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Sr. Msbi Lead Engineer Resume

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  • Possess 8+ years of multi international experience from fortune global companies in various data warehouse domains Mortgage, Health, Insurance, Finance, Sales, Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics.
  • Successfully implemented various Data Warehousing projects that had a direct bottom line impact in information technology enterprises in a span of 8+ years, using various versions of sources MS - SQL Server, Oracle, My-Sql, Sybase and Tera data.
  • Strong experience in SSIS (Integration Services) SSAS (Multi/Tabular Analysis Services) SSRS (Reporting Services / Report Builder/ Mobile) and Power-BI (Desktop/Mobile/Report Server)
  • SSRS and Power BI, Qlik sense reports deployments.
  • Having good experience in SharePoint 2013 web application designing, Providing security roles and Central administrator maintenance of the application.
  • Profound experience in MDX, DAX, Power M-Query, Adv. Excel functions and Macro’s.
  • Advanced level of expertise in T-SQL, PL-SQL, Joins with sub query writing views/Materialized views, stored procedures, functions, Table valued functions, Triggers and Cursors.
  • Expertise in SDLC life cycle of each level, collecting functional business requirements and documentation which includes business requirements FSD, TSD and BRD document mapping, technical planning Designing, Development, Testing and Product deliverables to production
  • Having good experience stagingphases of the projects with support of Data Dictionaries, Data-Flow Process Models, E-R Diagrams Erwin methodology, unit testing, integration testing methodologies, disciplines, resources planning and scheduling.
  • Experience in design, requirements gathering, analyzing, profiling and preparing documentation.
  • Good experience in using Tasks, Transformations, Dynamic variable declaration, Precedence Constraints, Package configurations, loggings, Event handlers and Package Deployments.
  • Having extensive experience by applying Agile methodology/Scrum and water fall models of DW complete life cycle projects of design and deployments
  • Good experience in XQuery to get all SSIS Package’s Metadata.
  • Developed Cascading reports, Drill through Reports, Sub Reports, Parameterized Reports, Chart Reports and Dashboard’s as per client requirements.
  • Expertise in Proactive Caching Degenerated Dimensions and Tabular Data Modeling for Moderate to Large Data Systems.
  • Good experience on C# and VB.net coding through SSIS Script task and SSRS custom reports
  • Extensive knowledge on Content management, html and CSS style sheet code writing.
  • Having experience on Power shell script writing while automation of SSIS Packages deployments and SSRS reports subscriptions and deployments.
  • Experience in OLTP/OLAP system study, Analysis and modeling, developing data warehouse schemas like Star and Snowflake Schema used in Tabular and multi-dimensional modeling.
  • Having good experience developing Physical data modeling and Logical Data modeling
  • Good experience on Data vault model, Data warehousing model and Erwin designing model.
  • Expertise in UML (class diagrams, object diagrams, use case diagrams, state diagrams, sequence diagrams, activity diagrams, and collaboration diagrams) as a business analysis methodology for application functionality designs using MS-Visio
  • Having good experience on Performance tuning, Execution plan and SQL profiler.
  • Hands on experience on various self-service dashboards Power-BI and Qlik sense with deployments, refreshing dashboards according to user permissions
  • Worked on UDW system and possess banking domain knowledge on Reporting Processes, Compliance and Risk Management SQA and QC analysis Processes.
  • Extensive working experience on in bug tracking Tools usage - HP ALM Quality center, JIRA.
  • Profoundly worked on Version controls of SVN, TFS, VSTS and Visual Source Safe.
  • Good Knowledge on Performance tuning and Debugging/Troubleshooting of SQL queries by using SQL Server Profiler, Execution Plan, Performance Monitor and DBCC Commands
  • Staging and transferring to transactional data model by performing cleansing activities, with alert mails configuration to report the status of operations.
  • Experience in implementation of strong referential integrity constraints in optimized way to facilitate faster retrieval of data into development and reporting structures.
  • Supporting to team in resolving SQL Performance tuning queries and ETL related issues.
  • Good knowledge ofcustom code writing for .Net Framework 3.5 (VB.NET and C#.NET), IIS
  • Identifying key functional requirements, task division and defining easy usability of the system.
  • Exposed to structured development of windows-based form development solutions using C#.Net.
  • Hands on Experience on Power BI Stack of Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map.
  • Migration of SSRS and QlikView reports into Power-BI reports
  • Expertise in Power BI Dashboards with OLAP, OLTP and Data Modeling.
  • Extensive experience on data crunching, slicing/dicing data with good visualization of KPI’s
  • Expertise in What-If Analysis, Calculated members and measures development with Excel
  • Good Experience on Ms-Access, MS-Power point, MS-Word and MS-Visio Presentations


Data WareHouse Technology: SSIS, SSAS (Multi-Dimensional/Tabular), SSRS

Databases: MS-SQL Server, MY-SQL Oracle 11g,Tera Data, Netezza, Azure- Sql Database

Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, X-Query, MDX, DAX, Adv. Excel Functions, C#Content Management System SharePoint 10.1, Office -365Version Controls TFS, VSTS, Visual Source Control, SVN

Testing Tools: HP Quality Center/Test Director, ALM, JIRA

Automation Tools: SQL Server Agent, Active Batch

App. /Web Servers: C#, SharePoint 2013,Vb.net, Macro’s, IIS 7.5/8.0

Visualization Tools: Power-BI, Qlik Sense, Qlik-View Microsoft Office, JSON



Sr. MSBI Lead Engineer


  • Collecting and gathering Business requirements from Business Users and Product Owners.
  • Creating Data mapping documents and data dictionaries as per FSD
  • Collecting and Pointing Stories in VSTS, hierarchy creations and code Check-in’s in TFS
  • Creating warehouse marts by using various Stored Procedures, Functions, Views and SSIS Packages
  • Worked on SQL and SSDT upgradation to 2017.
  • Aggressively supports on each and every sprint release deployments.
  • Working on ODS sync’s through SSIS Packages while collecting data from different applications.
  • Working on C# lookup’s and Hash mappings to create warehouse by using various transformations.
  • Creating custom loggings, Event handlers and configurations and deployments
  • Creating Entities, Attributes and Members in MDS.
  • Loading Star schema warehouse by using various SSIS Package frameworks
  • Creating Tabular Cubes and Perspectives with different roles of Securities.
  • Analyzing and Profiling data while creating new datasets either for Marts, Cubes and reports.
  • Creating In-Memory Tabular cubes, fact less facts, cumulative facts and dimensions.
  • Implementing DAX and M-queries for Tabular Cubes and Power-BI Reports
  • Changing JSON queries according to Story requirement’s.
  • Creating various SSRS - Linked, Drill through, cascade, Parameterized, spark Line graphs and sub reports.
  • Creating various, Mobile reports and Power BI Parameterized and Interactive Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Support dba for production deployments while writing proper deployment notes and scripts.
  • Working on migration of AZURE SQL Database from SQL Server.
  • Used Data Blending, groups, combine fields and split and merge data groups, calculated fields, and aggregated fields and spotlighting to compare and analyze data in different perspectives and develop Power BI visualization solutions.
  • Experience in creating and scheduling Jobs, Alerts and creating Report snapshots as well.
  • Involved in mid-level Designing and extensively developed financial and Retail cubes in both multidimensional and Tabular model.
  • Experience in creating data modeling’s with external data source’s (SSAS/ Tabular/Excel/.CSV) and merging different data source
  • Creating and updating JSON script for tabular dimensional model.

Involved Technologies: MS-SQL -2017, SSIS SSAS(Tabular), SSRS, Mobile Reports, Power-BI, C # and VSTS.




  • Giving training and creating awareness of Processing of Cubes in various methods and MDX query writing
  • Developing Linked Measures and designing aggregations on partition levels.
  • Collecting metadata of SSAS Cubes through DMV queries and keeping documentation for future reference
  • Developing dynamic SSIS Package framework to create SSAS Partitions and Process SSAS Cubes
  • Writing Xml, SQL queries to develop SSIS Package Framework
  • Improving performance of writing DMV and MDX queries to re-generate stand-alone reports.
  • Cleaning of Cube structural wise, members according to Jira Tickets
  • Xml code changings in Script task to re-write custom codes.
  • Developing User defined functions, Stored Procedures and T-SQL code to call MDX and DMV Queries.
  • Developing confirmed dimensions, Role-played dimensions.
  • Changing hierarchies and attribute relationships according to business requirements.
  • Integrating SSAS Cubes with External Sync’s of data stage jobs.
  • Developing Active Batch jobs to synchronize SSIS packages for dynamical runs with external tables.

Involved Technologies: MS-SQL, Netezza, Active Batch, SSAS, MDX, SSIS and C #.


Senior BI


  • Involved in the business requirements understanding, expectations and warehouse development and design.
  • Involved in the planning and design strategy meetings partially conducted under agile methodology.
  • Involved in prototyping the critical requirements, proof of concept preparation.
  • Automation of SSIS Packages for production deployment with xml configurations.
  • Created bundled SSIS packages by using for-each loop container and executed with parallel processing
  • Developed Historical/Incremental of SSIS Packages with SCD2 concept of Star Schema
  • Gathered good knowledge on Incremental load of SCD2 with the implementation of KPI’s.
  • Managed the historical and Incremental data in warehouse with support of various Stored Procedures,
Involved Technologies: MS-SQL, Netezza, Active Batch, SSAS, MDX, SSIS and C #.

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