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Data Analyst Resume


T - SQL (SSMS 2008/2012)

MS Outlook (Deep Metadata Profiling)

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

R (Statistical Software)

Advanced MS Excel/Access (VBA)

MS PowerPoint

MS Word


Custom UI Tools




Data Analyst


  • Process documents through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and UI integrated tools.
  • Clients will ask us to search through hundreds of GB if not TB of data to ‘discover’ specific emails or documents.
  • I utilize and design custom T-SQL scripts to filter, tag, report, and process information in an attempt to locate what the client is searching for.
  • At times this includes designing processes for locating potentially valuable information where the client knows what they would like to find but is not sure it even exists.
  • This information is then posted to custom internet sites for clients to search, redact, and produce to law firms, companies, or government agencies in lawsuits, mergers, and acquisitions.
  • Design complex Excel Macro/VBA Workbooks that automate common reporting and validation tasks
  • Create processes to convert or batch decrypt documents
  • Big data - Hundreds of servers, thousands of databases, Petabytes of document information
  • Extremely in depth and detailed knowledge of MS Outlook metadata
  • Some design of SSIS packages to automate the processing of data and generating reports
  • Create simple to extremely complex reports and design them to be automated for future use
  • Make documents text searchable using MS FAST, dt-Search and other indexing services
  • Write technical documentation for processes that are developed
  • Convert file types and work with Project Mangers to produce documents to clients

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