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Sdet Resume


  • Full - Stack SDET/QA Automation Engineer with solid and extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of Software Testing in aspects of analysis, development, and testing of applications in the project.
  • Expertise with solid knowledge in core Java, Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts, and most of the common Automation related tools and libraries like Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, Jenkins, Apache POI, Postman, JDBC, REST Assured.
  • Experienced in all the phases of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle) with solid knowledge.
  • Experience in Agile Projects and attended different Scrum ceremonies including Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective meetings.
  • Experienced in performance testing with JMeter and analyzing performance test results.
  • Extensive experience in preparing Test Strategy, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, and Test Scripts based on User and System Requirements Documentation.
  • Experienced in using Apache POI to read and validate data from Microsoft Excel to create Data Driven Test case.
  • Worked in DevOps, installing, configuring and integrating Automation Scripts on Continuous Integration Tools (CI/CD) with Jenkins for nightly test suite execution.
  • Expert in developing Behavior Driven Development (BDD) by writing Gherkin language using Cucumber tool.
  • Experience in implementing the Page Object Model (POM) by creating an element for each page object and reused all the objects in various scripts.
  • Hands on experience working in Git and GitHub.
  • Expertise in Database/Back-end Testing by writing SQL Queries for data validation and integrity.
  • Worked with Selenium-Grid for running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel.
  • A great team player, detail-oriented, quick-learner, and self-motivated individual with communication skill.


Methodology: Agile, Waterfall

Language: Java, SQL, Gherkin, HTML, JSON, XML

Framework: Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Behavioral Driven & Hybrid Frameworks, Karate, Serenity

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG, Selenium-Grid, REST Assured, JDBC, JMeter

Databases: Oracle, SQL, MySQL

IDE: Sublime Text, IntelliJ, SQL Developer, Postman

Build Tools: Maven, Jenkins

Version Control & Test Management: Git, GitHub, Jira





  • Hands-on experience in maintaining the Automation Framework built with Maven.
  • Designed and developed Test Scenarios, and Test Cases by using Jira as the project management tool.
  • Prepared Feature Files via Cucumber using the Gherkin language to make the Framework a BDD (Behavior-driven Development) and automated the Scenarios in the Feature Files by using Java.
  • Executed the processes for creating jobs in Jenkins to run Smoke and Regression Suites and sharing the generated HTML and JSON reports for the Smoke and Regression Suites with the associated team members.
  • Managed dependencies in the Automation Framework which is built with Maven.
  • Created performance test scripts using JMeter and executed load testing utilizing CLI.
  • Used Java, JUnit and Selenium WebDriver to conduct Automated Testing of decided features of the application.
  • Actively collaborated with other Scrum team members and participated in Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Grooming, and Sprint Demo Meetings.
  • Effectively tracked the updates in the Automation Framework via the Git version control by regularly coordinating with the other QA Automation Engineers in the Scrum team.
  • Had experience in collaborating with development team and business analyst in the process of creating User Stories based on SMART criteria.
  • Identified and documented bugs and defects by using Jira as a bug tracking tool, and also tracked the fixing processes of bugs and defects by closely communicating with the development team to make sure for timely fix.
  • Made the Automation Framework more organized by benefiting from the POM (Page Object Model) Methodology for the readability and reusability of the Framework.
  • Performed Database Testing by using JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and Oracle SQL Developer and writing SQL Queries.
  • Used Postman for Back-End Testing and REST Assured library to automate the process of testing the application’s API.
  • Responsible for verifying REST Web Services APIs requests and to get valid JSON/ XML responses for the following methods like CRUD operations GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Environments: Agile, Jira, Git, GitHub, Jenkins, IntelliJ, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, Cucumber, JUnit, Oracle SQL, Postman, HTML


Automation Engineer


  • Involved in writing and implementing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and Test Scripts in accordance with Business Requirements.
  • Automated the decided Manual Functional Test Cases by using Java, Selenium WebDriver and TestNG with the comprehensive usage of annotations in TestNG.
  • Served as an active Scrum team member by making productive contributions during all the Agile Ceremonies (Daily Stand-Up, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Grooming, and Sprint Demo).
  • Applied Ad-Hoc Testing techniques to find unexpected defects of the application.
  • Created performance test scripts using JMeter and executed load testing utilizing CLI.
  • Used the POM (Page Object Model) Methodology to keep the Automation Framework organized in regard to readability and reusability of the Framework.
  • Performed DDT (Data-driven Testing) by integrating the Apache POI tool into the Automation Framework to use data from external resources like an Excel file.
  • Benefited from the TestNG Extent Reports and Json reports to automate Test Reports which include screenshots of failed Test Scenarios.
  • Tested the application’s Database via JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) library with Oracle SQL Developer and writing SQL Queries.

Environments: Agile, Jira, Git, Jenkins, Java, Selenium WebDriver, Maven, TestNG, Apache POI, Oracle SQL, HTML, IntelliJ


Manual Tester


  • Tested the theoretical analysis of networks through direct measurements.
  • Executed and evaluated Test Cases and report Test results.
  • Conducted Manual Testing to find issues and bugs.
  • In-depth expertise in the setup, calibration and troubleshooting of applications.
  • Implemented Positive and Negative Testing.

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