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D Confidential Base Cleanup / Maintenance Resume


  • Working wif end users and technical IT staff in the successful design, development and implementation of d Confidential processing, storage/retrieval systems for mortgage origination, banking, medical, accounting, Confidential, inventory management, E - Learning d Confidential base management/delivery and cross system integration.
  • My primary points of expertise has been addressing d Confidential migration, design and optimization.
  • Additionally, me has enjoyed many years as a world lecturer and trainer for Client/Server distributed systems and multi-tiered architecture design, solution development and deployment.
  • My strongest qualifications summary would be my numerous years of experience as a Senior Software Engineer for designing and implementing enterprise level solutions.


  • D Confidential base Optimization
  • Legacy D Confidential Migration
  • D Confidential base Design
  • Multi-Tiered System Architecture
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • E Learning Systems
  • SCORM and AICC
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Mortgage and Loan Origination Systems
  • System Design
  • Rescue Support (Disaster Recovery Design)


Confidential Management, Florida

D Confidential base Cleanup / Maintenance


  • Reducing multiple d Confidential bases from many legacy and acquired systems into one useful d Confidential base.
  • Additional work wif SSRS, web services and stored procedure optimization.

Confidential, Florida

E Learning


  • D Confidential base design, optimization, reporting services and d Confidential manipulation for a corporate on-line,, and system.
  • This system is designed wif a SQL Server d Confidential repository and front end delivery systems including: Authorware, Captivate, Adobe's Flash and some third party SCORM and AICC products.
  • My direct responsibilities include extensive "hands on" coding wifin the E Learning products, d Confidential migration utilities, reporting and d Confidential design, manipulation/optimization and the design and creation of an exam engine and numerous web based dashboards and utilities.
Confidential Packages, IL

D Confidential base Optimization


  • At United States Gypsum Headquarters, my projects included production d Confidential base optimization of stored procedures and table indexes, design and implementation of Microsoft SQL Server’s SSRS for numerous daily, “real time” departmental reports. Additionally, me migrated 400+ Confidential onto a new SQL Server DBMS version.

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