extraction with Oracle 10g & 11g, SQL Server & MS-Access.
  • Involved in creating and working with PL/SQL stores procedures, and triggers.


Reporting Tools: Cognos 8.4, 10.1, 10.2, 10.2.1, 11.1.x BI Suite (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Query Studio, Report Studio and Analysis Studio), & Cognos EP Series 7.5 (Power play Transformer, Power play Windows/Web, Impromptu, Upfront).

ETL Tools: Informatica, SSIS, and Data Stage.

Operating Systems: Windows 7,8, & 10, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, Windows XP (2007 & 2008) Professional, & UNIX-AIX.

Webservers: IIS, Tomcat, & Apache.

LDAP Servers: Active Directory & Apache Directory.

Programming Skills: Visual basic, SQL, & PL/SQL.

Databases: MS Access, MS SQL Server 2008 & 2010, Oracle 10g/11g/12c, MySQL, Toad, & Teradata.



Senior BI Developer


  • Designed DMR models with Relational Data using Framework Manager and deploy packages to Cognos connection.
  • Created Database Layer, Intermediate layer and Presentation Layer by defining appropriate relationship between query subjects and fact table in Framework Manager.
  • Created Star Schema grouping and dimension hierarchy in Framework Manager model.
  • Defined relationships and cardinality between query subjects, build models containing query subjects, query items, and namespaces from scratch as well as from imported metadata in Framework manager.
  • Implemented Framework manager security for Data access, Object level access and Package access based on the organization level.
  • Upgraded/migrated the reports and packages from Cognos version 8.4 to 10.2.1 and 10.2.1 to 11.1.1.
  • Developed dashboards, list, cross tab, drill through, master-detail, chart and complex reports which involve multiple prompts in Report Studio.
  • Designed OLAP Reports using most of the Report studio features (Conditional Formatting/Page layout, sections, page breaks, sorting, summaries, grouping, drill down, and drill through).
  • Customized reports using HTML and JAVA SCRIPTS.
  • Involved in upgrade of Cognos application from 10.2.1 to 11 (Cognos Analytics).
  • Involved in migration of MS access application to Oracle DB.
  • Performed detailed support tasks in Cognos 11 by writing test scripts to verify data and scheduling reports within the environment.
  • Created technical specification documents for analysts so that they understand more regarding reports and its development.
  • Involved in setting up sign-on for Groups/Roles to secure the reports in Cognos connection.
  • Worked on bug fixing, enhancements to reports in Report Studio and metadata models in Framework Manger.
  • Created technical specification documents for analysts so that they understand more regarding reports and its development.

Environment: Cognos Analytics 11.x, Cognos 10.2.2 & 10.2.1 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Query Studio Report Studio, Metric Studio, Analysis Studio, Event Studio, and Transformer), Informatica 10.2, JavaScript & HTML, Oracle Database (10g, 11g, & 12c), VB Script, MS Access, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, mySQL, SQL Server 2008/2010, Windows Server 2008 & 2012, and Windows 7 & 10.


Systems Analyst/ BI Developer


  • Worked with Business users and Stake holders in gathering requirements and write report specifications accordingly.
  • Designed Cognos Framework Manager model with different layers such as Database, Business and Presentation layer.
  • Imported metadata from multiple sources, created subject-oriented model and published it into Cognos connection.
  • Implemented package level security in Framework manager and folder level security in Cognos connection by defining LDAP groups and roles.
  • Modeled metadata from Oracle data source for use in Report studio and Query Studio using Framework Manager.
  • Worked on Analysis Studio to develop multi-dimensional reporting. Analyzed Business requirements from the analysts.
  • Analyze and map data from source systems to target operational data stores and data marts (Data warehouse).
  • Developed reports using Conditional Formatting, Cascading Prompts, Optional prompts, Report Bursting and System Development Kit (SDK) by java scripts and Eclipse at the back end.
  • Upgraded the report and packages from COGNOS version 8.4 to 10.1 and participated in the regression testing and unit testing.
  • Implemented security with LDAP and Group level security in Cognos Connection Portal.
  • Created reports with Optional filters and custom prompt pages (using HTML and JavaScript) in Report Studio, Drill through reports from Dashboard to all summary/Trend reports, Trend reports to Summary reports, Summary to Detail reports and also Active Reports which provides an interactive analytics experience in a self-contained Cognos Business Intelligence application for browsing and exploring data offline.

Environment: Cognos 8.4/10.1/10.2 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Query Studio Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos SDK, Transformer and Event Studio), Teradata, Hyperion, JavaScript and HTML, Oracle Data Integrator(ODI), Oracle Database 10g, Cognos Transformer 8.4, Active Reports, TM1, Windows XP Professional, VB Script, T-SQL, XML and HTML.


System Analyst/BI Developer


  • Worked with business users and coordinated with application developers to understand and capture data/reporting requirements and developing specification documents for reports as per requirements.
  • Used Cognos 10.2.1 BI Framework Manager to Build Models (Semantic layers, Cardinality, Relationships, Query subjects), Packages and publish packages to Cognos connection and implemented security for the packages.
  • Created complex reports using Cognos 10.2.1 BI Report Studio and ad-hoc reports using Query Studio .
  • Developed complex reports from lists, Crosstabs through complex dashboards, Conditional formatting, Drill through, & Master-Detail reports for end users.
  • Created complex dashboards and published to Cognos Connection portal.
  • Developed multidimensional models (DMR) and published packages using framework manager and then generated reports from these packages.
  • Created Prompts, Calculations, Filters, Developing Prompt pages and Conditional Variables using Report Studio.
  • Created and supported Cognos Transformer models and cubes. Involved in implementing security at transformer level by creating custom views.
  • Tested and validated the report output against database to measure performance of reports.
  • Scheduled and distributed reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection . Involved in Performance Tuning of reports in Report Studio.
  • Deployed Reports, Packages and Folders from DEV to UAT and from UAT to Prod environments.
  • Involved in writing queries in SQL server. Trained end users effectively to use reporting tool, to build and customize their ad-hoc reports.
  • Upgraded Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10. 2.1.
  • Upgraded reports from Cognos 8.4 to Cognos 10.2.1 and created new active reports in Cognos 10.2.1.
  • Involved in extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL ) solutions using SQL server integration services.
  • Used Active Directory to define Users, Groups and Roles and providing the single sign on option for the users.
  • Extracted the data from Relational Database, Flat Files, FTP and loaded into the target Data warehouse
  • Supported all production BI applications.
  • Used Service Manager to close the tickets that were opened by the users and other teams. And also, used Clear Quest for production requests

Environment: Cognos 8.4, 10.2.1 (Framework Manager, Query studio, Report Studio), Cognos 7.5 (Impromptu Administrator, Impromptu Web Reports, Cognos Powerplay Transformer, Powerplay User, Upfront Administration, Access Manager LDAP server, Configuration manager), Windows XP, Windows 7, SQL Server2008/2010, SSIS, Oracle 10g, Teradata R13/R14 and Teradata SQL Assistant.

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