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Lead Developer Resume

Kirkland, WA


  • Acknowledged for integrity and high professional standards.
  • Highly motivated, creative and versatile software engineer with sincere enthusiasm and a strong desire to acquire new knowledge while utilizing an extensive technical skill set.
  • Well regarded for quick learning and analytical thinking skills.
  • Passionately committed to sustaining robust, streamlined systems that respond to business objectives.
  • Expert of creating automation for testing.
  • Deep knowledge of C#, C/C++, WPF/MVVM design pattern, XAML, Silverlight, Entity framework, Win32 API, MVC5
  • Windows phone published games created utilizing MVVM.
  • Expert of Universal Windows platform application with MVVM design pattern
  • Worked about 8 years at Microsoft
  • 15+ years of C/C++/C# experience
  • Only person who has written Rubik’s cube in XAML/WPF in 3D.


C/C++/C# Visual Studio XAML all over 10+ years. MVVM (4 years), UWP 2+ years


Lead developer

Confidential, Kirkland, WA


  • Responsible for building software for a ‘smart’ treadmill.
  • WPF application with MVVM design pattern that communicates with hardware through a COM port to the main machine, and through Bluetooth for wearables like a heart monitor where the unit can keep the track the user’s progress.
  • I utilized Bluetooth technology with C++ where C#/WPF code is calling C++ functions.
  • We used multithreading because the hardware and UI are on different threads.
  • My wearable experience includes socks, scale, and a heart monitor.
  • There are approximately ten hardware controls where I was responsible for bringing data to Microsoft Surface for the Smart Treadmill.
  • We are using Bluetooth, Microsoft SQL, SQLite for this project.


Xbox one developer


  • Responsible for assisting developers to write applications for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • This required managing multiple projects concurrently with strong detail, problem - solving and follow-through, working with C#, C++, HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Confidential, Seattle, WA



  • I successfully implemented and deployed major enhancements to the company's flagship software product making extensive use of WPF, Direct3D and XML data structures.
  • Created entirely new UI enabling end users to use Global Positioning System data to create and edit 3-D virtual reality bicycle training courses.
  • This enabled the company to expand sales to a segment of the market that was previously inaccessible and to allow existing customers to enhance their training experience by utilizing the world-wide.GPX file format standard.
  • Main UI written with WPF
  • Hardware Interface communicator a Confidential




  • Utilized rich knowledge of C/C++ Win32 API.
  • Responsible for looking at disk partitions and reading images from disk.
  • User-interface is written with MFC, but the actual code was based solely on Win32.
  • The system can freeze some sectors, while others can be open as normal operations.
  • Responsible for writing the code for backups while the user is doing his/her working operations.
  • An integral part of the job was keeping the track of the disk operations.
  • Wrote a utility which gives a bird’s eye view of the disk, and data information of the disk for reporting at the end of the backup


Lead Programmer


  • To use SQL database efficiently, two different applications were introduced depending on the security level.
  • The CDS was a MFC application. One interface was written with VB.NET, which has only print/view capabilities.
  • Similar to MS Project, user can input a scheduling task into the system; the task is then divided into subtasks.
  • User can use either a mouse or a keyboard to connect the tasks with the subtasks.
  • Responsible for writing all the controls for this interface using MFC 6.0, which can be docked with an application as in Visual C++ 6.0 interface.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Application Software Development Engineer


  • Responsible for writing the phone settings for a Cellular telephone application for based on Window CE, written in C/C++.
  • Used Windows CE Platform Builder 5.00 and Microsoft Visual Studio 8 (.NET) for the applications.

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