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Independent Developer Of Ios Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • An iOS Developer with four years of iOS work experience, specializing in Swift 3/4, UIKit, REST, JSON, application development, concept origination, deployment, marketing, process improvement, feature implementation, and debugging.


Languages: XCode, SQL, SSRS, SSIS, C#, VB.Net, Objective - C, MS SQL, XML, XSLT, HTML, Transact SQL, REST, JSON, UIKit, Swift, JavaScript, Server-Side Swift

Systems & Programs: iOS, .Net, Profiler, Query Analyzer, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Office Suite, SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle, Visual Studio 2005/2005/2010, SpriteKit

Software Development: TDD, Data Analysis, Data Normalization, Strategic Planning


Independent Developer of iOS

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Developed and implemented “Feline Finder” an iOS app with over 4K app store downloads utilizing Swift 3 and XCode, created initial design and concept, wrote all code, managed one graphic designer and animator, and performed all programming and app support.
  • Performed all work related to releasing the application, which included digitally signing the app, providing information for Apple’s website, and delivering the application to the iOS app store.
  • Managed promotion for the app through Apple search ads, website reviews, and Facebook ads.
  • Interfaced the app to a REST service utilizing Swift to send data to the RescueGroups.org non-profit, which allowed users to adopt rescue cats more easily.
  • Achieved write-ups for the application in five different articles, including Ray Wenderlich’s Reader Apps of the Month and AppsAndApplications.com.
  • Developed a custom transition to move from screen to screen by cutting the screen like a cookie cutter utilizing the outline of a cat, which resonated with the user base.

Senior Associate

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Designed and implemented full stack VB/C# .Net WinForms, SSIS, and SQL server software development solutions, analyzed and coded project specifications, and coordinated with a client worth $10B to debug and release systems.
  • Implemented features for a reinsurance application utilizing C# and VB.net, which enabled support for all international currencies, grew business opportunities, and integrated legacy Chubb and Confidential business.
  • Converted a VB6 application consisting of 500K lines of code to a .Net application, which included converting 100+ ActiveX controls to .Net equivalents, building custom date, number, and mask entry controls, and replicating the functionality of previous controls.
  • Managed 30 production service requests per quarter, implemented features and bug fixes utilizing PSR builds, and created a data export system to export accounting invoices from the system to Excel.
  • Attended weekly status meetings with clients to discuss problem resolutions and project status updates.
  • Determined requirements for new capabilities and features by coordinating with analysts, production service managers, and clients to discuss necessary changes and implementation strategies.
  • Managed production builds and coordinated with 15 onshore and offshore programmers to execute reinsurance projects and production service requests.
  • Served as lead developer and code reviewer of a reinsurance system responsible for changes made to support the integration of Canadian business, which included creating contracts and premium modules and converting 2M rows of data to decommission and merge prior systems.
  • Built a system to systematically email invoices on daily and month-end closing schedules, which eliminated an unnecessary system and reduced manhours.
  • Developed 15 SSIS packages to automate sending from the reinsurance system to the imaging systems.
  • Programmed a form which allowed analysts to enter a hierarchy of divisional allocations for use in registering premiums and improved the tracking of registration codes.
  • Built a custom file dialog box component used for exporting data throughout the system, which improved the security of drives and ensured only users with proper access could enter them.
  • Wrote and optimized 1K+ stored procedures and user defined functions and analyzed query plans to ensure top performance, which reduced query times from one-minute to ten-seconds.
  • Designed SQL to perform reinsurance calculations, update reclaims from direct claim data, and calculate outstanding loss reserves for Canadian reclaims.

Business Analyst / Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Analyzed end-user and business requirements, wrote code, developed additions and features using C# and VB.net, conducted unit tests for applications and legacy systems, and supported deployment in a full solution development life cycle for an insurance company.
  • Coordinated with 30 end users to analyze solutions, implement improvements, and design new systems.
  • Designed the company reinsurance system utilizing process mapping and data modeling best practices, which eliminated bugs and updates for anomalies and ensured scaling capabilities.
  • Processed and managed post-development application testing, debugging, and liaison services in coordinating with the Reinsurance department to resolve issues.
  • Provided documentation and administration of work in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley standards.
  • Converted data using an SQL Server, which replaced two legacy systems and reduced cost.
  • Achieved the Above and Beyond Award for migrating the VB6 version of the reinsurance system to .Net, and created a batch system using SSIS and C# which ran multiple times per day unattended.
  • Wrote a report which tracked the status of claims worth over $100K as part of the company batch system and automatically emailed status updates to businesses.
  • Implemented and supported a code management system which retired an old main frame system and improved maintenance and accessibility.
  • Wrote an interface to automate the delivery of FIRST documents to the Apollo imaging system and trained two technical support staff on interface processes.

Software Consultant

Confidential, Philadelphia PA


  • Developed a VB6 reinsurance system and wrote a disability management system using classic ASP, AJAX, and Confidential at Confidential, which tracked disability claims for a major client.

Senior Software Engineer

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA


  • Built three web sites using VB6, SQL, classic ASP, MTS, JavaScript, XSLT, and XML for clients worth between $100M-$2B, which included SEI Investments, IRS, and Seventh Day Adventists.
  • Generated $2.5 million annual savings in service calls and printing costs for SEI Investments by building a relational data model and programming stored procedures for data collection on the company website.

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