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Python Developer Resume



  • Over 5 + years of IT experience in requirement gathering, design, development, testing and implementation using various technologies, analyzing complex business requirements and mapping them to system specifications.
  • Thorough understanding of Object - Oriented Programming and data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in developing web-based and GUI applications usingPython3, Flask, and Tkinter.
  • Parsing JSON and XML data from RESTful API.
  • Experience in using pip command for Python libraries like, SciPy, matplotlib Beautiful Soup, NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn and more.
  • Well versed with Design and Development of presentation layer for web applications using technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Possess a strong fundamental understanding of relational databases.
  • Experienced in writing PostgreSQL Queries and Querying data from MySQL database.
  • Experienced in working with variousPythonIDE like PyCharm, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook and Atom.
  • Experience in Agile methodologies.
  • Experience in creating User stories from Requirements, create and execute test cases for unit testing using PyTest.
  • Log and Track the issues using JIRA.
  • Good knowledge of version control software - CVS, GitHub.
  • Understanding of Test-Driven Development techniques.
  • Certified Tableau desktop specialist with proficiency in MS-Office and MS-Visio. Excellent presentation skills.
  • Multiple personal projects during MS coursework in Go-Lang, Python and Java.


Programming Languages: Python3, Go: Lang, Java

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS3

Version Control: GitHub, CVS

IDEs/Development Tools: PyCharm, Sublime Text, Atom, Spyder, Jupyter Notebook.

SDLC Methodologies: Agile and Waterfall

Operating systems: Windows

Others: MS Office with advanced Excel, Tableau, Clean code


Confidential, MA

Python Developer


  • UsePythonfor data analytics, data wrangling and extracting data using Pandas, NumPy and other libraries.
  • Write scripts in Python for scarping RESTful APIs and parsing the responses in both XML and JSON form.
  • Develop Python scripts for getting data from the external interface in the JSON format and perform analysis using PostgreSQL.
  • Utilize Regular Expression (regex) for data pattern matching.
  • Extensively use Pandas library for the data validation.
  • Load, analyze and extract data to and from database withPython using SQLAlchemy.
  • Built various graphs including correlation matrix and heatmaps for business decision making usingPythonmatplotlib and seaborn libraries.
  • Create Reports using Jupyter notebook.
  • Actively involvement in analysis of the system requirements specifications and client interaction during requirements specifications.
  • Participate in analysis, specification, design, implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and used agile methodology for developing application.
  • Gather requirements and translating the business details into Technical design.


Python Developer


  • Participate in writing application level code to interact with APIs, Web Services using JSON.
  • Responsible for designing and developing REST web services in Python using Flask and flask-restful framework.
  • Participate in designing web pages and building web application using Python, Flask, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Utilize Unit Test Python library (PyTest) for testing many Python programs and block of codes.
  • Write and execute various MYSQL database queries frompythonusingPython-MySQL connector and MySQL package.
  • Create and update complex views and stored procedures in PostgreSQL.
  • Work using Agile Methodologies and participate in SCRUM meetings.
  • Work with team to create and review User stories based on requirements received from client.
  • Use JIRA to track project progress, assigned tasks and report issues.
  • Create monthly dashboards and reports on the quality health of all the projects under implementation with the company for the senior management.
  • Use CVS for version controlling.


Software Engineer


  • Perform code changes as per business logic using backend Python programming to achieve optimal results.
  • Participate in building database Model, APIs and Views utilizing Python, in order to build an interactive web-based solution.
  • Develop templates with Python and Flask in HTML and CSS to create a user-friendly website interface.
  • Use Python and Tkinter to create simple GUI applications.
  • Involved in Python OOP code for quality, logging, monitoring, and debugging code optimization.
  • Design and documentation of REST APIs for collection and retrieval of high-volume data which is the result of search queries.
  • Work on development of SQL and stored procedures on MYSQL.
  • Utilize data types like dictionaries, tuples and object-oriented concepts-based inheritance features.
  • Work with JSON based REST Web services
  • Create a Git repository and add the projects to GitHub for version control.
  • Perform code reviews and code merges with teammates.
  • Volunteer for any ad-hoc task as required.

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