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Ms Sql/ssis/ssrs /bi Developer Resume

Newark, NJ


  • Over 7+ years of IT experience as a MS SQL Server 2008R 2/2008/2005/2000 Developer in various industries like Finance, Insurance, and Health Care.
  • Strong knowledge of Data Warehouse concepts and technologies such as ETL processes, dimensional modeling, Star and Snowflake Schemas, reporting tools and surrogate key generation.
  • Monitoring Production environments by our DBA group for scheduled releases and ad - hoc issue resolution.
  • Expert in Logical and Physical Database design & development and Data modeling using the Erwin Data Modeler tool. Also performed consistency checks using DBCC utilities to ensure the physical consistency of the database and objects.
  • Provided support to SharePoint users and site level administrators
  • In-depth knowledge of Transact-SQL (DDL and DML). Proficient in creating Tables, Indexes, Joins, Triggers, Views, Stored Procedures, User Defined Data Types and Functions.
  • Expertise in performing ETL using SSIS, DTS, Bulk Insert and BCP.
  • Developed SSIS Packages to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)/DTS data into the Data warehouse from Heterogeneous databases such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase and MS Access.
  • Expert Knowledge of Integration Services (SSIS) and Reporting Services (SSRS). Worked Extensively onETLprocess using SSIS packages.
  • Expertise in upgrading/migrating from DTS to SSIS packages. Experienced in resolving complex issues and error handling in SSIS.
  • Experienced in report generation using Crystal Reports, XML, MS Access and Excel.
  • Proficient in creating Chart reports, Drill down and Drill through reports by passing parameters in SSRS.
  • Conversant wif all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) involving business process analysis, requirements gathering and analysis, detailed design, development, testing and post implementation support.
  • Developed and Deployed OLAP cubes, Facts and Dimension tables.
  • Used MDX (Multi-dimensional Expressions) queries for calculated members of a cube and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Expert in Database Normalization, Optimization and Tuning, Backup/Restore, Data Import/Export and Troubleshooting.
  • Expertise in using tools like the Index Tuning Wizard of the Database Engine and SQL Profiler for performance monitoring and tuning.
  • Experienced in installing, configuring, managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting SQL Server 2008/2005.
  • Utilized XML document structures and hierarchical data.
  • Knowledge of Asset Management.
  • Experienced in impending changes and supporting mainframeCOBOLsystems using COBOL, JCL, VSAM, CICS, and DB2
  • Experienced in developing Web-based Applications wif JSP, Java, PHP as font-end and MySQL and Oracle as backend.
  • A motivated, highly organized individual and enthusiastic team player wif excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills.


  • MS SQL Server 2012/2008/2005
  • DTS
  • SSIS 2008/2005
  • SSRS 2008/2005
  • SSAS 2008/2005
  • T-SQL
  • MS Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005
  • Erwin Data Modeler r8 r7 4.2
  • MS Access 2007/2003
  • Index Tuning Wizard
  • MS SQL Profiler
  • Windows Server 2008/2003/2000
  • Crystal Reports 11/10/9/8.5
  • COBOL SharePoint 2007
  • VB.NET
  • UNIX
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • JSP
  • Java
  • Oracle 10g.


Confidential, Newark, NJ



  • Worked on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to integrate and analyze data from multiple homogeneous and heterogeneous information sources (CSV, Excel, DB2, SQL 2005, and SQL 2014).
  • Worked in creating configuration files to deploy the SSIS packages across all environments, so other developing groups could use our package forETLprocess.
  • Transformed data into Staging Server named as Upstaging Server for historical data and Staging Server for load increment.
  • Configured database mail to inform corresponding DBA basis on each Job Status.
  • Performed historical or full load and incremental load data into Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Created configurations to make package portable and event handlers for handling package error.
  • Involved in writing MDX queries for cubes in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), deploying them on the server using (TFS) Team Foundation Server.
  • Developed complex SQL queries, Stored Procedures and functions in SQL server environment. Built dashboard,
  • CreateETLpackages to move data from old database, or from client sitewifflat files format (CSV and TXT) and excel sheets to database and new data warehouse.
  • Performed maintenance on the General Ledger System of the company using MS-COBOL. This included adding, editing and testing of programs on the GL System.
  • Developed Custom Logging so user can know when a row is inserted in custom logging table by every SSIS package dat executes, if SSIS packages extract row from DB2 to CDC DB, or any insert, update or delete rows in dimension or fact tables in DW.
  • Extracted data from OLTP System which was DB2 to two different DB named HISTORICAL DB and CDC (Change Data Capture) DB.
  • Involved in Tabular Data warehouse and DAX operations for SSAS 2012 and 2008 OLAP databases.
  • Filtered data from Transient Stage to EDW by using Complex T-SQL statements in Execute SQL Query Task and in Transformations and implemented various Constraints and Triggers for data consistency and to preserve data integrity.
  • Develop and maintain sales reporting using in MS Excel queries,SQLinTeradata, and MS Access.
  • Effectively configuredMySQLReplication as part of HA solution.
  • Used For-Each Loop Container, Sequence Container, Script task, Expressions, Execute SQL task, Variables, Send Mail Task, Package Execution task to achieve business needs.
  • Created SSIS packages to Extract, Transform and Load data using different transformations such as Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation, and Slowly Changing Dimension, Merge Join and Union all.
  • Checked Sessions and error logs to troubleshoot problems and also used debugger for complex Problemtroubleshooting.
  • Created DAX formulas to create measures in SSAS.
  • Created and modified various Stored Procedures used in the application using T-SQL.
  • Scheduled and maintain packages by daily, weekly and monthly using SQL Server Agent in SSMS.
  • Developed complex Stored Procedures to generate various Drill-through reports, Parameterized reports, Tabular reports, Matrix reports and Linked reports using SSRS.
  • Working on data collection, data analysis, data cleaning, performanctuning,troubleshootingand debugging.
  • Wrote complex Expressions and Calculations for SSRS reports wif Conditional Formatting.
  • Created Project Expense Statements in all Data Marts and other Financial Reports using SSRS. Developed quarterly company expense reports.
  • Responsible for Deployment of the report using SSRS and used Report subscription (Data Driven and Email) to publish reports.
  • Tuning SQL query for better performance using SQL Profiler.

Confidential, Houston, TX



  • Created and deployed new SSIS packages to Extract, Transform and Load data using different transformations such as Aggregate, Conditional Split, Derived Columns, Pivot Transformation, Slowly Changing Dimension, Merge Join and UNION ALL.
  • Worked wif the Control Flow components of SSIS such as For-Each Loop Container, Sequence Container, Script Task, Execute SQL Task, Package Execution Task, FTP Task, Send Mail Task, Expressions and Variables to achieve business needs.
  • Integrated and Analyzed data from multiple homogeneous and heterogeneous sources such as SQL 2008, SQL 2005, DB2, Excel, CSV and FTP Server.
  • WorkedwifETLto implement the slowly changing transformation, to maintain Historical Data in Data Warehouse.
  • Performed tuning, trouble shooting and monitoring using Performance Dashboard reports.
  • Performed multiple transformations such as Lookup, Derived Columns, Conditional Split, Slowly Changing Dimension, Merge and Union All to load data into the Data Warehouse for further data analysis.
  • Modified existing SSIS packages and also added more alerts and audits in case of package failure.
  • Defined the partition function and created schema for table partitioning.
  • Designed, Developed and Deployed Tabular Reports, Matrix Reports, Drill-through Reports and Parameterized Reports using SSRS-2008.
  • Developed quarterly company reports.
  • Deployed reports using SSRS. Used Report Subscription (Data driven and Email) to publish reports.
  • Used SQL Profiler for Performance Tuning by tracing the slow running queries and the server activity in general.
  • Hands on experience usingMySQLWorkbench for logical data modeling and schema export/import.
  • Involved in designing and deploying cubes in SSAS using Star Schema.
  • Designed and deployed cubes wif around 45 dimensions, about 25 measures and 30 calculated members, design dimensions and using MDX expressions for the various calculated members, actions and KPIs.
  • Created Documentation on Tables, Stored Procedures, Views and User Defined Functions.
  • Implemented Constraints and Triggers for Data Consistency and to preserve Data Integrity.
  • Scheduled and maintained packages on a daily, weekly and monthly basis using SQL Server Agent using SSMS.
  • Created and modified various Stored Procedures and Functions.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN



  • Designed a Database and a Data Warehouse for the system using Star Schema.
  • Implemented SSIS package to perform ETL on data from OLTP systems such as Oracle, Flat Files, CSV, SQL 2008 and loading into the Staging Database using Lookup, Fuzzy Lookup, Derived Columns, Condition Split, Term Extraction, Aggregate, Pivot Transformation, and Slowly Changing Dimension.
  • Created and managed schema objects such as Tables, Views, Indexes, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
  • Designed and maintained a web reporting environment including portal, dashboards, scorecards and presentations using SQL Server 2005 and ASP.Net.
  • Developed Stored Procedures and Triggers to handle complex business rules, data conversion, historical data, and audit analysis.
  • Working a Microsoft Server, using Micro Focus Net ExpressCOBOLin a batch and CICS environment, utilizing MicrosoftSQLServer 2008 database and a SFS database for developing an Insurance Services Software product.
  • Scheduled Stored Procedures and SSIS packages every mid-night and every week by creating SQL Server Agent jobs in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
  • Designed and Deployed Cubes in SSAS 2008. Created Fact and Dimension tables.
  • Used MDX (Multi-dimensional Expressions) for the calculated members and the KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Deployed maintenance plans for regular DBA activities in SSIS.
  • Extensively worked wif SVN to keep track of all changes made in the project, also used to get the latest project version from VSS to the staging server.
  • Created Sub-reports, Drill-down reports, Matrix reports and Summary reports in SSRS 2008.
  • Created various Parameterized Reports, Drill through Reports using SSRS 2008.
  • Generated ad-hoc reports using MS Reporting services.
  • Utilized Package Configurations and Event Handlers in SSIS to make a package more portable and to handle errors in the packages.
  • Handled errors in Stored Procedures using @@error and wif Try/catch.
  • Worked wif XML document structures and hierarchical data.
  • Used SQL Profiler and Execution Plan for Performance Tuning.

Confidential, Pittsburg, PA

MS SQL/SSIS/SSRS/Data warehouse Developer


  • Upgraded MS SQL Server 2005 databases to 2008 using detach/attach, backup and recovery and by replication.
  • Incorporated the DTS packages into SSIS 2008 by using package migration wizard and executed DTS 2000 Package task.
  • Performed maintenance on the General Ledger System of the company using MS-COBOL. This included adding, editing and testing of programs on the GL System.
  • Involved in SSIS packages to extract data from OLTP to OLAP systems and scheduled jobs to call the packages and Stored Procedures.
  • Performed transformations using various SSIS tasks such as conditional split, derived column, dat performed data scrubbing, including data validation checks during staging, before loading the data into the data warehouse.
  • Used ETL to implement the slowly changing transformation to maintain historical data in data warehouse.
  • Performing Version control of all DDL schemas and stored procedures of development Application databases into Team foundation server 2008 (TFS)
  • Worked on CIS Solaris 10 Benchmark v4.0, and CCS for Reporting and Analysis components.
  • Created Views to reduce database complexities for the end users.
  • Designed and implemented stored procedures and triggers for automating tasks.
  • Created Sub-reports, Drill-down reports, Summary reports, and Parameterized reports in SSRS.
  • Performed T-SQL tuning and optimization of queries for reports dat take longer execution time using MS SQL Profiler, index tuning wizard and SQL Query Analyzer in MS SQL Server 2008.
  • Created alerts for successful or unsuccessful completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Involved in documentation for all kinds of reports, DTS and SSIS packages.

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