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Senior Data Analyst/data Modeler Analyst Resume


  • Over 10+ years of experience in analyzing data, data modeller and solving real world problems in various domains like Banking/Finance, HealthCare, Marketing and Sales.
  • Working knowledge in managing entire data science life cycle with large datasets in various domains and environments.
  • Extensive experience in SAS and SQL Coding and Programming, data modeling and data mining.
  • Skilled in data management, ETL, and data manipulation, validation and cleaning using various conversation functions and multiple conditional statements.
  • Hands on experience in complex querying writing, query optimizing in relation Databases including Oracle, T - SQL and SQL Server.
  • Experienced in translating business requirements to data science and technical requirements as well as providing analytical feedback.
  • Adept in designing visualizations using SAS and Tableau, Dashboards, Business Metrics, Operating Statistics and Graphs.
  • Proficient in Experimental Design, Sampling, Linear and Logistical Regression and Decision Trees.
  • Extensive experience in Relational and Dimensional Data modeling for creating Logical and Physical
  • Design of Database and ER Diagrams using multiple data modeling tools like ERWIN, ER Studio.
  • Strong skills in statistical methodologies such as Hypothesis test and ANOVA.
  • Experienced in project management process and procedures, risk analysis and research methodologies.
  • Performed data mining, data integration and maintenance database.
  • Skilled in analytical and statistical programming languages such as SAS and SPSS.
  • Working knowledge in Big Data Ecosystem including Python, and knowledge in NoSQL databases.
  • Experienced in business requirements collection methods using Agile, Scrum and Waterfall methods and software development life cycle (SDLC) testing methodologies, disciplines, tasks, resources and scheduling.
  • Quick learner with strong interpersonal skills, worked individually as well as a team member while collaborating with others in distributed environments.
  • Proficient in Database Design, Development, Normalization, Index, Store Procedures, Functions and Triggers.


Operating System Data Analytics: Windows and Unix/Linux SAS, SQL, ETL, SPSS, SSRS, SSIS

Databases Data Visualization: Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL Tableau and Power BI

Languages Big Data: PL/SQL and T-SQL Python and familiar with Hadoop

Design Methodologies Scripting Language: Agile, Scrum and Waterfall SQL and PowerShell

Business Analysis: Statistical and financial modeling



Senior Data Analyst/Data Modeler Analyst


  • Retrieving millions of records of financial, marketing and sales data from relational databases as well as external sources.
  • Aggregating and manipulated the batch data collected by a scheduled job to scrape data from various database of different applications.
  • Working on data cleaning by ensuring data quality and consistency using SQL and SAS.
  • Performing in - house query weekly and monthly basis and writing ad hoc queries, and updating in-house to align new business requirements.
  • Performing regression analysis, forecasting, dashboards, business statistics and financial metrics.
  • Exploring the data through univariate and multivariate analysis to identify any underlying patterns and associations between the variables.
  • Creating Logical/physical Data Model in ERwin and have worked on loading the tables in the Data Warehouse.
  • Analyzing the huge data from legacy system (Mainframe) to new system (SQL) for migration mand identified the gaps.
  • Creating all data issue design documents thoroughly and with sufficient logic update.
  • Creating reports using proc univariate, proc report, proc reg, proc freq, proc forecast, proc mean, proc format and proc sort.
  • Performing results interpretation and writing evidenced based and actionable recommendations.
  • Generating data visualizations using SAS and Tableau to report to the management regularly.
  • Coordinating with business analysts and subject matter experts for requirements gathering.
  • Conducting comprehensive analysis and evaluations of business needs and influenced decisions for different models.
  • Collaborating with dev-ops teams for production deployment.

Environment: Oracle 11g, T-SQL, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL, SAS 9.4, Tableau 9.0 and Python.


Data Analyst/Data Modeler


  • Participated in requirement analysis and meetings with business team to understand the source model.
  • Designed the Physical and Logical models using Erwin.
  • Expert in Data Analysis Primarily Identifying Datasets, Source Data, SourceMeta Data, Data Definitions and Data Formats.
  • Extracted large amount of data administrative and clinical data including data validation and cleaning.
  • Worked on Client survey data like data collection, data preparation and feature engineering with SAS, SQL and Excel.
  • Performed statistical analysis including ANOVA and hypothesis testing, results interpretations, written actionable recommendations that improved clinic operational activities.
  • Performed ad-hoc queries and created dashboard and operating statistics.
  • Participated to develop research methodologies for clinical data and study.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Workload Analysis for Medical Secretary Role.
  • Data interpretation, results synthesized and written evidence-based and actionable recommendations that contributed greatly improve the clinic regular activities and process
  • Maintained coordination with team members and prepared presentation.

Environment: SAS 9.3, SQL, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, SPSS v17 and Excel.


Data Analyst/ Data Modeler Analyst


  • Plan, design, and implement application database code objects such as stored procedures and views
  • Provided database coding to support business applications using T-SQL
  • Performed quality assurance and testing of SQL server environment
  • Developed new processes to facilitate import and normalization, including data files
  • Ensured best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation, and change management
  • Performed development activities from gathering requirements and designing solutions, through developing code / reports, to testing and release / deployment
  • Interacted with report owners to establish/clarify their requirements and developed report specifications
  • Developed SQL Queries, Python, R programs, to fetch complex data from different tables in remote databases using joins, database links and Bulk collects
  • Wrote TSQL like Indexes, Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • Involved in Database migrations from legacy systems, SQL server to Oracle
  • Used Normalization methods up to 3NF and De-normalization techniques for effective performance in OLTP and OLAP systems
  • Generated DDL scripts using Forward Engineering technique to create objects and deploy them into the databases
  • Involved in database testing, writing complex SQL queries to verify the transactions and business logic like identifying the duplicate rows by using SQL Developer and PL/SQL Developer
  • Worked on data profiling and data validation to ensure the accuracy of the data between the warehouse and source systems
  • Worked on Data warehouse concepts like Data Warehouse Architecture, Star schema, Snowflake schema, and Data Marts, Dimension and Fact table Environment: Microsoft, Linux, Oracle 10g / 9i / 8i / 7.x, DB2 7.x / 8.x, SQL Server 2005/2000, MS Access 2000

Environment: Oracle 10g, T-SQL, SQL Server 2012, SQL, SAS 9.3, Python, Excel, Access and Power BI.


Senior Data Analyst/Data Modeler


  • Performed data management, extracted large amount of data from Oracle Database 11, SQL Server using PL/SQL, SAS and T - SQL.
  • Created SAS datasets using various input styles and options for standard, non-standard and flat data, subsets of data and data manipulating and cleaning using various conversion functions and multiple conditional statements of SAS and SQL.
  • Worked on Risk Management team, international and national stakeholders.
  • Performed Predictive and Statistical Modeling along with the other aspects of data analytics techniques to collect, explore, and extract insights from data.
  • Run in-house query weekly and monthly basis and writing ad hoc queries, and updating in-house queries to align new business requirements.
  • Involved in thestudy and understanding of existing system and data architectureand proposed changes necessary to in corporate the new data models.
  • Enforced referential integrity in the OLTP data model for the consistent relationship between tables and efficient database design.
  • Participated in requirement analysis and meetings with business team to understand the Source model.
  • Experienced in maintaining the stage and production conceptual, logical, and physical data models along with related documentation for a large data warehouse project. This included confirming migration of data models from Oracle Designer to Erwin and updating the data models to correspond to the existing database structures.
  • Performed dashboards, business statistics, operating statistics and financial metrics.
  • Created regular reports, including results interpretation and insights, result - based recommendations for immediate measures and strategic decisions.
  • Participated and conducted national and international workshops.

Environment: SAS 9.2, SQL, SPSS v17, Oracle, T-SQL, SQL Server 2008, MS Office Suite


Research Consultant


  • Conducted a research study on Small and Medium Enterprise Loan Project of Bangladesh Bank.
  • Written ad - hoc queries to extract large amount of data from Oracle and MS SQL Server databases of five commercial banks.
  • Manipulated and prepared data using various conversion functions.
  • Analyzed data using SAS, SQL and SPSS.
  • Performed statistical analysis, evidence-based recommendations and completed research reports.
  • Prepared graphical presentations and presented to higher management.
  • Updated and maintained performance measurement matrix regularly.

Environment: SAS 9.3, SQL, SSPS v17

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