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Sr. Data Modeler Resume

Centennial, CO


  • Above 9+ years of experience as Sr. Data Architect/Modeler/Data Analyst with excellent understanding ofDataWarehouse andDataMart designing.
  • Experience in designing star schema, Snowflake schema forDataWarehouse, ODS architecture.
  • Excellent understanding industry standard methodologies like System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), as per Rational Unified Process (RUP), AGILE and Waterfall Methodologies
  • Experience in developing Map Reduce Programs using Apache Hadoop for analyzing teh bigdataas per teh requirement.
  • Good experienced in Dimensional and RelationalDataModeling using Star and Snowflake Schemas, OLTP/OLAP system, Fact and Dimension tables, Conceptual, Logical and Physicaldata Modeling using Erwin.
  • Expertise in designing thedatawarehouse using Ralph Kimball's and Bill Inmon techniques.
  • Strong background in variousDataModeling tools using ERWIN, ER/Studio and Power Designer.
  • Extensive experience in Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF) and De - normalization techniques for improved database performance in OLTP and Data Warehouse/Data Mart environments.
  • Well-versed in designing Star and Snowflake Database schemas pertaining to relational and dimensional data modeling.
  • Experienced in Client-Server application development using Oracle PL/SQL, SQL PLUS, SQL Developer, TOAD, SQL Loader.
  • Experience in analyzing data using Hadoop Ecosystem including Map Reduce, HDFS, Hive, Spark, Spark Streaming, Elastic Search, Kibana, Kafka, HBase, Zookeeper, PIG, Sqoop and Flume.
  • Experience in cloud development architecture on Amazon AWS, EC2, EC3, Elastic Search, Elastic Load balancing, Redshift and AMI and Basic on MS Azure.
  • Experienced with SQL Server and T-SQL in constructing Temporary Tables, Table variables, Triggers, user functions, views, Stored Procedures.
  • Extensive experience in shell scripting, Python, Perl, Ruby, or any other scripting language
  • Strong experience with architecting highly performing databases using PostgreSQL, MYSQL and Cassandra.
  • Having experience in writing complex SQL queries to perform end-to-end ETL validations and support Ad-hoc business requests.
  • Extensive experience in developed Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions, Packages using SQL/PLSQL.
  • Experience in Database Creation and maintenance of physicaldatamodels with Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, DB2 and SQL Server databases.
  • Experienced in working with Teradata Utilities like Fast load, Multi load, Tpump and Fast Export Teradata Query Submitting and processing tools like BTEQ and Teradata SQL Assistant.
  • Well versed in conducting Gap analysis, Joint Application Design (JAD) session, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Cost benefit analysis and ROI analysis.
  • An excellent team player & technically strong person who TEMPhas capability to work with business users, project managers, team leads,architectsand peers, thus maintaining healthy environment in teh project.


Analysis and Modeling Tools: Erwin 9.6/9.5, Sybase Power Designer, Oracle Designer, ER/Studio 9.7, Star-Schema, Snowflake-Schema Modeling, FACT and dimension tables, Pivot Tables.

Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2012 Teradata 15/14, Oracle 12c/11g MS Access, Poster SQL, Netezza, SQL Server, Oracle.

OLAP Tools: Tableau, SAP BO, SSAS, Business Objects, and Crystal Reports 9.

ETL Tools: SSIS, Pentaho, Informatica Power 9.6

Web technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript

Reporting Tools: Business Objects, Crystal Reports

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8/7, UNIX, Linux.

BigData: Hadoop, HDFS 2, Hive, Pig, HBase, Sqoop, Flume

Tools & Software: TOAD, MS Office, BTEQ, PL/SQL, SQL Assistant, SQL PLUS, SQL LOADER


Confidential, Centennial, CO

Sr. Data Modeler


  • Developed full life cycle software including defining requirements, prototyping, designing, coding, testing and maintaining software.
  • Interacting with Business Analysts to gather teh user requirements and participated in data modeling sessions.
  • Worked with DevOps team, if any necessary changes like modeling issues and enhancements has done as part of teh requirements.
  • Worked on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with good working noledge of testing, agile methodology, disciplines, tasks, resources and scheduling.
  • Worked on NoSQL databases including HBase, Mongo DB, and Cassandra.
  • Implemented multi-data center and multi-rack Cassandra cluster.
  • Worked on Amazon Redshift and AWS and architecting a solution to load data, create data models.
  • Involved in source to target (MDM) Data mapping sessions with IBM as they master teh target.
  • Created 3 NF business area data modeling with de-normalized physical implementation; data and information requirements analysis.
  • Performed Reverse Engineering of teh current application using Erwin, and developed Logical and Physical data models for Central Model consolidation.
  • Part of team conducting logical data analysis and data modeling JAD sessions, communicated data-related standards.
  • Created E/R Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, grouped and created teh tables, validated teh data, for lookup tables.
  • Involved in non-transactional data entities of an organization of MDM dat TEMPhas teh objective of providing processes for collecting, aggregating, matching, consolidating, quality-assurance, persistence and distribution.
  • Redefined many attributes and relationships in teh reverse engineered model and cleansed unwanted tables and columns as part of Data Analysis responsibilities.
  • Performed legacy application data cleansing, data anomaly resolution and developed cleansing rule sets for ongoing cleansing and data synchronization.
  • Developed teh data warehouse model (Kimball's) with multiple data marts with conformed dimensions for teh proposed central model of teh Project.
  • Implemented Star Schema methodologies in modeling and designing teh logical data model into Dimensional Models.
  • Conducted design sessions with Business Analysts and ETL developers to come up with a design dat satisfies teh organization's requirements.
  • Worked with Database Administrators (DBAs) to finalize teh physical properties of teh tables such as Partition key, based on volumetric.
  • Analyzed teh data from teh sources, designed teh data models and then generated scripts to create necessary tables and corresponding records for DBAs using Informatica.
  • Developed number of Data correction scripts using PL/SQL to handle any manual adjustments/corrections in System.
  • Member of Data model and Design Review group dat oversees data model changes and system design across Enterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Collaborated teh data mapping document from source to target and teh data quality assessments for teh source data.
  • Optimized and updated UML Models (Visio) and Relational Data Models for various applications.
  • Experienced with BI Reporting in Design and Development of Queries, Reports, Workbooks, Business Explorer Analyzer, Query Builder, Web Reporting.
  • Generated various reports using SQL Server Report Services (SSRS) for business analysts and teh management team.
  • Designed OLTP system environment and maintained documentation of Metadata.
  • Coordinate with Data Architects to Design Big Data, Hadoop projects and provide for a designer dat is an idea-driven.
  • Configured Hadoop Ecosystems to read data transaction from HDFS and Hive.
  • Prepared reports to summarize teh daily data quality status and work activities.
  • Performed ad-hoc analyses, as needed, with teh ability to comprehend analysis as needed.

Environment: Oracle 12C, Teradata 15.0, Teradata Sql Assistant, MDM, Informatica 9.6.1, Toad for Oracle 11.5 Expert, Erwin 9.7, MS Visio, OBIEE, Python, JIRA, AWS, Redshift, SSRS, Hadoop & Ad-Hoc

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Data Architect/ Data Modeler


  • Worked as aDataModeler/Architectto generateDataModels using Erwin and developed relational database system.
  • Led Architectural Design in BigData, Hadoop projects and provide for a designer dat is an idea-driven.
  • Involved in several facets of MDM implementations includingDataProfiling, Metadata acquisition anddatamigration
  • Built relationships and trust with key stakeholders to support program delivery and adoption of enterprise architecture.
  • Designed both 3NFdatamodels for ODS, OLTP systems and dimensionaldatamodels using Star and Snow Flake Schemas.
  • Loadeddatainto Hive Tables from Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to provide SQL-like access on Hadoopdata
  • Used Erwin for reverse engineering to connect to existing database and ODS to create graphical representation in teh form of Entity Relationships and elicit more information.
  • Used Architecting Work Flows, Activity Hierarchy & Process Flows; Documenting using Interface Diagrams, Flow Charts & Specification Documents.
  • Generated and DDL (DataDefinition Language) scripts using ERWIN and assisted DBA in Physical Implementation ofDataModels.
  • DevelopedDatamapping,DataGovernance, Transformation and Cleansing rules for teh MasterDataManagement Architecture involving OLTP, ODS and OLAP.
  • Worked in NoSQL database on simple queries and writing Stored Procedures for Normalization and De-normalization.
  • Designed and Developed Oracle, PL/SQL Procedures and UNIX Shell Scripts forData Import/Export andDataConversions.
  • Created HBase tables to load large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructureddata coming from UNIX, NoSQL and a variety of portfolios.
  • Worked with teh ETL team to document teh transformation rules fordatamigration from OLTP to Warehouse environment for reporting purposes.

Environment: Erwin r9.6, Oracle 12c, NoSQL, MDM, OLAP, OLTP, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Hadoop, Hive, Unix, MS Visio, ETL, HDFS, ODS, PL/SQL, Metadata, DBA.

Confidential - Washington, DC

Sr. Data Architect/ Data Modeler


  • As anArchitect, implemented MDM hub to provide clean, consistentdatafor a SOA implementation.
  • Developed strategies fordataacquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of databases and working in adatawarehouse environment, which includesdatadesign, database architecture, and Metadata and repository creation.
  • Involved in BigDataAnalytics and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architectures like Greenplum and Teradata.
  • Implemented dimension model (logical and physicaldatamodeling) in teh existing architecture using Erwin9.5
  • Created MDM, OLAP data architecture, analytical data marts, and cubes optimized for reporting.
  • Handled importing ofdatafrom variousdatasources, performed transformations using Hive, Map Reduce, loadeddatainto HDFS and Extracted thedatafrom MySQL into HDFS using Sqoop
  • Used External Loaders like Multi Load, T Pump and Fast Load to loaddatainto Teradata 14.1 Database.
  • Worked on generating and documenting Metadata while designing OLTP and OLAP systems environment
  • Maintained enterprise models on Model Mart and contributed in Mart upgrade and other POC initiatives by enterprise team (Datalineage,DataMovement and Erwin Web Portal).
  • Worked on Implementation of full lifecycle inDatawarehouses and BusinessDatamarts with Star Schemas, Snowflake Schemas, SCD & Dimensional Modeling.
  • Created, managed, and modified logical and physicaldatamodels using a variety ofdatamodeling philosophies and techniques including Inmon or Kimball
  • Worked on Teradata SQL queries, Teradata Indexes, MDM Utilities such as Mload, Tpump, Fast load and Fast Export.
  • Designed and implemented basic PL/SQL queries for testing and sales report/datavalidation.
  • Performed theDataMapping,Datadesign (DataModeling) to integrate thedataacross teh multiple databases in to EDW.
  • Generated ad-hoc SQL queries using joins, database connections and transformation rules to fetchdatafrom Teradata database.
  • Normalized teh database up to 3NF to put them into teh Star Schema of thedatawarehouse.
  • Defined best practices fordatamodeling and extraction and ensure architectural alignment of teh designs and development.

Environment: Erwin9.5, Teradata 14.1, Hive, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Hadoop, ODS, T-SQL, SQL, ETL, MDM, PL/SQL, OLAP, OLTP

Confidential - Kansas, KS

Sr. Data Architect/ Data Modeler


  • Developed Logical and PhysicalDatamodels using ER Studio tool across teh subject areas based on teh specifications and established referential integrity of teh system.
  • Worked closely with business,datagovernance, medical professionals, SMEs and vendors to definedatarequirements.
  • Developed various QlikViewDataModels by extracting and using thedatafrom various sources files, Excel, and Bigdata, Flat Files.
  • Implemented Python scripts to import/export JSON file, which contains teh customer survey information and/or asset information, to/from teh database.
  • DevelopedDataMapping,DataGovernance, and transformation and cleansing rules involving OLTP, ODS.
  • Independently coded new programs and design Tables to load and test teh program TEMPeffectively for teh given POC's using BigData/Hadoop.
  • Worked on translating high level business requirements into solution, infrastructure architectures, involved enterprisearchitectsto align strategic view.
  • Involved in OLAP model based on Dimension and FACTS for efficient loads ofdatabased on Star Schema structure on levels of reports using multi-dimensional models such as Star Schemas and Snowflake Schema
  • Generated DDL statements for teh creation of new ER/studio objects like table, views, indexes, packages and stored procedures.
  • Develop, Implement & Maintain teh Conceptual, Logical & PhysicalDatamodels using ER/Studio - Forward/Reverse Engineer Databases (for teh Staging, Normalized & presentation layers).
  • Involved in debugging and Tuning teh PL/SQL code, tuning queries, optimization for teh Oracle, and DB2 database.
  • DevelopedDataMigration and Cleansing rules for teh Integration Architecture (OLTP, ODS, DW).
  • Worked indatafrom database DB2 using Informatica to load it into a single repository forData analysis.
  • Worked on process improvement, normalization/de-normalization, data extraction, data cleansing, data manipulation

Environment: ER Studio, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Python, ODS, Hadoop, Spark, ETL, PL/SQL, MDM, OLTP, Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, MS Access and Excel.

Confidential - New York, NY

Sr. Data Modeler/ Data Analyst


  • Created PhysicalDataAnalystfrom teh LogicalDataAnalystusing Compare and Merge Utility in ER Studio and worked with teh naming standards utility.
  • Involved in database development by creating Oracle PL/SQL Functions, Procedures and Collections.
  • Developed dimensional model forDataWarehouse/OLAP applications by identifying required facts and dimensions.
  • Created Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Functional diagrams,Dataflow diagrams and enforced referential integrity constraints.
  • Used forward engineering to generate DDL from teh PhysicalDataModel and handed it to teh DBA.
  • Used OracleDataMining (ODM) to perform thoroughdataanalysis on multifamily house loans and government loans.
  • Worked on designing Logical and PhysicalDataModels for different database applications using teh ER Studio.
  • Worked on client-Server application development using Oracle PL/SQL, SQL PLUS and SQL LOADER.
  • Worked in importing and cleansing ofdatafrom various sources like Netezza, Oracle, flat files, SQL Server 2008 with high volumedata
  • Designed STAR schema for teh detaileddatamarts and plandatamarts consisting of confirmed dimensions.
  • Worked on performance tuning of SQL queries fordatawarehouse consisting of many tables with large amount ofdata.
  • Participated in updating teh dimensional model, and identify teh Facts and Dimensions
  • Used T-SQL stored procedures to transferdatafrom OLTP databases to staging area and finally transfer intodatamarts.
  • Developed SQL Queries to fetch complexdatafrom different tables in remote databases using joins, database links and bulk collects.
  • Assisted inDataStage Server jobs to loaddatafrom sequential files, flat files and MS Access.
  • Involved in teh creation, maintenance ofDataWarehouse and repositories containing Metadata.

Environment: ER Studio, Oracle10g, Netezza,OLAP, OLTP, ODS, ODM, T-SQL, SQL Server2008, PL/SQL, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, etc.


Sr. Data Modeler/ Data Analyst


  • Gathered teh various reporting requirement from teh businessanalysts.
  • Created physical and logicaldatamodels using Erwin.
  • Generated and DDL (DataDefinition Language) scripts using Erwin and assisted DBA in Physical Implementation ofdataModels.
  • Involved in Teradata SQL Development, Unit Testing and Performance Tuning and to ensure testing issues are resolved on teh basis of using defect reports.
  • Designed and developed Use Cases, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, OOD (Object oriented Design) using UML and Visio.
  • Used Erwin's reverse engineering to connect to existing database and ODS to graphically represent teh Entity Relationships.
  • Involved in M-LOAD, Fast-load and T-pump loading to migratedatafrom Oracle to Teradata.
  • Managed, updated and manipulated report orientation and structures with teh use of advanced Excel functions including Pivot Tables and V-Lookups
  • Involved in Data mining, transformation and loading from teh source systems to teh target system
  • Facilitated (JAD) Joint Application Development sessions to identify business rules and requirements and documented them in a format dat can be reviewed and understood by both business people and technical people
  • Provided quality data review for completeness, inconsistencies, erroneous and missing data according to data review plan
  • Created and executed test scripts, cases, and scenarios dat will determine optimal system performance according to specifications.
  • Improved performance on SQL queries used Explain plan / hints /indexes for tuning created DDL scripts for database. Created PL/SQL Procedures and Triggers.
  • Defined ETL architecture which includes load pattern for staging and ODS layer using Microsoft SSIS ETL tool, file archival process,datapurging process, batch execution process.
  • Createddatamasking mappings to mask teh sensitivedatabetween production and test environment.
  • Worked on Normalization and De-Normalization techniques for both OLTP and OLAP systems.
  • Worked ondataprofiling anddatavalidation to ensure teh accuracy of thedatabetween teh warehouse and source systems.
  • Participated in performance management and tuning for stored procedures, tables and database servers.
  • Environment: Erwin 7.0, Teradata, SSIS, T-SQL, Oracle 9i/8i, OLAP, OLTP, ODS, PL/SQL, OOD, MS Excel and MS Visio.

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